Nico Rosberg wins Spa Francorchamps for the 2016 F1 season

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Nico Rosberg wins Spa Francorchamps for the 2016 F1 season

To all sport lovers, it is amazing to be back here for the Spa Francorchamps after the summer break. I’m pretty sure it’s been a wonderful time for the drivers. As you must have known or heard most of these drivers took their time to hang out with family and friends, travel on vacations and all sort of you know. I’m pretty sure only few will have time to do some practice during the break period. Click here to read about what the drivers did with the summer break.

Belgium was the place to be to witness the Spa Francorchamps for the 2016 F1 season. This was the 13th race of the 2016 Formula 1 season and it lasted 44 laps. To view the race schedule for the 2016 Formula 1 season click here. The race was first held in Belgium in 1925, the famous Michael Schumacher has won here six times which and he holds the record of the highest driver wins at the Spa Francorchamps. Ferrari is the constructor to win the highest number of races here, they also won six times. Click here to read about the history of Formula 1. The circuit length is 7.004km (4.352mi) and race length is 308.052km (191.410mi).

As we all know that the 2016 F1 season championship has been a keen contest between the two wonderful Mercedez Benz drivers. Everyone was filled with enthusiasm to see what the race outcome was gonna be like. Is Lewis Hamilton going to extend his lead further or Nico Rosberg was gonna catch up with him this time.

Now to start with, Lewis Hamilton got himself a penalty during the Saturday qualifying for exceeding the number of engines allotted to him for the year. So he had to start at the 21st on the grid. This is very injurious to his 2016 F1 season drivers’ championship campaign and may be a good news for his team mate Nico Rosberg. Lewis Hamilton admits that this is the worst time to serve a penalty as the temperature may not be much friendly.

It was pretty motivating for Max Verstappen as countless Dutch fans made their way to Spa Francorchamps to cheer the 18 year old. He is definitely loved here. He is the youngest F1 driver ever to start on the front row of the grid, especially at the Spa Francorchamps.

Now without saying too much let’s dive into the events of the F1 Spa Francorchamps for the 2016 season. It all started 1:00pm (BST).
1:00pm – The rolling lap was underway.1:02pm – They are now all set on the grid.1:03pm – Lights goes out and here they go!1:04pm – The race has started. Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen collided at the first corner and car parts were seen flying around. This is not a good start for Verstappen. Verstappen lost some of his front wing.

Verstappen and Vettel collides at first lap at Spa Francorchamps

Verstappen and Vettel collides at first lap

Verstappen and Vettel collides at lap 1 Nico Rosberg celebrates his victoryVerstappen and Vettel collides at lap 1

1:05pm – Nico Rosberg is leading. Not good for Sebastian Vettel, he is now last after starting fourth on the grid.


1:06pm – Max Verstappen is in the pit after the first lap to fix his wing. Bang! There was an explosion and that was Carlos Sainz’s rear tyre.

1:07pm – Such a mess today, Carlos Sainz is out. Kimi Raikkonen pits, his car is messed up.

1:08pm – What about Lewis Hamilton who use to be on the front row? He is now in the 15th position.

That’s fair after starting at the 21st position. Buttons also in the pit after the first lap.

1:09pm – Debris from the early car crash was cleaned by the marshals.

1:10pm – Jenson Button was out of the race. His car was hit in the back by Pascal Wehrlein at the fifth turn. The car plunged into the air and there were severe damages, game over!!

1:12pm – The top positions at it stands now, Nico Rosberg leads, Hulkenberg second, Ricciardo third, Bottas fourth, Perez fifth. Where was Lewis Hamilton? He‘s was the 12th position fair enough.

1:15pm – There was another wreck. Kevin Magnussen rammed his car straight into the tyre barriers. That was a major damage. He limped away from the wreckage. He was okay though. The safety car came out to attend to that.

1:17pm – Lewis Hamilton has made drastic improvement, he is now seventh.

1:20pm – Now we are on the eight lap. The marshals were cleaning up the spot where Kevin Magnussen’s car crashed.

1:21pm – Fernando Alonso who started the race at the 22nd position is now fourth, that’s awesome. Lewis Hamilton is in the fifth position.

1:23pm – Now in the ninth lap. Hulkenberg and Bottas pits. Nico Rosberg and Ricciardo in the first and second position respectively are yet to stop. Lapped cars can now un-lap.

1:25pm – There was a red flag. The race was stopped. All cars retired to the pit and lined up at the end of the lane. It seems removal of debris of Magnussens’s car required a tractor. This is a free tyre change period for everyone.

1:28pm – Verstappen is talking to his team and he is telling them he wasn’t at fault for the crash he was in earlier.

1:29pm – Lewis Hamilton now changed to a new set of tyres will be starting in the fifth position when the race begins again. It all worked out well for him just as if he qualified fifth. It’s a better situation for Alonso who is now fourth.

1:31pm – The race restarted after 10 minutes.

1:41pm – Nico Rosberg and Daniel Ricciardo both are on soft tyres while Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are on soft compounds. The cars were moving out of the pit lane.

1:44pm – And the race began again.

1:45pm – Fernando Alonso attempted to overtake Hulkenberg but he wasn’t successful. Massa also tried his luck on Lewis Hamilton but it was a deadlock.

1:46pm – It was communicated that Kevin Magnussen sustained an ankle injury.

1:47pm – Lewis Hamilton successfully took over Fernando Alonso’s fourth position. He moved past him with a superior speed. Raikkonen and Verstappen at it again!! Raikkonen goes ahead of him.

1:48pm – Max Verstappen is now in the fourteenth position and Raikkonen is fifteenth.

1:51pm – Nico Rosberg is still keeping his first position. Though, Daniel Ricciardo is now lapping almost at the same speed with him.


1:52pm – Now the race is in the fourteenth lap. Nico Rosberg is leading followed by Ricciardo and Hulkenberg respectively.

1:53pm – It was communicated that Kevin Magnussen’s injury from the crash may be a major concern for next week’s race at Monza.

1:55pm – Sebastian Vettel takes over the ninth position from Grossjean. That’s fair to him considering the first lap incidence.

1:56pm – Now in the seventeenth lap. Lewis Hamilton is moving close to Hulkenberg. Sebastain Vettel made it to the eighth position.

1:57pm – Just 0.600s separating Lewis Hamilton and Hulkenberg.

1:59pm – Hamilton moves past Hulkenberg to the third position after starting from the second bottom. This guy is really good. He is just five seconds away from Daniel Ricciardo in the second position.

2:00pm – Nico Rosberg is doing pretty well today. He is lapping faster than all his rivals at the moment. Raikkonen tried to overtake Grossjean, the duo touched wheels in the process.

2:03pm – Now the race is in the 21st lap. Raikkonen finally made his way past Grossjean. He is now in the tenth position.

2:04pm – Considering Lewis Hamilton’s 21st starting position and his third position now it is clear the British boy is the best.

2:06pm – Lewis Hamilton turned to the pits followed by Danil Kvyatt.

2:08pm – The race is now in the 23rd lap. Lewis Hamilton’s visit to the pits cost him longer than he intended when the red jack got stuck. However, he is out of the pit now in the ninth position ahead of Danil Kvyatt.

2:10pm – Now in Lap 24. Hulkenberg and Bottas pits.

2:14pm – Now in the 26th lap. Ricciardo looks to be struggling and later pits. Veratsppen now in the eight position.

2:16pm – Sebastian Vettel gets ahead of Max Verstappen again.

2:17pm – Now in lap 28. Bottas zooms ahead of Verstappen who looks to be struggling on his tyres. Verstappen pits.

2:20pm – The race now in the 29th lap. Lewis Hamilton is still in the third position but just 0.207s away from second placed Ricciardo.

2:21pm – Lewis Hamilton needed to stop again so he could make a podium finish.

2:25pm – Now in the 32nd lap. Nico Rosberg is far ahead leading with 11 seconds. Lewis Hamilton is finding it almost impossible to get past Ricciardo.

2:26pm – Lewis Hamilton pits but this time is was a very quick one.

2:27pm – Lewis Hamilton is back on the track now in fourth position behind Rosberg, Ricciardo and Hulkenberg.

2:29pm – Now in the 34th lap. Lewis Hamilton is right behind Hulkenberg and he moved past him without any stress. He now looks forward to taking Ricciado’s second position.

2:31pm – As the race is now. Nico Rosberg leads followed by Ricciardo, Lewis Hamilton, Hulkenberg, Perez, Vettel and Alonso respectively.

2:33pm – Nico Rosberg is flying ahead. He is 12 seconds ahead of his nearest rival Ricciardo.

2:34pm – Max Verstappen had sunk to 11th position.

2:35pm – Nico Rosberg is doing pretty well in front of the race. He is on a mission to recover his lost points in the championship campaign.

2:38pm – Now in the 39th lap. Nico Rosberg was lapping much quicker than Ricciardo. Lewis Hamilton was also closing in on Ricciardo but was he ever gonna catch him?


2:40pm – Just five more laps to go. After a disturbing start, the race was ending perfectly and interestingly.

2:43pm – Now in lap 41. Looks like Nico Rosberg will be at the top of the podium. Lewis Hamilton was racing at his best trying to catch up with Ricciardo.

2.44pm – At the middle of the race Bottas was trying to take over Alonso’s position. Raikkonen overtakes Felipe Massa after he lost his DRS.

2:47pm – Now in lap 43. Ricciardo is fighting hard to keeps his second position. Alonso also staying strong as he holds Bottas behind him.

2:48pm – This was the final lap. The first three drivers still remains Nico Rosberg, Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton posts a fastest lap.

2:49pm – And that was it Nico Rosberg crossed the finishing line. He has won the Spa Francorchamps for the 2016 F1 season. He led the race from start to finish. Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton will be joining him on the podium for the second and third positions respectively.

2:50pm – Hulkenberg is fourth, Perez fifth, Vettel sixth, Alonso seventh, Bottas eight, Raikkonen ninth, Felipe Massa tenth and Max Verstappen eleventh.

And that was it. It was a tremendous Spa Francorchamps afternoon. Nico Rosbergs victory at Spa Francorchamps reduced the leading gap of his team mate Lewis Hamilton from 19 points to 9 points. It was a great job for Lewis Hamilton though who started at the bottom of the race and turned it to a podium finish. Also for Daniel Ricciardo it was an outstanding race for him here at the Spa Francorchamps.

Nico Rosberg celebrates his victory at Spa Francorchamps

Nico Rosberg celebrates his victory

Final race result of the 2016 Spa Francorchamps

Position Driver Car
1 Nico Rosberg Mercedes Benz
2 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull
3 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Benz
4 Nico Hulkenberg Force India
5 Sergio Perez Force India
6 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari
7 Fernando Alonso McLaren
8 Valtteri Bottas Williams
9 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari
10 Felipe Massa Williams
11 Max Verstappen Red Bull
12 Esteban Gutierrez Haas
13 Romain Grosjean Haas
14 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso
15 Jolyon Palmer Renault
16 Esteban Ocon Manor
17 Felipe Nasr Sauber
18 Kevin Magnussen Renault
19 Marcus Ericsson Sauber
20 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso
21 Jenson Button McLaren
22 Pascal Wehrlein Manor

I hope you enjoyed the actions here at the Spa Francorchamps this afternoon. Kindly join us next week as we bring you another race of the F1 2016 season at Monza. To view the race schedule for the 2016 Formula 1 season click here. You can also check drivers and constructors standings here. Do have a wonderful day.

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