Skiing – Types of Skiing, How to Ski & Tricks! (Short & To The Point)

Khuzaimah RehmanSkiing

Every sport is unique & different in its own way. The more it is interesting & dangerous, the more will be the chance that it will get the attention of the public. Skiing is one of a dangerous but a really fun sport that has gotten a huge interest of the people.

What is Skiing?

It is a really adventurous sport in which the skier slides down from a hill that is fully covered with snow, while riding on skis. This sport is usually held in the places where there is always snow and there are mountain slopes. It always occurs at places where there are a lot of tourists tourists as well as the infrastructures or resorts, for the people. It is a common sport of South American Andes, North America, Australia, New Zealand,  Europe & East Asia.


Types of Skiing, How to Ski & Tricks?

Before going to the part of learning Skiing, you need to learn the basics of the Skiing first.

Disciplines of Skiing

Following are the disciplines of skiing, which you must learn before going any further;

  1. Slalom Ski Race

It is a course, where turns are always short & tight.

  1. Giant Slalom Ski Race

It is a course, where turns are always more widely spaced.

  1. Super Giant Slalom & Downhill Ski Race

These are the courses where the turns are a few, but the gates are always placed widely apart. It is commonly observed that during the course, the skier reaches almost 100km/h.

Types of Skiing

There are different styles of Skiing, which are going to be discussed down below;


  1. Recreational Skiing

Majority of the skiers are recreational skiers and you can see them performing every year. If you want to be one of those, then all you required to do is, to ride the lifts & make a few turns during the vacations at a local resort. You will also need to get boards that can make your skiing experience better and far precious  for you. With the development in the technology, you can be able to get your hands on more useful boards & equipments than before that will definitely make your skiing better and memorable.

  1. Freestyle Skiing

It originally includes 2 disciplines in 1 style, and that is, Moguls & Aerials. This style consists of Slope Style, Ski cross, and half-pipe to make it unique and different. Free skiing shares the characteristics equally with those of inline skating, Skateboarding, & BMX in Olympics.