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2016 Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix, was another stunning afternoon of fantastic race. The weather was good enough and everything looks great as the drivers prepare for another adventure on the track except for Felipe Massa who looks like he may be having a serious race-unfriendly problem. It was discovered that Felipe Massa’s steering was pulling right and that was over fixed so the car starts pulling left again, this was not good for him at Hungaroring.
The Hungarian GP was the 11th race for the 2016 Formula 1 season, held on 24th July. It lasted 70 laps.
Before the race started Nico Rosberg was still leading the 2016 F1 drivers’ title campaign by just one point over is team mate and current world champion, Lewis Hamilton. Things has not been going Rosberg’s way in the past few races, he has shed his lead from 43 points down to just 1 point. There was great anticipation of what is going to happen here in Budapest, is Hamilton going to take over the lead from his team mate? Or is Rosberg going to wake up from his slumber and extend his lead? The answer to those questions The better left to the drivers to decide on the track.

2016 F1 Hungarian Grand Prix Actions
Lap 1 of 70
Rosberg starting at the pole position and the race begins. It is looking good for Hamilton and Ricciardo who raced past Rosberg. The German was able to take the second position from Ricciardo but Hamilton now takes the lead, a promising race.

Lap 2 of 70
Hamilton took the lead at the first turn, he’s now building his lead putting a 1.5seconds gap between him and his team mate.

Lap 3 of 70
Seems Massa’s steering problem still persists, he is now down to the 19th position just ahead of Kyvat.

Lap 4 of 70
Hamilton extended his lead to 1.6 second, Rosberg trailing him at the second position, Ricciardo is third.

Lap 5 of 70
Button now having troubles with his breaks, he was told over the radio “Do not shift, do not shift……we’ve lost hydraulic pressure”. He slowed right down now at the last position.

Lap 6 of 70
Button has been told to stay out on the track, he seems disappointed and unhappy. Rosberg closed the gap in on Hamilton.

Lap 7 of 70
Hamilton still leading the race, far at his back Raikkonen and Gutierrez are in a contest for the 11th position. Raikkonen has an amazing history here in Hungary for his podium finishes.

Lap 8 of 70
Now the opportunity to pit opens but no one seems to be interested. Hamilton is first, Rosberg is second and Ricciardo is third. Button has been handed a penalty for illegal radio communication when he was ordered not to shift. I’m driving like a grandma Verstappen says and he’s the first to pit.

Lap 9 of 70
Rosberg posed a new fastest lap 1.26.04, Button now back in the race.


Lap 10 of 70
Hamilton replied with a new fastest lap 1.25.674 and now 2.5 second clear of his team mate.

Lap 11 of 70
Button, obviously not happy today he’s in the pits again for a drive-through penalty

Lap 12 of 70
Hamilton and Rosberg still out in front. Manor’s Wehrlein and William’s Massa now in the pit.

Lap 13 of 70
Verstappen is now getting it together as he is moving fast around the track. Raikkonen posing a threat to Haas’s Grosjean but still can’t find a way through.

Lap 14 of 70
The contest still goes on between Grosjean and Raikkonen

Lap 15 of 70
Verstappen is losing it on Ricciardo and the rest. Vettel, Hulkenberg and Grosjean now in the pit.

Lap 16 of 70
Ricciardo pits, it was a quick one but didn’t come out of the pit ahead of Bottas though but manage to have Vettel behind him.

Lap 17 of 70
Hamilton pits giving Rosberg the opportunity to take the lead. It is going down between Ferrari’s Raikkonen and Red Bull’s Verstappen but at the end Raikkonen managed to move past the Red Bull.

Lap 18 of 70
Hamilton takes the lead back again as Rosberg pits

Lap 19 of 70
Raikkonen continues to hold back Verstappen who is relentlessly charging to overtake. This surely gives his team mate, Vettel a nice advantage.

Lap 20 of 70
Hamilton calls out saying he is struggling for pace, this may be interpreted by his team mate as a sweet one.

Lap 21 of 70
Hamilton slowing down now and just a second ahead of Rosberg, Red Bull’s Ricciardo is now moving faster than the two Mercedes drivers. Is he moving to take the lead?

Lap 22 of 70
Look like it’s not only Riccardo that is moving faster than the Mercedes duo, Verstappen and and Vettel are also doing so.

Lap 23 of 70
Rosberg and the rest are lapping faster than Hamilton right now but he still leads the race.

Lap 24 of 70
Hamilton is still struggling and still managing to hold on to his lead.

Lap 25 of 70
Vettel got a warning for exceeding track limits, that will be his second for the day. He better not have one more.

Lap 26 of 70
Hamilton who is losing pace is being asked to pick it up a little as Ricciardo and Verstappen charges dangerously behind the Mercedes duo.

Lap 27 of 70
Raikkonen continues to drive defensively against Verstappen who keeps pushing for the fifth position.

Lap 28 of 70
Hamilton still on the lead and all 22 drivers still in the race.

Lap 29 of 70
Raikkonen finally pits and Verstappen finally gets ahead of him. Alonso also takes the sixth position from Raikkonen.

Lap 30 of 70
Raikkonen in 7th position now. Hamilton seems to be doing good at the front of the race now.

Lap 31 of 70
Hamilton now 1.6 seconds ahead of his team mate, Raikkonen takes the sixth position from Alonso.

Lap 32 of 70
Raikkonen is doing so well on the super-soft tyres, he posted a 1.23.254 fastest lap

  Nico Rosberg wins Spa Francorchamps for the 2016 F1 season

Lap 33 of 70
The Red Bull drivers are really closing in. Hamilton was asked to put some gas into it. Ricciardo pits

Lap 34 of 70
Hamilton was warned by his team to open a gap

Lap 35 of 70
Half-way into the race Hamilton is leading the race, Rosberg in second position, Vettel in 3rd, Red Bull’s Verstappen and Ricciardo in 4th and 5th position.

Lap 36 of 70
The race continues, Hamilton trying to get things under control

Lap 37 of 70
Hamilton is doing better now, leaving Rosberg to step up his game as well. Somewhere on the track Ericsson who just managed to the 19th position is aiming at Wehrlein’s spot.

Lap 38 of 70
The Mercedes duo still in the 1-2 position. Verstappen goes off track at turn 11 and he’s being warned

Lap 39 of 70
Hamilton still maintaining his lead, he seems determined to take over the lead in the driver’s title campaign today.

Lap 40 of 70
Hulkenberg and Palmer pits. Palmer moves right out into the 12th position.

Lap 41 of 70
Hamilton pits, Perez also in the pit but he seem to be like an unexpected visitor to his mechanics. Sebastian pits as well.

Lap 42 of 70
Rosberg heading to the pit. Felipe Massa is out on medium tyres.

Lap 43 of 70
Hamilton extends his lead to 4.8 seconds, he is doing pretty well.

Lap 44 of 70
The pit-stop has given Hamilton almost 2.5 seconds advantage over his team mate

Lap 46 of 70
Numerous Dutch flags around here it is certain young Verstappen is loved here.

Lap 47 of 70
Hamilton still holds on to his lead.

Lap 48 of 70
Rosberg looking good now and put some gap between him and his rivals behind him

Lap 49 of 70
Mercedes is having a wonderful afternoon, no doubt they’ve been totally outstanding this season

Lap 50 of 70
Verstappen goes too wide at turn 4 and he is handed another warning. Palmer also exceeds the track limit.

Lap 51 of 70
20 more laps to go, Hamilton still leading the race. Raikkonen pits for the second time

Lap 52 of 70
Ricciardo tries a nice one to go past Rosberg and Hamilton but doesn’t work quite well for him.

Lap 53 of 70
Rosberg is closing in on Hamilton, he has reduced the gap between them to almost half a second.

Lap 54 of 70
Hamilton responded to this threat with a faster lap and extends the gap between him and his team mate. Alonso gets a warning for exceeding track limit.

Lap 55 of 70
Raikkonen now on super-soft tyres is right on Verstappen tails, look like it’s going to be an interesting battle between them as Verstappen tries to keep him at bay.

Lap 56 of 70
Hamilton totally found the speed he needs right now, he extends is lead to over 2.9 seconds. Verstappen is still struggling to hold off Raikkonen.

Lap 57 of 70
Raikkonen and Verstappen clashes and Raikkonen loses part of his front wing in the process.


Lap 58 of 70
Vertsappen is doing a great job holding the Ferrari behind him.

Lap 59 of 70
Hamilton’s lead now cut down to 2.3 seconds, is that good enough for Rosberg with just 11 laps to go? Raikkonen keep trying to take over Verstappen’s 5th position.

Lap 60 of 70
Ten more laps to go. Raikkonen keeps the pressure high on Verstappen but it looks like he is not ready to give up.

Lap 61 of 70
Rosberg is closing in on Hamilton with just nine laps to go, the gap is now less than 2 seconds. Can anything happen?

Lap 62 of 70
Raikkonen keeps pressing despite the damage to his car. The podium looks like it’s going to be welcoming Hamilton, Rosberg and Ricciardo.

Lap 63 of 70
Jenson Button is finally out of the race.

Lap 64 of 70
Things looking great in favor of Rosberg, the gap between him and Hamilton is just over half a second. What could this mean? Is he going to take over the lead?

Lap 65 of 70
Alonso now challenging Raikkonen for the sixth position.

Lap 66 of 70
Hamilton still the man upfront, can Rosberg do something to win this race with just five laps to go?

Lap 67 of 70
Raikkonen obviously has more speed than Verstappen but he still can’t get past him.

Lap 68 of 70
Raikkonen is being blocked over and over again by Verstappen.

Lap 69 of 70
Just 2 laps to go. I don’t think Hamilton is ready to give away his lead now. Rosberg still second and Ricciardo is third.

Lap 70 of 70
It’s all over Lewis Hamilton has done it again. He has won the 2016 F1 Hungarian Grand Prix and also takes the lead in the driver’s title campaign. Hamilton now leads with six points in the driver’s championship ahead of his team mate, Roseberg.
Hamilton has just made another history, he is the first ever driver to win at the Hungaroring five times.
2016 F1 Hungarian Grand Prix final race result

Lewis Hamilton Winner of the Hungaroring and current world championship leader

Lewis Hamilton Winner of the Hungaroring and current world championship leader
Source: www.gettyimages.com

Position Driver Car
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Benz
2 Nico Rosberg Mercedes Benz
3 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull
4 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari
5 Max Verstappen Red Bull
6 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari
7 Fernando Alonso McLaren
8 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso
9 Valtteri Bottas Williams
10 Nico Hulkenberg Force India
11 Sergio Perez Force India
12 Jolyon Palmer Renault
13 Esteban Gutierrez Haas
14 Romain Grosjean Haas
15 Kevin Magnussen Renault
16 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso
17 Felipe Nasr Sauber
18 Felipe Massa Williams
19 Pascal Wehrlein Manor
20 Marcus Ericsson Sauber
21 Rio Harynato Manor
22 Jenson Button McLaren

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