Boffer Fighting: A pretentious form of sports?

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Boffer merely as well as categorically represents weaponry and armaments that is made up of latex, a special form of rubber. Such instruments are usually molded from foam and created for the purpose of simulated autonomous combat, to assist individuals in battle gaming experience. Boffer fighting is a form of martial arts that uses mock weapons to fight with rivals and primarily revolves around players that can modestly admit defeat by acknowledging the opponent’s attempt of ambush. The contender is chosen based on the individual that has emulated the most through comebacks and strikes.

The battle gaming experience focuses on determinants such as the rules of the game and the honour of the player. It tones down the violent act of war crafts into a harmonious sport. The extent of reality that is maintained in these war zones is depicted by the fact that each player is made to wear warrior-like costumes made of leather whereas the shields are a combination of various metals. The boffer gaming sport is chaotic and is bound to create havoc while being played to, given the fact that it is representative of a war field.The question which arises at this point is that, do these sports reflect the true image of pragmatic war fields or are they just a pretentious form of sports that assuage the brutalities of wars and its consequences?

World War I and II that the world has witnessed, still has negative consequences eminent contemporarily even though these wars occurred a few decades ago, the essence is to-date present in many countries all around the globe. Japan is an evident example for nations to come, when discussing the adverse residues of wars. The atomic bombs dropped on Japan namely Hiroshima and Nagasaki are why deformed babies are still born in that part of the world.

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Almost half a century later there is still radioactive waste in the air leading to many contagious as well as infectious diseases. Such great are the aftermath of wars, also taking into consideration the mass decimation, the loss to precious human life, animals and plantations because of the intense fighting between two or more countries. Such grave consequence of battles when transformed into a form of sport becomes less significant or straining. The concept of battles becomes more accepted by individuals in a society when viewed as a sport. Violence is encouraged in individuals of varying in the demographic structure through these pseudo weapons and sports.

The aura that violence has affixed to it is not desirable by communities as it leaves a negative impact on the minds of the youth and improvises that violence can be used as a solution to many problems. Such a mind-set can lead to serious consequences in the long haul. The reality based battle field has no rules like those that are present in the boffer quarrel series, deviating the whole war concept and evolving a new aspect overall. This aspect is however, not a true portrayal of wars as the logistics are not similar and neither are the rules.

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