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Steep game release date: December 2, 2016

UBISOFT new game  has launched the trailer of its new action sports game “STEEP” which is OUT NOW in the stores. Its available for platforms as Steep PS4, Steep PC and  Steep XBOX.
We are going to discuss about Steep and the extreme sports games that it highlights and give best Possible Review of Every aspect of this game.
The topics of discussion are

  • GAME PLAY (CHALLENGES, Controls, Background, Trail analyses)
  • Landscape,(set in the alps at Intersection of Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and France)
  • MULTI PLAYER(ONLINE GAME PLAY, setting Challenges, Community)
  • NAVIGATION, CAMERA and Trail recording
  • Overall review (steep game trailer, is the game over-hyped?)

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The genre of those game is Open World, Free Roam and Adventure. It’s not about completing the quest or tasks every time.

Its more about ENJOYING THE Journey and enjoying the challenges that you came across.

The game doesn’t forces you to play it the way the developers made it but the game is more about playing it the Way you want to Play it. You can set challenges for your friends and play the game just to glide through air and feel the beauty that the game offers.



The game play of Steep is quite satisfying it doesn’t force you to choose a specific way to ride those snowy hills. You can choose between SNOWBOARD, SKI, WALK or PARA GLIDE. The steering of your player is decently smooth  but things get challenging  while steering through a bunch of trees in your way, well it’s just want you expect on this kind of game not so tight and unrealistic and not way too smooth to make It impossible to turn the player on turns. The Turns looks smooth realistic and fits the surrounding and Theme of the game.



The challenges that you see randomly on the map while skiing, Skateboarding, Paragliding can be initiated by this new Feature “THE MOUNTAIN VIEW” so that instead of travelling to that point you can also directly spawn on that challenge and give it a try. Now talking about challenges, certain challenges doesn’t require any skill set or XP points in the game to take a part in it. To keep you on race track a SNOWY WHITE LINE which you have to follow and fit the theme instead of showing certain ARROWS that look unrealistic and stand out of the atmosphere and theme of STEEP. You can either go for a GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE or keep improving your personal record in that particular challenge.


The MULTIPLAYER aspect of the game certainly shows up in the game so well, you can actually see other players around you passing by. In CHALLENGES, there is actual representation of characters of top three players instead of only showing the respective record times, this gives a definite boost to the competitive aspect of the game.



In STEEP there is NO MINI MAP. Still in game you have the complete information about your location since the game is based on the OUTDOOR ADVENTURE so you don’t have to worry about the STREETS OR CITIES. “The game is made with a soul purpose of Venturing in the unknown and enjoying the JOURNEY”.



Steep has the normal controls to perform the stunts while in air. The normal or conventional controls seems to be fit in the REALISTIC ATMOSPHERE of the game. The game has not created any kind of Fantasy world like LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, MORTAL KOMBAT, WITCHER 3. But it’s developers have tried to represent the actual world in the game. The core inspiration was to make a real life or realistic game they did a good job for that.
Steep has great background Music which changes randomly. Rock music to hype while doing challenges’ and Calm melody while floating in the sky with your para glide under the BEAUTIFUL SUNSET.


The sound effects of steep are really outstanding and fits the situation of the in game character. Timing of heavy panting and the expression of out most joy “WOO OOH” during diving and paragliding is just outstanding. It connects the player with the character and give the best user experience out there.


TRAIL is a unique and most original feature that distinguishes Steep from other games of its Genre. It basically allows you to rewind all the things you did in your journey to that your point. It also offers you to REWIND, PAUSE, and SLOW MO any moment of your journey and you can also share that to the STEEP COMMUNITY also.

THIS is the most impressive feature of the game and it had set a milestone for the upcoming games.

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Binocular vision

the binocular vision gets activated when you press “L1”. It might not seem useful its just the insight in developers of the game that they want to make game more realistic and you can engage with challenges on binocular vision too just like in mountain view.


Steep offers you an option of creating races and you can dare that to friends too or Share with others in the steep community. The player characters can be visualized and you don’t have to be in a challenge to face each other. The free roam is also available which allows you to explore the map with your friends. Since steep is based around the theme of “Exploring” and “venturing into the unknown” it lives up to that.

Another thing to highlight is on falling from certain  high drops and not landing perfectly does injure your player. if the landing not smooth it shows black and white screen more like as in “ADVANCED WARFARE” your so that you have to slow down to avoid hurting yourself more you and dying.

Another thing is you are not allowed to throw more than one challenge at a time. As mentioned in the down sides of steep paragraph the game glitches sometimes during the environment interactions of the in game character.
It is the thing that developers should release a package.





The thing that bothered me is that the game is not stable and DO NOT performs as expected after the character crashes and hitting obstacles. That was a point which has LACKED THE DETAILING. Character also gets stuck in the obstacles and things sometimes. This proves to be a weak point of this game.

The second thing is that the FIRST PERSON CAMERA is not very helpful in STEEP like other games of similar genre. It can be used only to take a more immersive look at the surrounding LANDSCAPES.

The issue that has raised by steep game players is sometimes you can’t see the path cause your body is in front. The third person camera should be a slightly more above the the player. but the developers might have made it
to make the sprints and landscapes look more realistic and to make its
player to enjoy the first person camera.


As any other game, Steep has it up’s and down’s but the major thing that highlights throughout the game is its immersive atmosphere and its attention to very fine details. The world map is huge which appeals to open world game lovers and offers a true sense of exploration to its players.

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Steep is clearly a not at all an over hyped game. It certainly offers what it promises. Things like Skydiving and paragliding are certainly not a common man’s sport. Very few people dare to attempt them in real life.

Steep game offers its player a mere glimpse of the thrill that is involved in these daredevil and adrenaline sports. It truly reflects the core idea of developers to create an Open World Role Playing Game inspired by real world physics.

There are certain games out there that lose their core idea throughout their development process and end up being over promising and creating an over hyped situation in the market.
Steep revolves around its basic idea in most of the aspects like path marking in challenges and in game character interaction with its surroundings.

The in game physics is unique in itself and is quiet impressive. For example the character bends back, when it comes down from slope of mountains in order to maintain its balance just like in real world.


Downsides of the steep that needs to be pointed out are the first person camera which is almost useless and could make you dizzy if used while racing in challenges and performing stunts. It inhibits the player from experiencing the true visuals that the character is observing. The developers should have made an cut scene when the player performs an Stunt more like the close combat cut scenes that can be seen in the new released “SKYRIM: REMASTERED”. The comparison is possible only because these games are from similar genre.
Although, as said earlier the First person can be used to stare at sunsets and cherish the landscape that STEEP offers.

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