Skateboard Buying Guide and Building Custom Skateboard

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     There are two options “Custom” and “Ready made”.

  • Things to consider before Buying Skateboard

The first thing that you should do while buying a skateboard is to make “quality” as your first priority.
Buying skateboard with decent quality offers you smoothness and gives you the out most joy of riding a skateboard. I am not recommending you to go for the “big brands” but instead ask yourself if you are just going to do skateboarding as a hobby or you want to take things to a pro level.

If you want to take it easy at the beginning,you must buy a “Long and Wide board” and  as it is easy to ride and more stable and easy to handle at curves. Once you get confident with that go on for short boards as they are better and way more handy to perform various skateboarding tricks.
If you are going for a short board keep in mind that you don’t buy a way too heavy skate board because it will be harder to perform flips on that.

Prices of a high quality board will be at the high end, to avoid this you should try to build your own skate board and add you the high quality parts to it, advantages of building your own skate board are :-
Firstly, since you are doing all the assembling yourself you will be able to invest that saved money to buy high quality parts.



If you think skateboarding has become more than just a hobby for you, then it is advised to go for a custom build because it would give a option of advanced customization and you can replace old parts till your skateboard becomes an extension or representation of your personality.

Custom build is not that time consuming either, and assembling a skateboard from your chosen parts can be done under half an hour or less.

  • What? Building your own board, will it be difficult than Buying Skateboard?

The answer is “Yes“.But let me tell you, Its quite simple process and might require mere 2-3 hours of efforts including shoping time for various parts.

The thing is that you must be comfortable and the board you finally buy or make by yourself, should meet your needs. Don’t be influenced by “Big Brands” names and just go for quality. The best thing will be to take advice from your friends or elders who are skate boarding for a while, there experience will surely help you.

If you think you can build a skate board of your own. Do check out this video to get helpful instructions and step by step procedure.

Building your own skate boarding might be a little time consuming process, but it will be worth it.

Trucks are those components that hold the wheels and deck together. The size of the truck basically depends on the size of your deck. Further in more detail it consists of 3 main parts
Base plate, king pin and axle. King pin along with base plate is replaceable.



The truck is the most important part in the skateboard. It’s the width of skateboard that decides the width of truck. Truck itself has some parts like base plate and King pin. Basically king pin connects the base plate which further more connects the wheels to the deck. This same analogy works in the 4 wheeler, when the wheels are connected by an axle which transfers power of the engine to wheels.

Skateboarding is not just about being cool it’s more about the love and affection for this Sport.

It’s a challenge and journey for a skateboarder to make his body so coordinated for a particular trick, which would make it land perfectly every time but the secret is, “there is always a room for improvement”. This dedication to achieve perfection keeps skateboarder going on.


The skateboard has originated for surfers that wanted to practice surfing throughout the year. The first prototypes for the skateboard were not rigid enough to support the weight of the skateboarders during landing, but as the time passed by, skateboards were recognized by the big brands like NIKE SB, ELEMENT and MONSTER this gave skateboards more spotlight in front of the whole world. Soon the young generation especially teens were attracted and later on it became more of a trend.


The skateboards have evolved greatly in last 2 decades the graphics and high end quality decks have gained a certain amount of significance in the it’s audience’s hearts.

Along with the looks of skateboards the formal events are being organized by big companies on a huge scale and thousands of people are coming to watch it. The skateboard industry is on its boom more and more skate shops are being open in more and more cities. This outreach to the audience is expanding the growth of this industry. It’s net worth is over 5 billion and in US the 43% of the buyers are between 6-11 years old.


The basic idea that helps you to figure out which skateboard wheel size will suit you is :-

  • The wheel size in skateboards is measured in millimeters and varies from 49 to 75 mm.
  • The bigger the wheel size will be, the more distance it will cover in one rotation.
  • The bigger the size of wheels will be the higher the top speed of your skateboard will be.
  • The downside of having bigger wheels are that it would be harder to turn on tight curves and would require more effort from your side to make it move which means the acceleration will be slower.
  • The good part of having bigger wheels in your skateboard other than its high top speed is, its cruising comfort ability.

If there are no skate parks around your neighborhood and you can only skate in streets, you should choose bigger than average wheels size for your skateboard.
If we see it you can be comfortable with a skateboard with bigger but it would take more practice accordingly.


buy skateboard

Buy skateboard

On the other end it is comparably easy to go out to a branded shop. Buying  skateboard with more appealing graphics or buying one online. You will get a nice board with great graphics for around 50-70 USD. But be careful and don’t consider buying skateboard from conventional stores. The fact is that the boards from a toy shop or a Wal-Mart are made in mass production and thus have a poor quality. The boards from these places will break or crack on your first trick and are a total loss of money.

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard


  • Affordable complete skateboard
  • Colorful screen-printed bottom
  • Made in China and built to demanding specifications
  • 4.7 x 8.6 x 31.4 inches, Multi color
  • PGD Super High Rebound
  • Width: 7.625 inchesm

this skateboard is affordable  and provides a high rebound. The wheels are hand casted polyurethane which provide great roll and grip on most of the surfaces. The top board is grippy. Wheel 54mm.


POSITIV Rodney Jones Cube Complete Skateboard


  • POSITIV Skateboards “Cube” assembly
  • Strength of Skate One Corporation
  • POSITIV products come with a warranty
  • 5 x 8.1 x 5.5 inches
  • Over thirty-five years good reputation
  • Skate One Corp. 7.625″ Shape # 126


Punisher Skateboards Elephantasm Complete 31-Inch Skateboard All Maple


  • Complete High Quality Double Kickboard
  • 31″ x 7.5″ Mixed Canadian Maple
  • ABEC-5 High Speed Wheel Bearings
  • 54x36mm PU Ivory White Wheels
  • Multi color
  • No Assembly Required





  • Section” Deck, Size 7.75″ x 31.5
  • Complete components include Core Trucks
  • 52mm TGM Goth Logo Wheels
  • Amphetamine Abec 5 Bearings
  • Black Diamond Griptape
  • 1″ Hardware and 1/8″ risers


Powell-Peralta Blacklight Skull and Sword Complete Skateboard, Black,7.93-Inch


  • Concave: K12
  • Powell-Peralta ‘Blacklight’ assembly
  • Equipped with Mini Logo trucks and bearings
  • Length: 31.67″ – Skate One Corp; Shape: 188
  • All Powell-Peralta products come with a warranty


SCSK8 Pro Skateboard / Crusier Pre-Assembled Complete


  • Assembled In USA and ready to ride
  • Abec 7″ Bearings
  • 1″ Hardware, Black Grip Tape
  • Skateboard Size: 8″ x 31″
  • Natural color


Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard


  • Black Grip tape
  • 5.0″ Aluminum Trucks
  • 52mm Urethane Krown Graphic Wheels
  • 7.5-Inch x 31-Inch Deck
  • Canadian Maple Construction


Skatro – Mini Cruiser Skateboard. 22x6inch Retro Style Plastic Board Comes Complete


  • Performance – Abec 7 Skatro Bearings
  • 59MM Urethane Skatro wheels
  • 3inch lightweight aluminum trucks
  • Skatro Flexy Technology
  • Includes T-tool





  • Studies shows that one third of injuries that occur while skate boarding happens to those, that are doing It for less than 1-2 weeks. These numbers show the importance of wearing skate board gear which includes helmet, wrist protection, elbow and knee guards.
    Before hitting streets, there is only one thing left to be done. Buying skateboard gear which includes wrist protection, a pair of knee and elbow guard. It’s a physical sports and you can fall tens of times while practicing a trick. It’s almost like having a plan B. You can say to yourself that, I will try to be safe but if I would fall I won’t get serious injury. You must learn how to fall properly, I am pretty sure you will fall more than a couple of times. So its better to buy skateboard gear and be ready to hit the streets with passion and don’t quit easy.

Give skateboarding your full effort. Since its a cool physical activity. Culture of skate board is at its peak and more and more people will be attracted to this in near future. You will teach them a couple of tricks


Check out Skate Board related articles on our website and you will surely get a direction to put in your efforts. As a suggestion here is your first article about how to make skate tricks for beginners. Have a nice day and KEEP PRACTICING.