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Keepie Uppie, also known as Keepy Uppy or Keep-ups, is the art of juggling a football with different parts of your body including your feet, knees, shoulders and even your head without letting the ball touch the ground. Typically, the trick is to juggle the ball with the feet. The skill involves tapping the ball lightly with the laces of the shoe using both the feet, keeping the ball below stomach height.


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Keepie Uppie originates from parts of northern UK.
A sport known as Kemari, is very similar to keepie uppie. The Japanese sport involves juggling the ball with different parts of your body with the exception of hands. However, the origins of this particular sport date back to 644 AD.

The concept of Keepie Uppie was born in Scotland after the WWII period. It has been widely used by footballers from the past who used this unique skill to develop their game. One of best footballer in history, Pele, practiced this skill extensively. Another renowned footballer of the past, Diego Maradona, was famous for juggling a golf ball with his feet. Since then, it has been widely used and referred as one of the most important skill in freestyle football.

Improvement through Keepie Uppie:

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Footballers have used keepie uppie for a very long time, usually to improve their game. Juggling the ball with different parts of your foot and body develops your first touch, which is one of the major components of street football. It will improve the coordination between your eyes and your feet, increase your mental focus and give you a better feel for the ball. Learning how to juggle a football will make you confident with using different part of your foot to control the ball and you will see a huge improvement in your game once you have mastered it.

  How to do Keepy Uppies: (EASY GUIDE WITH TIPS & TRICKS)

The best proof of improvement through keepy uppy is warm-up sessions of professional footballers. Before the match begins, you will often see footballers juggling the ball. This is a great technique to improve your game which is why many footballers use it.

Relation with Freestyle Football:

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Keepie Uppie is probably the most basic skill of freestyle football. It is the first step to becoming a freestyler and an advanced skill, which requires lots of practice and time to master. But once you do, juggling the ball and performing tricks will surely look very cool. There are hundreds of skills associated with keepie uppie, such as the ‘Around the World’. In this trick, the player revolves his leg around the ball while it is in mid-air. Other tricks are also associated with keepy uppy.

Keepy Uppy World records:

There are several people around the world who have broken many records associated with keepy uppy. Keepy uppy records have become so long that the unit for recording them has changed from ‘bounces of the ball’ to ‘the time the ball has been continuously juggled’.

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Dan Magness, a 25 year old freestyler from UK is the current world record for the “Longest time ball juggled”He continuously kept the ball in the air for straight 26 hours. Also, he holds the record for “Walking the Longest distance while juggling the ball”. He started at Wembley stadium, London and ended the 210 mile journey at Old Trafford, Manchester.

Milene Domingues, who is a former women’s footballer and also the ex-wife of the famous Brazilian footballer, Ronaldo, has registered almost 55,198 touches at one time. She holds the record for the ‘longest keepie uppie’ if measured by the total amount of touches accumulated.

  How to do Keepy Uppies: (EASY GUIDE WITH TIPS & TRICKS)

Some people even hold records such as “Longest distance driven in a car while heading the ball” and “Longest distance driven as a driver on a moving motorbike while balancing the ball on the head”!

In Popular Media:

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There has been an increase in popularity of keepy uppy in the recent years. Nike started to advertise freestyle football in the 2000’s which indirectly resulted in the popularity of keepy uppy. “Beko Keepie Uppie Challenge” is a notable challenge in the Keepie Uppie world. Beko, a turkish home appliances company held the challenge. The company also signed a sponsorship deal by FA cup, and became their Official home appliances partner.

Individuals, teams and schools from around the world got invitations to take part in the competition. Players had to record a video of them showcasing their skills and send it to the company. Beko decided to donate £1 to their charity partner, Barnardo’s, for every entry they received. Dan Magness was one of the hosts of the challenge. He currently holds the record for the longest time ball juggled.

The challenge packed many prizes for the winner including the FA cup finals tickets, exclusive training at the home of English football, St. Georges Park, top of the range Beko home appliances and Team kits.

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