Kung Fu: Immensely Appealing Chinese Martial Art

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Martial art is the traditional way of representing Chinese sports and culture in the late twentieth century by Chinese community.  Kung Fu is basically a fighting style in China which maintains and helps in self defensing in any misfortune condition which highly requires patience, practice and energy. Monks were the protector and champion of Kung Fu, who utilizes their external and internal Kung Fu techniques with or without the use of weapons. By the innovation in the creation of weapons new Chinese sports were created.

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Across China, Kung Fu is an ancient and famous sport. By the arrival of Buddhist monk named Bodhidarma; in China through Nepal/India it advanced the martial law up to a higher level and formed a Shaolin temple which becomes famous throughout the world because of different TV series and movies. Monks in the Shaolin temple are specialized warriors who devoted their lives to Kung Fu. The oldest record of the presence of Buddhist monk was found in Deng Feng Xian Zhi (the present place of Shaolin temple).  During the rise of Sui dynasty and Tang dynasty a battle was fought between the Qin king Li Shi-Ming and Zheng King Wang Shi-Chong where 13 monks were assigned to assist Li Shi-Ming and later Li Shi-Ming won the battle and denoted temple a 600 acres land. Monks practice different martial art activities on a daily basis to protect theirtemple. Monks from different region travelled to china to learn various martial arts from the Buddhist monks.

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In the 20th century, Chinese martial artimportance was acknowledged by the public and many books were also published regarding martial art. It was the time where different experts of martial arts shared their wisdom, knowledge and experience together under the government powers. China had a great chance of promoting their kung Fu and other martial art through the Olympic competition. To promote this competition government of China built new hotels and buildings which attract massive number of tourist towards the Shaolin temple. Kung Fu based on some techniques to follow a martial art. Variation of techniques dependsupon the physical size, ability and strength but their basic styles include punches and kicks.

Many martial art artist and stars play an important role in promoting the cultural and traditional sport of China. Bruce lee was a famous martial art artist who learned from different martial arts and uses the Wing Chun (a branch of Kung Fu) as his style. He created his own philosophy of martial art named: Jeet Kune Do. Another martial artist is Jackie Chan who is famous for adding comedy with different stunts of martial arts in his films. Jet li gain fame for acting in the film Shaolin temple and he was also a five time national Wushu champion.

By the advancement of weapons the use of martial art is shrinking day by day, the schools of martial art do not train their students with the modern weapons which are basically a drawback for the learner because there is a lack between modern and ancient training.  The use of martial art as a self-defense weapon is reduced up to a maximum level. Today many trainers have job like Truck drivers, Security guards, bodyguards and physical education teachers and very few blessed with an institute or school of martial art. Chinese take years to gather knowledge about martial art skills and practices. Martial art helps to maintain the discipline in life and also encourage individual to make understanding of life up to a next level and also to learn the essence of martial art.


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