How to do Keepy Uppies: (EASY GUIDE WITH TIPS & TRICKS)

AhmedKeepie uppie (kick-ups)

Keepy Uppy or Football juggling is one of the most basic skills in football. All of us have different reasons to learn how to juggle a football. Some of us want to impress our friends while others simply want to improve their game. No matter what the reason, Keepy Uppy is the answer. There are countless benefits players can attain once they start to learn this skill and will over time see a huge improvement in their game. We will start this tutorial by counting the benefits of Keepy Uppy.

  1. Improve Ball control

One of the reasons why everyone should know how to do Keepy Uppy’s is that it improves your ball control to a great extent. Ball control counts very much in street football as you have very little place to move and must take quick action against your opponents.

If you successfully learn this skill, you will notice that almost no one can steal the ball from you. You can easily change the direction of the ball with the slightest of touches and will defeat your opponent easily.

  1. Improve First touch

First touch is another aspect that counts equally as ball control in street football. In street football, you must take a quick decision on how to move once the ball is in your possession.

When you have mastered the skill, you will easily be able to receive and attempt passes during the game. You will also have a greater feel for the ball and will feel comfortable in passing, shooting, dribbling and receiving the ball once you have successfully learned how to do keepy uppys.

After all, the last thing you want is the ball rejecting your attempts to control it and you getting confused on which move to perform next during the game.

  1. Better Focus and coordination

Mental focus and coordination between your eyes and your feet is another area where you can improve once you have learned how to do keepy uppy. This area also counts as street football is a very fast game that requires you to make a decision on what move to perform next.

Mastering Keepy Uppys will certainly help improve your focus and coordination of different parts of your body which is essential in this particular sport.


Now let’s move on to start juggling the ball. Make sure you are wearing your soccer shoes and have the ball ready to play. To begin, make sure you do the following things:

  • Deflate the ball a little. Deflating the ball at first helps a lot, but make sure it is not deflated too much that is looks almost flat. Deflate it just enough so you can push it in with your finger easily. A fully inflated ball will be harder to control and will often go flying into other directions while a deflated one will have much lesser bounce on impact with the foot. But once you have mastered it, practice with a fully inflated ball.
  • Practice on Hard Ground. Make sure you are practicing on a hard, flat surface as you will be much more balanced which is crucial in the first few weeks of learning this skill.
  • Make sure your laces aren’t double-knotted. If they are, the ball will bounce off into random directions once it comes in contact with your foot.
  • Loosen up. Many beginners make this mistake. They make themselves stiff and lock their knees which often make it harder to control the ball. Relax and loosen up before starting to juggle.

To begin juggling, do the following steps:

  1. Hold the ball with your hand in front of your chest and drop it.
  2. Let the ball bounce of the floor once and come up.
  3. When the ball is descending, kick it up with your dominant foot hard enough that it reaches your chest height.
  4. Catch the ball and repeat the steps.
  5. Repeat the steps with your weak foot.

Once you are comfortable with juggling the ball with both your feet and are able to catch it at chest or stomach height, drop the ball down, let it bounce and kick it up with your dominant foot. Now instead of catching the ball, let it drop down and kick it up with your weak foot at catch it once it comes up. You are doing a 2 kick juggle now. Practice and make it 3, 4 and then 5 kick juggle.

Once you are comfortable with doing a 20 kick juggle (10 with each foot), you will notice a huge improvement in your game. Keep practicing and juggle the ball again and again. Record your best amount of juggles and try to break it.


The key to learning Keepy Uppys is to practice it again and again. Make a goal in your mind that you will not give up until you have successfully completed a specific amount of juggles. The amount can be different for everyone. The time to learn this skill depends on every individual. Some will master it in one or two months, while others will keep practicing for years and still will not be able to do it. The more you practice, the faster you will be able to learn it.


To help you learn this skill even faster, make sure you are following these tips:

  • Find your sweet spot. The sweet spot of your foot is where the ball should make contact with your foot to go straight up. Many people fail to recognize this spot which makes the learning process even slower. To find your sweet spot, stall the ball with your foot. The place where the ball is resting on your foot is your sweet spot. The usual sweet spot for many people in near the laces of their shoe. Try to make contact with the ball on this part of your foot to learn this skill even faster.
  • Be patient. The mistake that almost everyone makes when they start doing keepy uppy is that they abandon it after some time thinking that they will never be able to do it. Keepy Uppy is a skill that takes some time to master. You will fail again and again and at some point, you will even think that it’s pointless to keep practicing. But this skill is one which takes practice and time. Don’t give up and keep trying again and again and slowly you will get a hang of it.
  • Understand the difference between a kick and a flick. Many people are kicking the ball instead of just giving it a flick. If your ball is flying into other directions, you might be kicking the ball. The aim here is to give the ball a slight flick so it doesn’t go higher than your knees.
  • Try to keep your ankle locked and knees bent. Keeping your ankles loose will result in a wobbly flick and the ball will wander off into random directions. Try to keep your knees bent. It will help you balance yourself.

Even though your soccer equipment doesn’t matter very much, it can give your learning process a boost.  A different football can help you. A football with a softer padding can help a lot as it minimizes the effect of bounce on impact while a one with a leather type surface will be harder to juggle. If you are practicing constantly for a long time and still can’t seem to get a hang of it, you might want to consider changing your football. Also Your shoes can impact your performance.




Other things you can try after you have mastered Keepy Uppy:


  1. Keepy Uppy with different parts of your body

Ronaldo head juggling


Freestylers juggle the ball with their feet, knees, shoulders and even their head. These do take some time but once you master it, you will be able to receive, pass and control the ball with any part of your body which is a very important part in which many footballers lack.

  1. Keepy Uppy with different parts of your foot

heel juggling


You can use different parts of your foot to juggle the ball. Some of these are the inside and outside of the foot. You can also juggle the ball with the heel of your foot which is, in my opinion, the hardest part of the foot to juggle a ball with. However, if you are able to juggle the ball with all of these part of your foot, your ball control will improve so much that you it will look like the ball is glued to your feet and no one will be able to steal it.

  1. Try doing freestyle tricks

freestyle football


Many freestyle tricks are associated with keepy uppy such as ‘Around the World’. In this trick, the freestylers circle their feet around the ball while it is mid-air. These tricks might not do much good to your skills, but they do look fancy when performed in front of someone.

Keepy Uppy is a great skill that one can learn to improve his or her game. Even though it requires some time to learn, it will be worth it in the end. There are numerous tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to do Keepy Uppys and will provide you with many tips and tricks. Good Luck!

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