AGE OF EMPIRES 2 Multiplayer

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Devloped by Microsoft studio in 1999 ‘Age of empires 2’ is one of the unique games that still manages to have a community of active players around it after almost 20 years of its launch. It is a real time strategy game, which means that imagination is your only the limit.

The game is easier to learn but hard to master, as the game can be played by 8 players at one time players are required to look-out alot of things. Maintaining a economy, securing your base and taking good military engagement.

The game also have a number of game modes like capture the wonder, capture the relic, protect your king, protect your town centre (sudden death).

Microsoft studios is releasing game to the AGE OF EMPIRES franchise, it comes out some where around 2019, with name of “Age of Empires Definitive Edition”.

Definitve edition promises improved gameplay, graphics and new features that might be announced in E3 2018. Let’s all hope this adds to the game and not is purely a cash grab from Microsoft.

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