History of Futsal ( Indoor Soccer) How was it born?

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The futsal also known as Indoor soccer it’s a sport in wich two teams of 5 players face and the winner is that who scores de highest number of goals and it’s played in a 40 x 19 meters court.

The team consists in four players and 1 goalkeeper who has some particular tactics in this game because of the number of players and the small court, but I will talk about that in another  article. However, how was this sport born?

Well it’s a young sport, It was created in Uruguay (South America) in 1930 by Juan Carlos Cereani who was a sport teacher,but why to create such peculiar sport? It was simple, in those years (1924-1930) Uruguay’s National Soccer Team Had won Gold Medals in the Olimpic Games in Amsterdam(1928) and Colombes (France) in 1924. Finally in the Soccer World Cup in 1930 celebrated in  Uruguay, Uruguay’s National Team defeated Argentina and the match ended 4-2.

Because of that, the people was really happy and the youngs started to play soccer in every place they could: They played soccer in the streets, inside garages, gardens, etc, and the soccer became a kind of obsession for the people in that country. But it just motivated the kids and youngs to play soccer and Juan Carlos Cereani had an Idea to make of this general obsession a chance to estimulate the sport’s practicing.

He took some of the rules of Basketball, Waterpolo, Handball and Soccer ( of course). The court was the basketball court, penalty area was delimited by the three-points line, match’s duration was of 40 minutes in two half and each team consisted of 4 players and 1 goalkeeper for a total of 5 players.

Goal’s size and ball’s size were taken from Handball and the rest were the same soccer’s rules.

The game became popular in Uruguay, and Juan Carlos Cereani was part of the Christian Youth Association (CYA), this was important because in the following years, it would be a helpful way to promote the new sport.

Gymnastics’s Trainers of South America went every year to the Latinamerican Confederation’s Technical Institue of the CYA in order to improve their technics and that was how they knew the Indoor Soccer.

In 1952 it started to be known as Futsal in Brazil, and in 1955 the first Futsal League was created in Sao Paulo, Brazil by the coach Habib Maphiz. In 1971 the International Federation of Indoor Soccer (Federación Internacional de Fútbol de Salón FIFUSA) was created  as the FIFA equivalent in Soccer. Because the word “Fútbol” was already used to name Soccer in Spanish and French,  Indoor Soccer started to be named officially Futsal.

The first Futsal World Cup was celebrated in 1982 and it was won by Brazil.

After that other countries started to create their own federations and in 2002 was created the World Futsal Assotiation ( Asociación Mundial de Futsal AMF)

The FIFA and the AMF are the organizers of Championships in the world, each one with a variation in their rules.

It’s amazing that a game that was played by kids and young people in Uruguay became a official sport, isn’t it? Nowadays, FIFUSA was absorbed by the AMF and there are a lot of championships for example the UEFA Futsal cup, Liga Nacional de Futbol Sala (Spain), Professional Futsal League (U.S.A) Liga Brasileña de Futbol sala (Brazil) among others.



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