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Game is developed by BIO-WARE Corp. Releasing early 2017 , “MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA” revolves around the story of explorers trying to find and build a new home to humanity. The game makes our day dreams of exploring  distant star system with remote hostile planets true. According to the developers at ‘BIO-WARE’, you can team up with other creatures and have to face the challenges that each planet put up.

This game gives the player a true sense of exploration of remotely hostile planets  each having its dangers to deal with for the end goal of finding a new home for humanity.
A world of adventure where the unknowns are waiting to be discovered.

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The game will be releasing on 21st March for PS4, XBOX one and PC.



Developed by ‘Ubisoft Montereal‘ it is a War Combat game. Missions or objective based and not an open world. Combat in the game is very realistic, the games have very advanced and impressive combat cut scenes. The main thing that highlights is that you can benefit from the surrounding environment like pushing opponent off the cliff or a building’s edge.

The game doesn’t teaches you anything you have to experience and learn new combos by trial and error. The 1 v 1 combat and camera angles makes the game immersive in this game they shift and change there angles to give the player best look of its surroundings.

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The game will be releasing on 14th February.



Developed by Santa Monica Studio, ‘God of WAR’ continues on with story of its previous game. This will be 8th installment in vastly loved ” GOD OF WAR ” franchise their fore it will have to live up to it’s fans expectations.

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The game is just as expected , it will have most intense MONSTER battles. Trailer emphasis that the story of the game might be dedicated to the journey of little boy as he learns to fight these mythical and dangerous creature of the land with the help of “KRATOS” ( main character ). Game will be arriving on 29th, December.



Gravity Rush 2

This Graphically beautiful game is developed by “SIE Japan Studio” and “Project Siren”. The game is like, playing hero’s role in an anime you can use your supernatural powers to align which side you want the gravity to be shifted ( so you can literally jump on the buildings ). Half the joy comes from moving around the world and world is better than that of “Gravity Rush 1”. The game has already released.

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The game starts with you being stuck in a gravity storm and it makes you reach this  slave camp and you fight your way out of it and prevents corruption in the government and the story builds from there. its is a open world and the land is broken into pieces the higher you go the richer people you will see and the lower you go in the game you will see poor people and slums in the game.
Game looks very beautiful  story is good. A new tale is told to the player that rich and poor and they don’t get along well and society separates . It is acting as a prequel rather than sequel, gamers are recommending playing this one first.

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Ubisoft will be soon realizing it’s game under the ‘Ghost Recon’ Franchise this R.P.G game player is playing as the survivor to go to any extent for survival. The game depicts character as specially trained elite loaded up with gear to face any kind ‘fight or flight’ situation and came out alive from it. Being depicted as adventurers , risk takers, Lone wolf image is being given to the characters might appeal to the audience.

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The game is appearing to be a strategic shooting game in which the character is required to be stealthy patience and aggressive at the same time. Being sniper clearing the way and then approaching the target is seeming to be the core subject of this game. The game will be released on 7th, March.


From the developers of “SIE Bend Studio” here comes a game in zombie apocalypse genre. The player is playing in this open world with third person camera view, trying to survive from life threatening situations which are basically related to zombie apocalypse in one way or other.

Trying to find his way out of the chaos , the trailer represents pure chaos and massacre and brutal deaths. The weapon recoil and target mechanism is looking very smooth and realistic. It is seeming that they have made aiming simple in which gives a hint about what extent of chaos the game will offer.

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The story of game judging by the pictures and title clearly shows uncovers that the plot of game will be revolving around the character’s past in someway or other. Maybe he returned back to that isolated area where all these zombies are kept in order to correct his mistakes that he made in past that led those people to that zombie disease.  But it might be just a speculation. The game will be released early 2017 for only PS4 console.

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