Rainbow Six Siege Pro League

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Rainbow six siege is an online FPS multiplayer game developed by UBISOFT, the game has two formats that are DEFENSE and ATTACK. The two teams do the attack and defense alternatively. Each game is of 5 rounds the team which gets the more points wins. The game allows the players to choose operators which have different abilities.
The operators can be unlocked by the points which are gained by playing the game more often, the losing teams also claim the points that they earned during the game.


The pre-round phase is all about finding the bomb site or hostage, finding the specific location where the team needs to attack. The game is full of different types of MAPS like a house, cafe, planes etc. The players in the pro league tend to remember the entire maps and the perfect spots where you can shoot through clearly.


Rainbow Six Six

Rainbow Six Six

Rainbow six siege is a Team game, the most strategic team wins the game always over a team with couple good players carrying the whole team. Carrying is the term associated with the person who is doing the most work getting kills all by himself. Still, in the end, the game is all about team play and working together whether the team is attacking or defending,


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Total no. of 8 teams with 5 members each take part in the ESL. The greatest players of all time take part in the events with thousands of hours of game play experience, innovative techniques and strategies. Every player is in super try hard mode and trying to give his best performance for his team. Thousands of people gather to watch these skilled e-sports player trying to outsmart each other, and working well coordinated as a team.


Rainbow six siege is one of the very few games in which you can help your team mates even after being eliminated by the other team. After getting eliminated the player can scout the cameras and drones around the map and make important call outs for their teammates and tell them the position of the enemy team player.

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In the game, there are certain operators that can setup traps on doors, windows. and on floors. Some traps only hurt the player while others straight away claim the kill. This also includes reviving a team mate after he is being hurt by a trap or by a gun fight.

Player after being revived gets the half health to the player. But an operator with the name of “DOC”, being a Doctor he can shoot darts that can make up someone’s health from far away too. One shot gives the player a total of 40 HP back, whilst 100 HP is the normal spawn time HP that every player gets in the beginning.


The game is inspired by real life situations to some extent and the whole concept of one life forces the players to watch their every step and check out every corner before entering a room.

The game is solely based on the team work and working all together as a team for a fixed mission. And giving each operator a special ability makes the player dependent on each other in some way or other. This makes the game endless possibilities of strategies, from both teams.

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