10 best affordable first base baseball gloves ($100-$250)

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First baseman’s mitts:

First baseman’s mitts conjointly lack individual fingers. They’re usually terribly long and wide to assist them choose or scoop badly thrown balls from infielders. These mitts sometimes have 12.5- to 12.75-inch patterns, measured from radiocarpal joint to the tip. As a result of first basemen is typically left-handed, initial basemen’s mitts are pronto on the market to suit on a paw. Spiral Greenberg is usually attributable because the initial to wear this variety of glove within the field. Some catchers, like Victor Martinez, use a primary base mitt whereas catching knuckleballers.

It is no more news that the first base mitts have most times dual usability i.e they can be used for two or more positions in baseball.

Before the long explanations, you can just check this quick guide out!

Marucci Geaux Series H-Web First Base Mitts LOW 6-7 YEARS $109.55 CLICK HERE
Mizuno MVP GXF55 Baseball Firstbase Mitt AVERAGE 4-5 YEARS $110.00 OUT OF STOCK
Akadema ADJ-154 Precision Kip Series 12.5 Inch Baseball First Base Mitt HIGH 6-8 YEARS $174.95 – $202.22 CLICK HERE
Rawlings Heart-of-the-Hide Dual Core First Base Mitt 12.5″ Left Hand Throw VERY HIGH 9-12 YEARS $249.95 CLICK HERE
Liberty Advanced Series La1Fbb 12-Inch First Base Mitt HIGH 1-2 YEARS $128.90 – $129.95 CLICK HERE
Wilson A2000 1st Base Baseball Glove VERY HIGH UP TO 11 YEARS $189.77 – $249.95 CLICK HERE
Louisville Slugger 13-Inch FG Pro Flare First Baseman’s Mitts AVERAGE 9-10 YEARS $143.99 – $199.95 CLICK HERE
Mizuno MVP Prime SE 12.5 Inch GXF50PSE5 Baseball First Base Mitt – Smoke/Red HIGH 6-7 YEARS $119.90 – $139.95 CLICK HERE
Mizuno Classic Pro Soft GXF28 12.5″ First Base Mitt


Akadema ProSoft Series AJJ254 Firstbase Mitt 12.5″ POOR 4-5 YEARS $103.38 CLICK HERE

Marucci Geaux Series H-Web First Base Mitts:

The Marucci Geaux Series: MFGGX1250FB options a 12.50 inch pattern and Double H-Web. It’s got the following features: two-Piece Pattern Design for Easier Break-In and Scooping, Web Designs Tested by Marucci Player Advisory Board for Proven Big League Performance, Youth Fit – Scaled down Finger Stalls and Hand Patterns Offer a Secure and Custom Fit.

Introducing the Marucci Geaux Series! victimization premier Soft Steerhide animal skin for the shell and difficult, USA Tanned laces, every Geaux Series model provides a supple however durable construction and a perfect weight for youth players. The standard you will find in these styles is clear from the beginning, as they’ve every been skillfully and singly handcrafted for a very custom feel and match. throughout the planning part, Marucci consulted a bunch of a number of the simplest players within the game (the Marucci Player consultative Board), and scaled down those professionally-inspired patterns to higher match the smaller hand and style wants of youth ball players. These changes embrace smaller hand gap, tighter finger stalls, and soft material finger back linings which will leave your player with nothing however the utmost confidence in their instrumentality on the sphere.

PRICE: $109.55


  • This glove is very cheap.
  • It has dual utility i.e it can be used by both the infield and the first base positions.
  • It is very durable. It lasts up to 7 years


  • Although cheap, but it has low quality.
  • Its laces loosen easily.
  • It has deep pocket.

Mizuno MVP GXF55 Baseball Firstbase Mitt:

TheMVP Prime series are the glove of selection for over two hundred baseball game players and thousands of amateur players nationwide. Elite craft, innovation, and dedication enter every glove to confirm high performance day in and trip. If you’re searching for a high-quality glove at a reasonable value then the MVP Prime is for you. It’s cast with Mizuno’s Bio Soft animal skin, an expert vogue sleek animal skin that has the proper balance of oil and softness for an opulent  Add within the Plus Grip Thumb, an extremist snug soft thumb slot, and you’ve got  yourself a glove with unmatched comfort. Not solely can this glove arrive game-ready and need an awfully stripped-down break-in amount however it holds form and offers a firm feel that serious players demand. Plus, the middle pocket style systematically places the pocket below the forefinger for the foremost useful and customized break in potential. To high it off, the MVP Prime is control alongside constant skilled level lace that’s offered in Mizuno’s skilled patterns and it’s a brand new gliding joint style for an ideal match. Mizuno: Crafted to Win!

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This 2017 Mizuno MVP Prime 1st Base Mitt: GXF50PB2 options a 12.50 in. pattern, a two-piece closed web, and a standard open back for a classic look. It offers swell Game Ready Feel, new Wrist Design For A More Secure Fit Plus Grip Thumb – Ultra Comfortable Padded Thumb Slot and finally, Professional Level Lace – Insanely Durable



PRICE: $110.00



  • Mizuno MVP GXF55 Baseball First base Mitt has the perfect size for the youth baseball first base player.
  • It has a superb Velcro wrist adjustment facility which allows a free 360 degree easy adjustment of the wrist strip.
  • It’s got average level quality which is not too bad for its price.
  • It is cheap. Only a few gloves will be acquired for this price.


  • It is not easily found in baseball gloves’ stores, it needs to be ordered for before gotten.
  • It has very high tensile strength, of about 150N/mm2 which makes it too rigid for some slow balls to break-in.
  • It has very low break-in. It offers 20% break-in.

Out Of Stock

Akadema ADJ-154 Precision Kip Series 12.5 Inch Baseball First Base Mitt:

The Akadema ADJ-154 Precision Kip Series 12.5 Inch Baseball First Base Mitt as the name suggests, is a 12.50 inch patterned glove whose first base position prowess has kept it as one of the major headlines in the town lately. Some of these qualities include: It offers a Female Fast pitch Fit – Smaller Hand Opening and Finger Stalls with Shorter Distance between Thumb and Index Finger, Grasp Clasp Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap, Single Post Web and U.S. Steerhide Leather Construction (Palm and Web) with AkademaLyte Leather on Back to Reduce Weight.

Akadema is that the most fun baseball and Softball Company within the world. Born to satisfy the requirements of the competitive fast pitch player, the Akadema FastPitch style Series is hand made to extend your level of performance on the sphere. Created of U.S. Steerhide throughout the pocket and webbing, the rear of the glove options exclusive AkademaLyte animal skin, decreasing the weight of the glove and letting a quicker break-in amount and an additional manageable feel. Smaller finger stalls won’t to decrease the space between the thumb and index and Akadema’s Grasp Clasp adjustable wrist joint strap provide enlarged playability for feminine fast pitch players. Akadema’s latest innovation, the patent unfinished Funnel is sweeping across baseball game infields everywhere! In response to the massive range of skilled infielders who bend the thumb and pinkie fingers of their gloves outward making a glove that continues to be open instead of enclosed its state, Akadema has created the Funnel. With patent unfinished FleXion slit and an inverted thumb and pinkie finger, the Funnel’s state is open, letting the utmost fielding surface offered for that onerous ground flub the center or that 2 hopper within the hole!


PRICE: $174.95 – $180.22



  • Akadema ADJ-154 Precision Kip Series 12.5 Inch Baseball First Base Mitt has high quality.
  • It has both open and close conventional back web design types.
  • It has Ultra Comfortable Padded Thumb Slot and finally.
  • It is also very durable. If well handled, it can last for 8 years.


  • It is only crafted for female first base baseball players
  • It is too light and soft, hence, it offers a low break-in.

Rawlings Heart-of-the-Hide Dual Core First Base Mitt 12.5″ Left Hand Throw:

New for 2017! For over125 years, Rawlings has systematically discharged solely the very best quality and longest enduring game day gloves in baseball and also the Heart of the Hide twin Core Series has forever been a fielder’s high alternative. The twin Core Technology related to these gloves could be a turn over the palm lining providing position specific break points for a personalized match and a straightforward, natural closure. Throughout the catch, the inner palm adjusts to the form of the outer palm; expeditiously interesting impact and protective the player’s hand from any sting. in addition, since these gloves carries with it the exclusive Horween “Featherlite” animal skin, the twin Core baseball gloves bear a rigorous tanning method which ends in an exceedingly soft, game-ready feel and fewer of a break-in amount. Rawlings has done lots of the work for you and applied a seventy fifth industrial plant break-into those  Not solely is there less of a break-in amount, however since the palm lining is that the same material because the shell, the guts of the Hide twin Core gloves expertise a homogenous break-in and have glorious pocket formation throughout the lifetime of the glove. just like that of alternative Rawlings ball gloves, the Tennessee tanning hide animal skin laces tie it all at once whereas adding structure, durability, and strength. Last, however not least, the thumb loops can come back cushioned for an opulent and cozy feel. Rawlings: The Mark of a Pro!

This 2017 Rawlings Heart of the Hide twin Core 1st Base Mitt: PROFM18DCBG options a 12.50 in. pattern, one post bar line internet, and is that the good alternative for any first sacker. To expertise the twin Core Technology, get your own Heart of the Hide baseball 1st base mitt today!

PRICE: $249.95



  • This glove has got a swell padded Thumb Loop and palm Lining Is Same Material as Shell for Better Pocket Formation.
  • It has very high quality.
  • It is very durable.
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  • It can only be used by left handed throwers.

Liberty Advanced Series La1Fbb 12-Inch First Base Mitt:


This Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fast pitch first Base Mitt: RLAFB options a 12.00  pattern, one post bar line internet, and an adjustable pull strap back for a tailor-made match. If you are a first baseman, get this Rawlings Liberty Advanced fast pitch softball glove. It also features adjustable, non-Slip Pull Strap Back For A Custom Fit, All Leather Laces Increase Durability & Shape Retention with Break-In: 20% Player, 80% Factory.

The Rawlings Liberty Advanced fast pitch softball series, once called the value Liberty Advanced, presents every player with a wonderfully balanced style that comes tailored specifically for a feminine contestant. The hand gap and finger stalls are adjusted slightly smaller to boost the match and management a fast pitch player feels. This dynamic new pattern technology from Rawlings is here to remain and prepared to require the fast pitch world by storm. The Poron XRD palm and finger pads greatly decrease sting within the hands and supply bigger protection. Not solely does one have bigger protection however the full-grain oil treated animal skin ensures a game-ready glove that’s smart to travel directly out of the box. Rawlings claims these patterns have already got an eightieth works break-in so the player is barely answerable for 200th of the break-in. All animal skin laces tie it all at once whereas increasing the sturdiness and semi-permanent form retention. If you are looking for a chance to upgrade your level of play on the sphere, you wish the freedom Advanced softball glove. Rawlings: The Mark of a Pro!


PRICE: $128.90 – $129.95


  • The Liberty Advanced Series La1Fbb 12-Inch First Base Mitt is very cheap.
  • It has high quality.


  • It is too small for the youth seeing the normal recommendation for the youths’ baseball first base position is 12.50-12.75iches.
  • It is also made for only females.
  • Its durability is very poor. In fact, it does not last up to 3 years away from purchase.
  • It fades also, just at max 1 year after acquisition.

Wilson A2000 First Base Baseball Glove:

The Wilson A2000 puts unbeatable attainment within the palm of your hand. Wilson spent unnumbered hours operating with MLB players to any refine the glove that has outperformed and outlasted all others for nearly 60  This line is with expertise made with the planet illustrious professional Stock animal skin to supply sturdy performance game once game. The result- the right glove for diligent players all over. Professional Stock animal skin is a yankee Steerhide prized by skilled players for its rugged sturdiness and unmatched feel. twin Welting puts 2 strips of animal skin placed on every finger back to supply the foremost sturdy pocket and long lasting break in. Exclusive hand designed patterns unendingly improved by Aso-san and therefore the Wilson informatory workers year once year. Dri-Lex carpus lining transfers wetness from the skin, keeping your hand cool and dry.

PRICE: $189.77 – $249.95


  • It has very high quality
  • It is very durable; it lasts up to 11 years.
  • It has can be used by both right handed and left handed throwers


  • N/A

Louisville Slugger 13-Inch FG Pro Flare First Baseman’s Mitts:


Need a glove with authentic feel and impressive performance? Well this is often the Louisville Slugger family Series. Designed for comfort and playable sturdiness, the family Ball Glove from Louisville Slugger may be a nice price for softball and youth players. The family series is built of a 100% animal skin shell, setting it with the exception of artificial materials generally found within the Dynasty’s class. This leads to authentic feel and performance. The palm and internet is product of full-grain, cowhide animal skin and animal skin lacing that adds sturdiness to the gloves. These gloves are a good glove pattern for each position on the sector. Louisville Slugger has forever been the competitor in glove quality and this year is not any completely different. Louisville Slugger: Performance merchandise for Championship Performances.

With the intermediate age player in mind, the Omaha Select Series was created for those players that have outgrown their youth mitts but still aren’t varsity level players. That doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice any quality though. The transitioning player deserves better than an ordinary youth glove or hand-me-down. The Omaha Select Series is designed with an Optimized Fit that offers smaller hand openings and more narrow finger stalls to create gloves sized specifically for a proper fit. These gloves are made from a Lightweight Java Cowhide Leather Shell that has been oil-treated for superior feel and fit. With dye-through lacing, these gloves are also as durable as they are comfortable.

PRICE: $143.99 – $199.95


  • It is very durable. As a matter of fact, it goes about 9-10 years without faults
  • It’s designed with an Optimized Fit that offers smaller hand openings and more narrow finger stalls to create gloves sized specifically for a proper fit.
  • It has dual Velcro adjustment facilities.


  • It has average level quality.
  • It has a glossy surface which makes balls slip off the youth baseball first base players’ grip easily.
  • It has a deep pocket.

Mizuno MVP Prime SE 12.5 Inch GXF50PSE5 Baseball First Base Mitt – Smoke/Red:

This mitts is a Conventional Open Back, center Pocket Design – Naturally Centers the Pocket under the Index Finger for the Perfect Break-In. It also has Inlet Toe Design – Easier-To-Shape Toe Makes Picking Errant Throws Easier, professional Level Lace – Same High-Quality Laces Offered in Mizuno Pro Gloves.

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Mizuno could be international leader in glove innovation in any respect levels of play. The all-new participant Prime Special Edition Series is another line in a very long history of distinctive styles created by Mizuno. That includes an array of various colors combos – from loyal to fashionable – the participant Prime SE Series could be a welcome addition to any player’s game. Made up of swish, professional-style Bio Soft animal skin, these gloves have the proper balance of oiled softness for exceptional feel and therefore the firm management that serious players demand. These gloves don’t seem to be troublesome to interrupt in, however the method is assisted by their Center Pocket style that enables for the foremost versatile and custom break-in potential. Within the glove, players can realize the sturdy Ultra-Soft Palm Liner that provides these gloves a fantastic feel and is protection for the hand. These participants Prime SE initial Base Mitts offer a large pocket with their 12.50 inch pattern Size that’s versatile enough to supply nice practicality in baseball or softball. And their recess Toe style permits players to more-easily form the toe – creating choosing errant throws out of the dirt easier.

PRICE: $119.90 – $139.95


  • Mizuno MVP Prime SE 12.5 Inch GXF50PSE5 Baseball First Base Mitt – Smoke/Red has high quality.
  • It is also very durable.
  • It’s got great Inlet Toe Design – Easier-To-Shape Toe which Makes Picking Errant Throws Easier.


  • It lace strips off easily.
  • It has a deep pocket.

Mizuno Classic Pro Soft GXF28 12.5″ First Base Mitt:

This Mizuno Classic professional Custom First Base Mitt: GCCF26MCCOOL options a 12.50-inch pattern, a two-piece closed web, and was created with the Mizuno custom glove builder. There’s personalization on the pinkie that claims, “McCool.

It is a Double Tanned Leather two-Piece Closed Web which has ultra-Soft Pro Palm Liner that Provides Excellent Feeling & a Soft Finish.

Mizuno baseball gloves are the glove of alternative for over two hundred ball players and thousands of amateur players nationwide. Elite craft, innovation, and dedication enter every glove to make sure high performance day in and day trip. If you’re probing for a high-quality glove at an inexpensive worth, then this practice style is for you. It’s solid with Mizuno’s North yank Steerhide animal skin, knowledgeable vogue swish animal skin that has the right balance of oil and softness for an expensive feel. Mix that with the skilled level lacing and you’ve got yourself a mitt with unmatched sturdiness and unimaginable structure. Plus, the middle pocket style systematically places the pocket below the index for the foremost useful and personalized break in attainable. To high it off, a decorated Mizuno patch on the gliding joint offers this first base mitt the professionally look serious players demand. Mizuno: Crafted to Win!

PRICE: $129.95


  • It is very cheap, whilst it still has great attributes and prowess.
  • It is made of a Double Tanned Leather which gives it a better break-in. An additional break-in of 10%.
  • It’s also got two piece closed web which is just massive and whooping!
  • Its ultra-Soft Pro Palm Liner also provides Excellent Feeling & a Soft Finish.
  • It has the perfect size for the youth baseball first base position players


  • It has a very poor sturdiness… it doesn’t even last up to 3 years before it packs up.
  • It is not easily found in stores: it needs to be ordered for before been gotten.
  • It is too light and easily squeezed.

Akadema ProSoft Series AJJ254 Firstbase Mitt 12.5″:

The Akadema ProSoft Series AJJ254 First base Mitt 12.5″ is a conventional open Back 12.50 Inch Pattern constructed from Select Steer hide Leather. It also has exceptionally light and playable right Out of the Box game-Ready Feel.

Akadema is that the most enjoyable baseball and softball company within the world. Their increasing market share may be attributed to their innovative quality and professionally designed line of
business. Specializing in the standard, feel and tiny details has raised Akadema to successive level. With a goal to produce merchandise for all ball players, Akadema has created the most recent installment of the professional Soft Series. This model offers a replacement two-tone combination that’s bound to impress. The professional Soft Series is Akadema’s exclusive glove for comfort and a game-ready feel. The professional Soft Series comes able to play right out of the workshop and provides players anunequaled feeling of softness. With a standard open back and assets, these gloves are good for almost about any position within the field.

PRICE: $103.38


  • It is durable, lasts up to 5 years which is not too bad for its price.
  • It is very cheap.
  • It also has exceptionally light and playable right Out of the Box game-Ready Feel.
  • It is available for both male and female players.


  • It has poor quality.
  • Only the open web types are available which means it can only be use comfortably during the summer.
  • Its Velcro wrist adjustment facility is very poor and hence needs great improvements.


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