Why is Tiger Woods not playing golf

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Tiger Woods Injury - Why Tiger Woods is not playing golf


Tiger Woods has undergone his 4th back surgery since 2014, each surgery required a 6-month rest each at least. This made his rankings fall out of TOP 500 for the second time. Though he has been cleared by the doctors to play in 2017 Master’s Tournament, he personally doesn’t feel tournament ready to play in competitive golf.

His current global ranking is 889 as per 11th June 2017

Wrist Injury

Why Tiger Woods is not playing golf

Why Tiger Woods is not playing golf

Tiger Woods also got himself injured in the final round of the tournament in 2015. Which made him take a break for several months.

Withdraw From Farmers Insurance Open

Tiger took part in the Farmers Insurance Open but as the play proceeded he felt the discomfort in his back, which make him withdrew in between the tournament.

Tiger Effect on Competitors

tiger british open round

Tiger British open round Why Tiger Woods is not playing golf

It was noted that in the tournament where Tiger Woods took part in while he was on his winning streak made even the skilled competitors play poorly as compared to their performances where Tiger Woods didn’t take part.
It seemed like others were only competing for the second place.

The overall conclusion is that over time Tiger Woods body becoming more of a hindrance to his performance greatly. 

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