Reason behind the training of Kung Fu among children

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Reason behind the training of Kung Fu among children

Reason behind the training of Kung Fu

Martial art is the form of combat practices which are generally practiced for self-defense, military as well as law enforcement implementation, enjoyment, entertainment and physical fitness. KungFu training is not only restricted to adult but it can be also trained to children. Although many people have different opinion that’s why training of KungFu among children is controversial topic among different communities. People think that martial art spread violence and aggression among children, well that’s a myth and those who give such negative opinion are not aware of the true meaning of Chinese martial art.

KungFu is a form of martial art which is very beneficial in terms of physical, mental and social attributes. Major aspect of KungFu training includes the development of self-discipline among the learners; this development eventually helps them to maintain discipline in their daily lives. Martial art provides a pattern for life where learner set goals and establish strategy to achieve those goals if it learned at the beginning stage of life. By implementing the martial art techniques students enhance the ability to control their body and mind. They can easily overcome the external interference by focusing on their internal energetic capabilities which eventually increase the power and strength in their bodies as well in their mind.

The first stage is regarded as tough stage of Kung Fu martial arts teaching among children where they must respect everyone not only their Kung Fu classmates but also their parents, teachers, relatives and peers. Students who control their internal strength at this stage mainly get respect in return. It’s said that Kung Fu not only relate with the chronological age rather it refers to the time and experience one’s spend in learning Kung Fu. Martial arts establish the sense of leadership among children when they share their experience and knowledge with their juniors. Tolerance helps them to establish the ability to understand different opinion and tough of others and that everybody deserved to be treated with the respect and honor.

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Students who share knowledge and experience with their juniors establish a sense of joy, satisfaction and confident among children which eventually help student who have low confident to overcome their weaknesses and also help their juniors to enhance their techniques because Kung Fu help them to believe on their skills which also contribute in enhancing capabilities of others.

Nowadays, technology is the major source of interaction among people and by the advancement of technology it become easy to abuse harass behind the screen of computer. By teaching Kung Fu, teachers establish the sense of responsibility and faith on themselves so that they become a responsible citizen of the society. Kung Fu is a martial art for self-defense where children learn different techniques and skills which mainly used when there will be an insignificant situation. Awareness created by this training helps them to be safe by themselves.

How we treat our body shows the pride, dignity and respect for oneself. Students who participate in Kung Fu classes have a benefit to maintain their muscles, joints and mind by exercising. There are uncountable benefits which positively affect body and mind through enthusiastic exercises which increase fitness, flexibility and strength. When they exercise their body secretes endorphin hormones which decrease the level of depression and anxiety and then people will definitely feel good about themselves. Children who exercise daily and practice Kung Fu are stronger and physically active, less over weighted, sleep well, efficiently manage the physical and emotional challenges than those who don’t. If children start practicing different Kung Fu skills and techniques then this healthy habit become a part of their life as they grow up.


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