Rainbow Six Seige in 2018

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Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Seige have evolved alot from 2015 to 2018. Last 3 years for the RB6 have been a uphill climb, with a slow start at the lauch, the game slowly gathered a player base by making game ‘free to play on weekends’ and lowering the price day after. But all the business decisions aside, the game itself has enough value to keep its players entertained.

The game’s core theme is ‘Tower Defence’ with a simple objective of turn based defend/attack the base with a team of 5 players each side. It is beautiful that how a simple objective like that can get complex with aspect of multiplayer and real time strategy.


Their are a variety of operators to choose from on offense and defense, each with different abilities which effects the playing style, and smart pick helps in countering opponents abilities.

Matches takes place on different maps randomly selected in the beginning. Map awareness is an important part as the strategies are based on it. Maps are big too, so camping is not the most effective strategy when it comes to contributing to the team.

Developer’s vision is to add 100 operators in total. How the developer’s are putting put out more and more content is really appreciable, and their true passion is clearly reflected in increasing sales numbers. The trend of treating games as service and adding micro transactions, are increasing only the games that justify these businesses tactics with good content will succeed.

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