The Best Places in the World to go Skydiving!

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Hi everybody, if you’d like to go skydiving for the first time, or you are already an expert, you can’t miss this places to JUMP! and enjoy a good view at the same time! These are the 10 Best places in the world to go Skydiving:


Dubai is a beautiful place to go, but if you want to Jump with a parachute is almost like a paradise! You can jump from a plane at 4000 meters, and a camera will record your trip while you are falling. It sounds great if you can also see the Burj Khalifa and the ocean. You can choose to jump over the Palm Jumeirah or in a Landing Zone in the dunes, 35 Km away from the city.  If you are interested you can visit the website IMPORTANT: they will restart their buisness in september



Switzerland is a Good place, if you go Skydiving there, you won’t waste your time and you will be very greatful with the planet. You can choose between jumping from an airplane or an helicopter. Both are great, and before you jump, you will enjoy a spectacular Scenic Flight, depending on wich one you chose. You can see the Swiss Alps, the Jungfrau, the Einger and the Monch. If you are interested to go Skydiving in Switzerland, you can go to this website and you will find more info about their packages.


3.New Zealand.

New Zealand is a small country, but it’s very good to go to adventure. You can go kayak, bungee jumping, canyoning and skydiving of course.

You can jump over Lake Taupo in the north island, or you can jump near Queenstown, if you want to see the prices you can visit this web 

4. Jordan.

The best experience you can have in Jordan is jump over the Wadi Rum desert in the sunset. Because of the weather, you can fly there virtually in any time of the year and it’s like forty minutes from Aqaba city. In Aqaba you can find a lot of skydiving agencies and you can choose the one you want.


5.The Himalaya. Nepal

Well this could be the best experience in your life. Do you want to see the highest mountains in the world while you are falling? This is the place for you.

You must reserve your ticket six month in advance and there are only 4 flights per year to The Himalaya, and you must have enough money to do it because it’s expensive, it costs 35.000$.

But if you wanna do it anyway, you can contact Everest Skydive and get your ticket. Good luck !

  Skydiving- A Sport for all Thrill Lovers!



Spain has a lot of good places to go skydiving, there are good and beautiful places to visit, and because of the good weather, you can jump in anytime of the year. The best places are Sevilla, because it offers a lot of Skydiving courses with different prices and you can take a plane that will drop you from 4572 meters, not bad huh? And the other place is Empuriabrava in Girona, Cataluña, where you can see the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees at the same time.


7.The Angel Falls in the Gran Sabana, Venezuela.

The Angel Falls are located in the Gran Sabana, Bolivar State, Venezuela. They are also known as “Kerepakupai vená” that means ” the falls from the deepest place”. You must fly from Caracas or Ciudad Bolivar to a camp and then hire a pilot to take you to the top or climb by your own means. However, you will be in the Auyantepui ( the Devil’s Mountain) and you will watch the highest uninterrupted falls of the world. It is not for skydiving but for base jump, but c’mon it’s amazing!


8.Kamchatka, Rusia.

Do you want to see snow and a volcano from above? This is the place for you. If you want more information visit this web



Skydiving over the Great Coral Reef, but is much better if you can do it and then go Scubadiving, you just jump to the sea and once you land, you can go scuba and travel into the deeps.

10.Cape Town, South Africa.

In Cape Town you can have an amazing view of the Table Mountains, Table bay and the landing zone is 45 minutes from Cape Town. For more Info Check


Hope you have enjoyed it!

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  1. It would be a dream to go skydiving in Dubai. It sounds like an adventures. It would be fun to try, but I don’t like doing these types of things alone and basically everyone I know is afraid of heights.

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