How to do tricks on a skateboard step by step (FOR BEGINNERS)

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Everyone loves tricks especially if it is a skateboard tricks. Today I will share some information for you to learn some new tricks. There are lots of tricks that you can do with skateboard so I will start from some basic tricks and built up to some more advance tricks. Since it is hard to tell how to do a skateboard trick without showing I will share some videos that explain the tricks with details. These are all fairly simple tricks that would be good for beginners.

Before we start I like to share a video with you that how non-skaters try to do some skateboard tricks.


Okay if you have enough fun with people trying and failing it is now your turn 🙂 

Chinese Nollie (Basic Skateboard Tricks 1)


Biebelheimer (Basic Skateboard Tricks 2)

Nollie Shove It (Basic Skateboard Tricks 3)

Boneless (Basic Skateboard Tricks 4)

Fakie Frontside 180 (Basic Skateboard Tricks 5)

Hippie Jump (Basic Skateboard Tricks 6)

Rail Stand (Basic Skateboard Tricks 7)

Fakie Casper Flop (Basic Skateboard Tricks 8)

180 No Comply (Basic Skateboard Tricks 9)

Nose Pickup (Basic Skateboard Tricks 10)


Check out Skate Board related articles on our website and you will surely get a direction to put in your efforts. Here is your first article about how to make skate tricks for beginners.

Also here another bonus skateboard video for you. That is for pros but it will let you know what can you achieve if you are insist of improving your skateboarding skills. 


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