The Tale of Cricket in Subcontinent

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Well cricket in subcontinet now a days is the most passionate and famous sports. With the arrival of new leagues like IPL(indian premier league) along with PSL ,BPL and SPL cricket has taken strong roots in this region. But no one could ever think how this game of Gentle men travelled through England to this region. Well the story is centuries old.

The Travelling of Cricket

Cricket traveled from Britain to Subcontinent when Britishers invaded subcontinent in 1757. They came here to establish east India company because they knew that subcontinent was a “Golden Sparrow”. They have the purpose of trading and looking for weak political condition empires. They slowly started occupying the whole region and that was the time for rise of cricket in subcontinent. The Britishers with them brought their traditions also and then  this game slowly spread-ed in the area and people started playing it.

The Partition Period

Till 1947 when the partition occurred. Cricket was well grounded in the region and was almost spread-ed in the entire subcontinent the game of ball, bat and wicket. With a team of 11 players from one side was really amazing to see and play as well. And from then on wards there were different stadiums that were also build in the area as well. After partition between India and Pakistan there were lots of stadiums build in both countries. And many bilateral series were also played between the two nations and they had a great rivalry till now.

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The Stars of Cricket

Well the cricket not only spread in this region but also produce many stars and legends . The big names like Imran khan , Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram known as the king of swing , Waqar  Younis , Shoaib Akhter, Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble, Ravi Shahstri and the list never ends these were the experts of the this game, many others inventions were also brought by the people of this region in the cricket like the art of reverse swing, the “Doosra” and many others.

The Game of Smile

The Game has brought many smiles many great moments in the life of people.Well cricket in the 20th century is now a brand and also giving occupation to the lots of people all over the world bring smiles all around and has become a source of passion and pride for the nations . India was the first country to lift up the cricket World cup in 1983. And then it was none other than Pakistan who lifted World cup in 1992. And the list goes on and on, people compete for this game, cherish it and no doubt they have attached their lives for this sport.

That’s how cricket came to the region. And now there is proper cricket boards of the countries in the area. They work according to the rules and regulations of ICC(International cricket council).
No doubt cricket has brought treasures and bounties to the life of people. It is one of the most exciting and recreational sports that brought happiness to people all around !!

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