Nyjah Huston: The Best Skateboarder

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It’s strange phenomenon how this piece of woods, wheels and a turning system have made so many people happy– Chris Cole (Professional Skateboarder)

According to Nyjah Huston, skateboarding is the thing which he loves to do. As all big accomplishments start small this 21 year old has a dream, a dream “TO BE THE BEST IN THE WORK THAT HE LOVES TO DO”.

Story of Nyjah Hudson begins on 30,Nov 1994 in Malibu, U.S. Nyjah Huston, started skate boarding from the age of 4. And he first gained the well deserved attention when a skate board manufacturing company “ELEMENT” signed him. On the basis of sponsorship from Element. He made his debut in many well known skate boarding tournaments like ‘Dew Tour’ and ‘Vans Downtown Showdown’. He played his first ever championship match in 2010 at the age of 16.

The little boy was growing up. And Nyjah Huston decided to take a step further and launched “I&I” company, for skate boarding decks manufacturing. But things didn’t went in his favor and the company has to be shut down in the time lapse of a couple of years. So he had to return to “ELEMENT”.


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  • His return to the former sponsor proved to be good for him. His new video “RISE & SHINE” was met with a great response back in 2011. Check out the video of rise and shine – https://vimeo.com/66555523
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Nyjah Huston was gaining attention of many other sponsors too. And soon he was approached by big names like Monster Energy, Stance, Nike Sb and similar others. Moreover, this gave his talent a further shout out. Soon he was being recognized on the global level as the “Face Of SKATE BOARDING”.

When Nyjah was been approached by companies, he continued to show his talent and had won 3 gold medals in the X Games league contest in Barcelona,  Street League Stop in Kansas City and in Foz do Iguaçu in 2013. Nyjah Hudson also won the Kimberley Diamond Cup which was held in South Africa. Later on he won the “SKATER OF THE YEAR” Award in Dec, 2013.


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His early life was quite simple, as his parents were much influenced by the “RAFTAFARI” which is a belief that came into existence in 1930’s in Jamaica. As a child he must cut his dreadlocks and he had been vegetarian for most part of his life.

  • His father, Adeyemi Huston was a skate boarder too in his early years. He taught him everything about skate boarding right from the basics at an early age. Nyjah Hudson, respect and give all the credits of his talent to him and one of his recent he said that “My father is the reason for my talent and i am here at this stage of my life because of his strict upbringing”.

He is on the top of the overall worldwide skateboarding ranking with a total of 7,870 points scored in 2016.

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