Sword fighting: Medieval Weapon Discovers Modern Appeal

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Sword fighting: Medieval Weapon Discovers Modern Appeal


Use of sword fighting in Roman eras

Swords were used in Bronze Age when individual needed to search for his food and had to be ready to fight and to protect his family and possessions. It was likely the dual weapon which was used for both fight and hunting at the same time. At the time of Roman and Classical eras, swords were not considered as a sport rather it was used for personal defense. Long swords were introduced in the Roman Empire, to make foot soldiers able to fight against cavalry. This is due to the barrier in using shields. At the time of Roman Empire, soldiers tend to use long swords more to blow more individuals.

Essential sources change individual’s perspective

Sword fighting has changed its meaning during past decades. It is now considered as a most favourite sport in several regions. Use of media changed individual concepts about sword fighting, nearly each person get opinions and information from movies, TV, video games, comic books, cartoons, fantasy literature, fight shows and movie theatres. This reconstruction of concepts plays vital part in sword fighting sport. Many individuals does not use sword fighting today for their defence, they use it as a sport. Modernization of these significant teachings proposed an incomparable views about how fighting men prepared themselves for battlefields encounters and street fights. Moreover, individuals fighting style is also modernized, it does not remain classical western style which leads to artificial sports and completely contracted from 19th century individual’s version of a noble and narrow ornate style.

  Sword Fighting History and Its Significances

Instructional books guidance in Renaissance era

What the existing sources represent us is completely dissimilar from the ancient and Greek learnings, in addition to being dramatically different as compare to the time passed away in mixed modernization and unnatural efforts of living history. Renaissance and Medieval sword weapon fighting was completely different from today’s sport modernization, it was hell brutal, astonishingly effective, ferocious and violent. The way thisweaponmanipulate, the postures, and the way this weapon were carried, the involvement, each factor is differ from modern-era fencing styles and modern assumptions.Luckily at a time of Renaissance era, many instructional manual were prepared by different experts. These experts illustrated and wrote technical books and essays about science of self defense. Book include techniques and disciplines used at that time and merely focused on swordsmanship. Highly expert teachings were realized from those books and their presentation and content is still matchless anywhere from the world and from any martial arts teachings. The weapon sword is no more considered as a weapon because of its involvement in sports era.

Sword fighting is not what you consider

Thecommunity is frequently misinformed. The ancient reality of sword fighting is continuallychanged and the reality that how humans respond in close battle is usually distorted. Edged weapons are not padded sticks and springy toys, they were a lethal tool to deal with violence or death. Doing something wrong will directly leads to lethal weapon and violence. History is about to perceive the big picture, reality of sword weapon is not any sport for fun but far fascinating and richer than our modern unreal thoughts. This is because sword fighting is just not a sport or what individuals perceive today.

  Sword Fighting History and Its Significances

Today sword fighting has been played in many nations regardless of serious violence. It was called “the queen of weapons” in ancient days but now its meaning has been changed due to new era of technology and sports. It created new concepts in individuals mind and changed historical perspectives. Postures and techniques are transformed in new modern assumptionsto make sword fighting a sport. However, today size and strength is required to fight instead of skill and technique to decide outcomes.

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