Barclays Premier League-A quick introduction

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The Premier League is basically an English professional League for men. It is known as English Premiership in the country and English Premier League worldwide. Premier League, being the most famous and primary football competition in England, is at the top of the English football league system. English Premier League is known and respected worldwide as one of the best football leagues. Premier League was founded in 1992-1993; Manchester United won the inaugural Barclays Premier League trophy. Since then, this competition has flourished and has gained world wide reputation.

Premier League with 23 member clubs as shareholders runs from August to May every year. 38 matches are played by each team which totals up to be 380 total matches in the one season of the Premier League. Mostly, the games are played on weekend afternoons and evenings.

The inaugural Barclay Premier League session was hosted by

  1. Arsenal
  2. Aston Villa
  3. Blackburn Rovers
  4. Chelsea
  5. Coventry City
  6. Crystal Palace
  7. Everton
  8. Ipswich Town
  9. Leeds United
  10. Liverpool
  11. Manchester City
  12. Manchester United
  13. Middlesbrough
  14. Norwich City
  15. Nottingham Forest
  16. Oldham Athletic
  17. Queens Park Rangers
  18. Sheffield Utd
  19. Sheffield Wednesday
  20. Southampton
  21. Tottenham Hotspur and
  22. Wimbledon.


After the inauguration of Barclays Premier League on Saturday 15th August 1992, 23 season of this competition have been held so far. With Manchester United winning the inaugural session with a 10 points lead from the runner-ups Aston Villa, the trophy winners in these 23 sessions of the Premier League are given below in the Premier League table.

Manchester United 13 Titles
Chelsea 4 Titles
Arsenal 3 Titles
Manchester City 2 Titles
Blackburn Rovers 1 Title
Leicester City 1 Title


Premier League Winners List Since 1992 & Top 4 finishes

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1992-93 Manchester United  Aston Villa Norwich City Blackburn Rovers
1993-94 Manchester United  Blackburn Newcastle Utd Arsenal
1994-95 Blackburn Rovers  Manchester Utd Nottingham Forest Liverpool
1995-96 Manchester United Newcastle Utd Liverpool Aston Villa
1996-97 Manchester United  Newcastle Utd Arsenal Liverpool
1997-98 Arsenal  Manchester Utd Liverpool Chelsea
1998-99 Manchester United   Arsenal Chelsea Leeds United
1999-00 Manchester United   Arsenal Leeds United Liverpool
2000-01 Manchester United  Arsenal Liverpool Leeds United
2001-02 Arsenal  Liverpool Manchester Utd Newcastle Utd
2002-03 Manchester United   Arsenal Newcastle Utd Chelsea
2003-04 Arsenal  Chelsea Manchester Utd Liverpool
2004-05 Chelsea  Arsenal Manchester Utd Everton
2005-06 Chelsea  Manchester Utd Liverpool Arsenal
2006-07 Manchester United   Chelsea Liverpool Arsenal
2007-08 Manchester United   Chelsea Arsenal Liverpool
2008-09 Manchester United Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal
2009-10 Chelsea  Manchester Utd Arsenal Tottenham
2010-11 Manchester United  Chelsea Man City Arsenal
2011-12 Man City  Manchester Utd Arsenal Tottenham
2012-13 Manchester United   Man City Chelsea Arsenal
2013-14 Man City  Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal
2014-15 Chelsea  Man City Arsenal Manchester Utd
2015-16 Leicester City Tottenham Arsenal Man City




As it is clear from the above given EPL Table that Manchester United has the most number of Barclays Premier League Trophies in the bag other than any other team. The have achieved this hallmark of success under Sir Alex Ferguson.


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First Match:

The first match of the league was played between Sheffield United and Manchester United. With Brian Deane of Sheffield united scoring the first goal of the league, the Sheffield United scored a 2-1 win against the Reds.

With this win, Brian Deane proved to be the best striker for his team. He scored a total of 15 goals for his team in the first EPL session.

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All-Time Clubs:

Since the introduction of the league, there have been many additions of the clubs in the BPL family. The following is the updated list of all-time clubs in the league.


AFC Bournemouth


Aston Villa


Birmingham City

Blackburn Rovers


Bolton Wanderers

Bradford City


Cardiff City

Charlton Athletic


Coventry City

Crystal Palace

Derby County



Hull City

Ipswich Town

Leeds United

Leicester City


Manchester City

Manchester United


Newcastle United

Norwich City

Nottingham Forest

Oldham Athletic


Queens Park Rangers


Sheffield United

Sheffield Wednesday


Stoke City


Swansea City

Swindon Town

Tottenham Hotspur


West Bromwich Albion

West Ham United

Wigan Athletic


Wolverhampton Wanderers





Newest Team:

Manchester City is the newest entry into the EPL teams. Manchester city won their first EPL title in 2011/2012 sessions of the league in the dramatic turnover in the goal stoppage time and they repeated this in the next session of the Barclays Premier League by again winning the 2013/2014 session of the league.

Top Manager:

No doubt, Sir Alex Ferguson is the most successful manager of the Barclays Premier League. With his top management skills, the Manchester United reached the heights of being the top team of the league. He also holds the record of the longest serving Barclays Premier League manager. He retired in after the 2012/2013 session of the league.

Top Scorer:

Alan Shearer, the former Newcastle United, Blackburn Rovers and Southampton forward is the top scorer of the league. He scored a total of 260 goals during his EPL career and he is also the only EPL player to cross the landmark of 200 league goals.

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Most matches played:

The title of the most number of EPL matches played by a single player remains with the Manchester United player Ryan Giggs. He made amassing 632 appearances in his EPL career, most by any player in the league. Ryan Giggs also participated in every title-winning year for the Reds.

UEFA Champions League Qualifiers:

In the opening sessions of the Barclays Premier League, only the champions qualified for the UEFA Champions League and the clubs at the second and third positions qualified for the UEFA Europa League. But, from the 2001/2002 session of the league, the clubs ending up in the first four positions now qualify for the UEFA Champions League. The club scoring the fifth position gets entered in the UEFA Europa League. Furthermore, the teams at the 6th and 7thb position can also get the chance to play in the UEFA Europa League depending upon the performance of the top five clubs in the League or the Cup.


I hope that you liked this quick introduction of the Barclays Premier League. Stay tuned to read my next posts on all season of the BPL. In my next posts, I will cover all BPL sessions one by one. Kindly give your feedback in the comments section below and share it with others if you liked my effort.

Premier League Winners List Since 1992 & Top 4 finishes

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