10 Tip to get the Best Indoor football shoes for Street Football

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You’re playing football in the streets with your friends and it comes to your mind, why not buy yourself a pair of indoor football shoes? The answer is you most probably should. The right shoes can not only improve control over the ball, but it can also help you move faster by giving you extra grip you need to improve your game and reach perfection in street football. In this guide, we will help you with everything you need to know to before you go out buying football shoes for yourself, whether you’re buying them online, or you’re purchasing them from a store.

1. Size is your first priority

shoe size chart

Courtesy: bigshoes.com

There is nothing worse than getting the wrong shoe size. If you are looking to buy indoor football shoes a size bigger than your foot so that you can grow into it, you are making a very big mistake.

Loose fitting shoes can cause blisters and will not allow you to control the ball very well. You will also not be able to run or shoot the way you want. Getting the correct shoe size is very important. You should aim for buying a shoe that you are comfortable in and it fits you perfectly, without being too tight or too loose.

Buying indoor football shoes from a store are relatively easy. However, you should still try on different sizes to make sure they fit you well and also try them on with socks on as it will give you a better idea of how the shoe fits you. Stick a thumb between your heel and the back of the shoe. If your thumb fits in perfectly, the size is perfect. However, if there is a gap in between your heel and the shoe, or your thumb does not fit in, you should most probably skip them.

But if you are buying shoes online, you should take special care of getting the correct size. You do not have an idea of how the shoes will fit you once they arrive. So check the size of your other shoes and if they fit you nicely, go for that size. But if you do not have an idea of your shoe size, you can check it by:

  • Measuring the length of your foot, using a standard ruler.
  • Length will be checked from the heel to the tip of your toe.
  • Reduce the measurement with 3 to 5 millimeters and check the chart below.
Foot Length in cm UK Size
23.7 6
24.1 6.5
24.6 7
25 7.5
24.4 8
25.8 8.5
26.2 9
26.7 9.5
27.1 10
27.5 10.5
27.9 11
28.4 11.5
28.8 12
29.2 12.5
29.6 13

Tip: Soccer.com has launched an app called Shoefittr. It helps determine your exact size to help you buy the correct shoe size online.

2. Comfort is equally necessary

indoor football shoes

Courtesy: soccerbible.com

You might be buying the correct size for your shoe, but if you still don’t feel comfortable in them, don’t buy them. Every person has different shapes of their feet and shoes aren’t made to suit the shape of your foot. Maybe you have a long foot or a wide one or flat feet, no matter what shape your foot is, you should always try a different brand to find the shoe you feel comfortable in. Different brands have different shaped indoor football shoes, like Nike shoes are comparatively wider than Adidas, while Puma and Umbro are somewhere in between.

3. Set a budget before shopping

This part is just as important as the others. You should select a price range in which you will be looking for shoes. You don’t want to go overboard with the price and end up buying a shoe way more than your budget, nor do you want to purchase cheap shoes of low quality that are made to last no more than a week. Here is a price range to help you with purchasing good shoes:


indoor soccer cleats

Courtesy: soccercorner.com

This price range will suit most people as this is the ideal amount people are ready to spend. You can get shoes of different brands including Nike and Adidas in this price range that are made out of good material and are likely to last maybe 1 or 2 years.

You can check this out


adidas football shoes

Courtesy: prodirectsoccer.com

This price range is somewhere between medium to high. You can get indoor football shoes that are of amazing quality and are likely to last a long time. You can buy shoes of a variety of brands in this price range with incredible designs.

You can check these out as examples



This is the supreme class budget in which you can buy the best quality shoes possible. They have modern designs and the best material that will probably last for more than 3 years. Also, some companies like Nike will allow you to customize your shoes in this price range according to your shape and design to get the best ones you can.

However, if you find a shoe that is extremely comfortable and is the perfect choice for you, do not hesitate to spend a little extra cash on your premium choice.

You can check this out


4. Know what kind of shoes suit your pitch

There are different shoes designed for different pitches. Although there aren’t many choices in indoor football shoes for those who play in the streets, you should still have knowledge of the best shoes that suits your pitch:


astro turf indoor shoes

Courtesy: startfitness.co.uk

AT– Astro turfs are shoes that have a number of rubber studs that provide grip on rough surfaces. They have been preferred by players for artificial ground. They can be used to play in the sand but do not provide the same grip on hard surfaces as the indoor shoes.


indoor football shoes

Courtesy: aliexpress.com


IN– Indoor shoes are the most suitable shoes for street footballers as they are designed for players who play on rock hard surfaces. They have a rubber sole that provides an excellent grip that enables fast running and quick movements. If you are playing on a basketball court or even the concrete floor, these are the most suited shoes for your pitch.

5. Have knowledge of shoes with latest innovations 

For many years, football shoes were pretty much the same. They had shiny leather and studs make from either rubber or metal. But the recent inventions have forced companies like Nike and Adidas to focus on introducing different technologies in the football shoe market.

nike futsal soccer shoes

Courtesy: prodirectsoccer.com

Nike launched the first ever football cleat with a kind of ankle sock attached to the shoe which they call a “Dynamic Fit Collar”. It is made to improve and enhance the players feel and touch. It also allows the ankle and foot to work as a single unit which emphasizes the natural movement of the foot and enhances ball control.

They have recently included this technology in their Magista and Superfly that are also available in turf and indoor type for those who play in the streets. If you are ready to spend some extra cash for these soccer shoes, you should go ahead and get one for yourself.

6. Looks matter, but they’re not everything

messi indoor shoes

Courtesy: prodirectsoccer.com

Everyone wants to look good in the shoes they’re buying, but do not compromise on comfort for looks. If the Nike shoes are not comfortable, or the Adidas don’t have the correct size, you can always buy shoes of other brands. There are many brands in the market that make a variety of good looking shoes with different colors and designs. The Nike Mercurial’s, Adidas Predators and Puma Speed boots are some of the good looking shoes in the market. Other companies like Umbro also have shoes with good designs.

7. Don’t buy shoes because your favorite player wears them

nike cr7 indoor football shoes

Courtesy: footyheadlines.com

Getting shoes that maybe Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi wears would surely be really nice, but if they are out of your budget, or don’t suit the shape of your foot and you feel discomfort, don’t buy them. Many people make this mistake and often compromise comfort for looks. A bad shoe can cause blisters on your foot and can stop you from performing at your top level. You can still buy shoes that are good looking and aren’t that expensive.

8. Give attention to Weight

puma indoor football shoes

Courtesy: worldsoccershop.com                                      The Puma Evospeed shoes weigh only 103 grams!

Indoor football shoes have seen a recent decline in terms of weight. With the use of latest technologies, companies have somehow managed to use new materials to decrease the weight of their shoe to a great extent, helping players move faster and quicker. A study has found out that the average shoe weight has dropped from 9.4oz to 8oz. The ideal weight is 8oz which is considered lightweight. Companies like Adidas and Puma have managed to create boots that weigh around 5-6oz.

Buying a lightweight shoe can help you a lot as it enables players to move faster and quicker. If you can, do check the weight of your shoe as it might help you a lot later.

But beware of the frauds in the market that although have made very lightweight shoes, have compromised on durability and are made out of cheap material that will only last 3 to 4 months at most.

9. Don’t hesitate in buying shoes online

Some people recommend buying indoor football shoes from stores rather than online. But not everyone has the time and energy to search markets all night and day to find the ideal shoes. Buying shoes from the internet is not necessarily a bad thing. There are hundreds of website that are offering shoes from multiple brands like these:

  • http://www.prodirectsoccer.com
  • http://www.sportsdirect.com
  • http://www.soccerpro.com
  • http://www.soccer.com

These sites are reliable and from trusted sources and there is a very less chance of getting cheated. You must still know your correct show size and shape in order to get the best indoor football shoes possible.

However, if you are buying shoes that are used or from websites like EBay, you should be careful when purchasing them as there are many frauds on these websites who can sell you the wrong product for a large price. To confirm that your buyer is selling you the right thing:

  • Check the sellers profile and his rating.
  • Review the feedbacks people have posted.
  • Contact the buyer to confirm that he is not a fraud.

Check out these links so you know if you are buying counterfeit products and how you can keep an eye over frauds who are selling you fake cleats:

But I think Amazon is the best if it is shipping to your country.

10. Breaking in and taking care

nike cr7 indoor football boots

Courtesy: i1os.com

You have finally bought the perfect shoes. Don’t go out and start playing just yet. You should try on your shoes and jog in them for a while so that the material loosens up.

If you don’t feel comfortable or if they’re either too tight or too loose, get them changed as soon as possible. If you think that the shoes are fitting perfectly and you do not feel discomfort, you’re good to go.

Take care of them and keep them in the best condition possible. Clean them with a wet cloth and store them in a dry place. If they get wet, put them in the sun and let them dry and stuff them with newspaper afterward so they dry from the inside too. If you handle them with respect and give them a good treatment, they’ll probably last for a long time.


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