What is GATKA | Introduction to the techniques of SIKH WARRIORS’ MARTIAL ARTS

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Introduction to the tips techniques of Gatka

What is Gatka ? Sikh warriors’ martial arts

What is Gatka as a dictionary meaning and more

What is Gatka ? The Gatka in fact refers to the stick of wood used in the training known as Soti. It is one type of Sikh warriors’ martial Arts. The whole martial art of Gatka is grounded on the correct utilization of hand-to-hand weapons.  The bases of this art refer to the movement of the foot, hand, body, coordination, and handling of the weapon, which is called Panthra. The techniques of Gatka initiates with the four step movement of the Panthra, which is a coordination and balance exercise. This basic movement of the hand and foot continuously and with the coordination is followed while handling all the weapons at the time of the Khel.

What is Gatka the techniques of Sikh Warriors martial arts

Introduction to the techniques of Sikh Warriors martial arts What is Gatka

Gatka is that kind of martial art, which is taught with the rhythmic instruments. Hence, the objects need to attire the fluid and flowing movement with no hesitation and anxiety or the doubts. All the key movements such as attacking or blocking methods are based on the Panthra exercises. Moreover, the common weapon of the Panthra exercises is lathi, which is the stick of different lengths. Several other weapons are taught to control in the Panthra. Generally, the combination of the weapons is observed to be sword and the shield. With the progression in the exercising the Panthra, the special chambers with unique weapons such as Barcha, Khanda and Tabarare also taught.
Moreover, the exercises of the Panthra are being practices at the same time of their Jaap Sahib Bani prayers. It is also played at the time of three beat per cycle drummers. The musical rhythm contributes in the development of the natural flow of the coordination.

  The Martial Art, Bestowing Indian Culture ‘Gatka’


What is The Arts of Gatka

Gatka is the martial and the feudal art of the fighting and playing the sport. It incorporates the skills of the person to coordinate and control all the movement of the body. It is the great martial art of the healing, physical, philosophy, religious and fighting skills. All the martial tradition or art must incorporate the following aspects:

  • A moral philosophy
  • Disciplined training
  • Dedication
  • A sense of duty and respect

How Sikh warriors’ martial arts Gatka helped the evolution of Sikhism

Traditionally this Martial art was initiated for the sole purpose of the defense of religious beliefs, but with the passage of the time, this aspect of the training became appealing to the rest of the worlds and hence shaped as the global sport. As it progressed, it proved the usefulness of the art at any time. With the realisation in the art, the spiritual attributes in the participating and the development of the Gatka. The art established by the spiritual Sikh warriors who infatuated a great integrity, honesty and valour, they laid down as the great saints of the era. They became the great saints, peers of the different religions who helped in the evolution of the Sikhism.

Sikh martial arts Gatka that A Young Sikh Warriors practicing

A Young Sikh Warriors practicing Sikh martial arts Gatka

The sport or the Khel of the Gatka not only involved the physical strength but also incorporates the mental ability of handling and controlling the physical environment. This is not only important in the sport element of the presence of the mind plays a key function in the wars and the ritual of the Gatka. The art of the Gatka in reality, made the person perceive that the life is no more than the illusion. Under the shadow of this art, one can aspire to die gloriously over his life.

  The Martial Art, Bestowing Indian Culture ‘Gatka’


As discussed above that Gatka is not only the process of using the weapons in wartime, but also is the game of controlling and playing on the rhythmic tones. This martial arts incorporates high strength to learn the techniques and understand the roots of the art.

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