Famous Freestyle Football players who amaze us with their skills.

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Freestyle football is a sport which has gained fame all over the world in recent years after brands like Nike have strongly highlighted this sport in their recent advertisements and it is closely associated with street football. The increase in popularity of Freestyle football has caused many footballers to turn towards the new sport in which footballers show their skills by performing various tricks with different parts of their body. We are going to tell you about some of the best freestyle footballers from around the globe, who have worked hard to become the best.

 Arnaud “Sean” Garnier

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Early Life:

Arnaud “Sean” Garnier was born in the city of Sens in France. He decided to follow the ambitions of his father and become a professional footballer. He started his dream by playing in clubs and teams and begins to get recognition. Garnier worked hard to become a footballer and and got selected by the professional club, Auxerre in 1998. The club Troyes where he would play in the CFA later, selected him. His dream was becoming a reality. But his career was to be short-lived. In 2004, Garnier had to abandon his career after a series of injuries that put an end to his dreams.

Introduction to freestyle football:

Instead of getting discouraged by the sudden end to his dreams, Sean begun to study as a football instructor in Paris. There, Sean discovered a new passion associated with football. An art of self-expression that combines break dancing and football: the urban art of freestyle football. Sean quickly found his passion in this new type of urban art and abandoned everything else to dive into this new kind of art. He begun to develop his own style and create his own unique set of skills. He quickly learned the art of freestyle football and trained to perfection.


In 2008, the inaugural Red Bull Street Style World Finals took place in São Paulo, Brazil, the home of freestyle football where  Sean is crowned as the first World Champion and the first Red Bull freestyle football athlete. He gained worldwide recognition and fame. He won the first prize in the French Freestyle tournament 3 times in 2009, 2010 & 2012. Garnier won first place in Styllball Beach Style in Dubai in 2010.


He plays as a Profutsal player and has created his own team “Street Style Society” also known as “S3 Crew”. He uses his unique style in other sports like street football and Futsal and is also the captain of the French Profutsal team “Massaliotes”.

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Sean has created a fusion of break dance, basketball elements and somersaults in his routines to create his own style. Today, he is considered one of the most skillful and talented street and freestyle footballers in the world


In November 2015, Sean traveled to Pakistan to showcase his skills in front of sizable crowds in Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad. Other than that, he occasionally performs on the streets where a lot of people gather to view his amazing skills. He has his own YouTube page where he uploads videos of his tricks and public performances and sometimes gives tutorials.

John Farnworth:

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Early Life:

John Farnworth was born in Longridge and moved to Preston where he grew up. Football is in his blood as his grandfather played as a defender in Manchester United. Also, his father formerly played for the club Burnley. His cousin Paddy also plays for Manchester United. He started out as a youth player for the team Preston North end and also played for Burnley Youth team. Later, he left after they failed to recognize his interest in becoming a professional football player. He went to St. Cecilia School where he performed at different occasions.

Introduction to freestyle football:

He was introduced to freestyle football when he read Simon Clifford’s ‘Learn to play the Brazilian way’. He gave up the dream of becoming a professional football player and started to train for the five-a-side variety of football popular in South America known as futebol de salão (Futsal). To follow this career, he trained hard for a year and joined one of the Clifford-franchised Brazilian Soccer School in Manchester. There, he practiced with a size-two weighted football to improve ball control and improve his skillful play. John trained hard and created his own style of freestyle football and developed a unique set of skills and dedicated himself to learning advanced moves to make way for his professional career as a freestyle footballer.


John Farnworth was invited by his football idol, Woo Hee-young, who is also a professional freestyle footballer, to take part in his exhibition contest that was held in London in 2004. John won the contest by the guidance and training he received from his teacher, David Ward. This award brought him worldwide fame and recognition and media exposure. After then, he started to touring to showcase his skills. In 2006, John participated in the tournament “Master of the Game” and won by defeating his football star and idol, Wee Hee-young.

He is now a professional freestyle footballer who takes part in different exhibitions related to football. These include the opening of soccer schools, sports games entertainment and a variety of contests. He also coaches young players and is involved in other events and TV advertisements.  Farnworth has also won the eurobac beating many other freestylers. He also inspired a young Indie Cowie to take up freestyle football.

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Farnworth has participated in 2009 series of Britain’s Got Talent where he displayed his freestyle skills and won the first round. However, he was defeated before reaching the live semifinals of the show. He has also made an appearance in the Huddersfield Town 2009/2010 kit commercial along with other team players of the club. Farnworth appeared on the Russell Howards Good News as a mystery guest in 2010. He also ran the London marathon in 2011 and completed the whole race while continuously doing kickups. He has appeared in the comedy show Claim TV. There, he performed as a patient who has been involved in an accident and is suffering from ‘Keepy-Uppie Syndrome’.

Also, he has made a guest appearance on the show ‘Match of the day Kick about’ in which he showcased his skills and tricks. He made several appearances in support of ‘Football Flick’ a popular skill training unit during 2014. Farnworth has made recent appearances in the weekly installment dubbed as ‘Trickster Tuesday’. Other than that, he has also performed live at FIFA World Cup finals, the F1 Grand Prix, the Nou Camp. He also made an appearance in Broadway, where he worked alongside some of the biggest names and brands in the football world.

F2 Freestylers:

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After performing at the 2010 FIFA Ballon d’Or ceremony, freestylers Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch decided to join together and perform together as a double act. Spending hours and hours practicing and training together to perfect their act and choreographed routines, together, they found the F2 freestylers. Their concept of performing at live exhibitions to showcase their tricks and skills with a football, they have amazed the audience completely with their mind-blowing talent. Their live performances include Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge, Manchester United’s Old Trafford and Norwich City’s Carrow Road to name a few.

They have launched their YouTube page, making videos and tutorials of their stunning skills. There channel has caught the eye of millions of football enthusiasts around the world, helping them achieve over 3 million subscribers and over 40 million hits. They have also collaborated with top names in the football world including Messi, Eden Hazard, Angel di Maria, Steven Gerrard, Neymar and Diego Costa. With their amazing combination of technique, skill and showmanship, they have rightfully become one of the best football show in the world.

  Billy Wingrove:

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Football runs in his blood, as he inherited the skills and technique from his father who played for Tottenham Hotspurs. Learning football from a very young age, Wingrove entered the Nike freestyle competition in 2003. He reached the semifinals from the 6,000 contestants but lost to Woo Hee-young. Since then, he has been used for advertisements and promotion from top companies around the world including Coca Cola, O2, Barclaycard, Disney and Sky Sports. He has made a live performance at the World Cup in front of 300,000 spectators. Also, he is the first freestyle footballer to be signed by a professional club “Tottenham Hotspurs”. Wingrove displays his tricks and skills in premier league games and also teaches them at community schemes. He also holds 3 Guinness world records within freestyle football and become the first freestyler to have a tutorial DVD.

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Jeremy Lynch:

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Jeremy Lynch is a Jamaican international footballer who plays for Saint Louis FC as a striker. He was inspired by the Nike TV commercial in 2000 which starred Edgar Davis and Denilson. Jeremy started to play around with his football, practicing and learning new freestyle tricks. His skills allowed him to become one of the stars in the biggest UK documentary of all time, “In the Hands of Gods”. In this documentary, he acted alongside one of the best footballer of all time, Diego Maradona.

Lynch has filmed videos with some of the biggest football names in the world including Cristiano Ronaldo, Robinho, Nani. Also, he has worked with some of the best footballers including Ronaldinho, Robin van Persie, Drogba, Cesc Fabregas and Wayne Rooney. He starred in the show “Britain’s Got Talent 2008” and reached the finals. He displayed his skills and tricks which left the audience speechless. Recently, he has become a YouTube star and has earned over 20 million hits. He is, without doubt, one of the best freestyle footballers the world has seen yet.

These famous freestylers have worked hard to reach perfection in their game. They continue to amaze and inspire many footballers around the world with their unique skills and tricks

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