6 Best Practices to improve Street Football skills.

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Street football is a great game to improve your football skills. As it is a fast game, it requires pace and stamina. But Street football is different from normal football in many ways. Street football is a game that is played in a very tight area which makes it more exciting and pressurizing at the same time. Playing street football polishes your skills, sharpens your focus which helps you in quick decision making. All the famous footballers grew up playing street football, learning tricks and skills that later paid off in their life. In this tutorial, we are going to teach you step-by-step on how to improve your game.

  1. Learn how to Juggle the Ball

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Ball juggling is one of the best ways to improve your first touch. First touch matters the most in street football as you are playing in a tight space. You need to make the most out of your time when the ball is with you and the solution to that is improving first touch.

Juggling a football is a tricky skill that you have to practice for a long time in order to master. The main idea of juggling a football is to flick the ball up with your strong foot and keep it in the air by tapping it lightly with the laces of your shoe with both of your feet one by one. Juggling the ball is not easy as you have to find the right place to tap the ball so it goes straight up in the air which requires some time and practice in order to learn.

This skill helps a lot as you can determine how the ball reacts when it comes in contact with different parts of your foot. Once you have mastered this skill, you will be amazed to see how much your ball control has improved and you can change the direction of the ball with the slightest of touches. There are many tutorials on YouTube that you can check out to learn how to juggle the ball.

  1. Practice with the wall

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Another great football drill to improve first touch and ball control is to stand in front of a wall and kick the ball towards it. When it bounces back, try to stop it and then kick it again towards the wall. Try to pass and receive the ball with different parts of your foot, like stopping the ball with the sole and kicking it with the inside or maybe outside of your foot. This will improve your first touch and you will always be confident with controlling and passing the ball with different parts of your foot.

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One of the best parts of your foot you can use to control the ball is the sole. Since you are playing street football in such a tight space, you will need to act quickly once you are in possession of the ball and the key to that is using the sole of your foot. You can use it to stop the ball and roll it into any direction instantly, which is why you will see most professionals using it the most. There are also many groundmoves and tricks that require controlling the ball with the sole. If you want other players to take you seriously, learn how to use the sole of your foot.

  1. Learn Groundmoves and Football skills

Groundmoves and football skills are the tricks players perform with their feet during the game. This somehow looks similar to dancing with the ball. They can be performed during the game when you are struggling to get past a defender or goalkeeper. There are hundreds of football skills and groundmoves which you can combine to make amazing combos. The most common ground moves are the nutmeg, in which you roll the ball through the opponent’s legs and the scissors in which you circle your legs around the ball and exit in the opposite direction.

You can use any of these moves whenever you want during the game, but don’t overuse them or it may look like that you are showing off. There are thousands of tutorials on YouTube that you can see to learn different football tricks and groundmoves.

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They key to effective use of groundmoves and football skills is to always think ahead and continuously keep moving forward with the ball while still performing the moves. Try to keep your focus off the trick that is being performed and practice it with a friend. You will slowly become used to the pressure you face during the game and you will be able to use it more efficiently than before.

  1. Play Football tennis

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Football tennis is one of the best ways to improve your first touch. To play football tennis, you need a ball, a friend and a place to play. Find an empty place and draw a line across the floor with a chalk and stand with your friends on each side of the line. It is just like playing normal tennis, only that your feet are the rackets and you are using the football as a tennis ball. This game has the same effect on your skills as juggling the ball. It improves your first touch and you are much more confident with using different parts of your foot to control the ball during the game. Whenever you are free, play this game and you will see a huge improvement in your game the next time you take part in a match.

  1. One vs. One games

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Probably the best way to improve your game from learning how and when to use football skills and groundmoves to refining your skills to understanding on how to cope with pressure situations, One vs. One game is the best possible way to rule the streets. It involves playing around with a friend in an empty space where you can practice everything you learn or want to learn. You can get an idea on how and when to use the football skills and groundmoves and compare on which one is the most effective and suits your playing style.

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The most important thing that players often fail to understand is how to deal with pressure situations. They think that if they can learn some groundmoves, they can easily use them at any time during the game. But when the pressure hits, they become confused and often perform much worse. One vs. One game puts a moderate amount of pressure on the player that helps him understand what and what not to do during the game, which in my opinion is the most important thing that players must learn to improve themselves.

  1. Play lots of Matches

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The indication of a good street footballer is that he plays lots of matches. Try to play football whenever you get the chance or see anyone playing. When you spend most of your time playing matches, you can get an even better idea on how to deal with pressure and what and what not to do during the game. You can practice and apply different football skills on players and figure out which one suits you best.

So go out and play football regularly. Play One vs. One and football tennis. Challenge your friends and your neighbors to play with you or compete against you. Practice as much as you can and whenever you can to perfect your game and master your skills.

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