The Martial Art, Bestowing Indian Culture ‘Gatka’

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An Introduction to Gatka – Sikh’s sports

An ancient martial game used by the Gurus of Sikhs to defend the religious beliefs in India. Gatka is practical and very basic art grounded on a single movement known as “Panthra” which is initially practiced for several hours without any weapon. It helps in the accuracy of the foot movements in different directions including simple forward and backward positions, circular motion, and many other complex movements.

Historically, Gatka was name of the stick that was used in sword fighting. In other words, it is an informal expression devised in the nineteen hundreds to refer to the stick’s numbers, sword, and staff styles to utilize in the municipal demonstrations. The Europeanized version of the Gatka that is practiced recently is based on the Indian martial art known as Shastar Vidyaa.

The Science of Weapons – Shastar Vidyaa

Shastar Vidyaa is the immense Vedic tradition that refers to around 10 thousand years back. Shastar Vidyaa is the science of weapons, which teaches the strategies of battlefield. Anyhow, it originated from the Buddhism and now become the bases of the Japanese and Chinese martial art sports.

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Furthermore, Gatka teaches the effective utilisation of the weapons in defending one self. In 1984, the Indian army attacked Golden Temple and only four Sikhs defended themselves with the weapons (shasters, swords) and the art of Gatka. Nobody could even make within the range of ten meters. In addition, a huge number of people attacked an eighty years old man in Delhi. He was forced to took out his sword and defend himself. By the appropriate knowledge of the Gatka sport, he injured many of his attackers and fortified himself successfully. The police reported:

“All we could see was an old man standing sword in hand and numerous dead body’s lying around him.”

Lately, some angry individuals assaulted the Gurudwara in Dudley, Britain. Two Nahang Singhs not only successfully defended their holy place, but also did not let a single attacker to reach their Temple.

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Gatka around the Globe

Currently Gatka is pleasing more and more around the globe. As Britain encourages all the sports, there are some major clubs where the teaching of Gatka has been progressed in places like Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Dudley,Southall, and Walsall.

Promotions of Gatka arelikewiserolling these days. Meanwhilenumber of protests took place in Gurudwaras and Universities,has grabbed the attention of the people. An introduction to the game of Gatka has been shown on Sky Sports Televisionin September 2015, which appeared in Paris. The directorsof the event also expect to make Gatka team of students in future.

Moreover, to boost the traditional game International Sikh Martial Art Academy (ISMAA) organised “14th Virsa Sambhal Gatka competition” at the village of Gurm on April 10. The chairperson Harjeet Singh said that several men and women teams of Gatka exhibited their talent and skills in weapon demonstration and Gatka fights. Earlier he stated that traditionally this game was belonged to the men, but now women have been beating the men. He also suggested to encourage young females and household women to learn the strategies of defending themselves with the proper utilization of the weapons.

During in another event in Chandigarh,organised by ISMAA, both the women and men displayed their skills. The students also showed high interest in the event. Indian culture has deep enrichment of several different cultures. Hence, it is partly difficult to protect every tradition for the people. Gatka is one of the most important tradition of the Sikhs, which is proved clearly effective from centuries. Gatka is been taught by the masters of the martial art to sustain this tradition.

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