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Every great achievement starts with a decision to try.

In the following article we are going to discuss about the art of skate boarding from its very basics. The following article will provide you tips for skateboard. But before going on that, i just want to mention that every art requires practice. So be patient and keep on trying even when things get difficult for you.


Are You a Beginner and Want to Learn Easy and Basic Cool Skateboarding Tips and Tricks, Here Is Your Guide and how to do an easy skate trick OLLIE – For Beginners

 Here are the Tips For beginners in every aspect of skateboarding.

It’s good to have long skate board. If you want to play safe then you should definitely go for a ‘Longer and Wider Skateboard’. That will surely help you to get used to the feeling of having a skateboard under your feet and these are great when it comes to, cruising by the streets. And chances of losing control at a normal speed are very minimal. But unfortunately on the other hand these are not much handy for performing different skate boarding tricks.

Best Skate boards For Beginners

If you have decided to begin as a pro. Simply learning the things by “trying and falling” then buy a regular board from a skate shop. But keep an eye on the quality. To make a manual check about the quality of a skateboard. Just hold it in your hand and simply roll a wheel, if the wheel keep on spinning for a while, let’s say 5 seconds or more it can be called a decent skateboard.

The thing to be noticed is, the 3 main things on which the quality of skateboard depends are
1) A nice grip tape for maintaining a decent grip over the skateboard.
2) The bearings of wheels, the longer the wheels will rotate after pushing, the higher will be the quality of board.
3) A nice quality deck.

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You have the passion to learn it. So let’s discuss the basics of skateboarding.

Tips for Skateboard:


Every great achievement starts with a decision to try. In the following article we are going to discuss about the art of skate boarding from its very basics. But before going on for that, i just want to say that every art requires practice so be patient and keep on trying even when things get difficult for you.
So you have bought yourself a decent skate board and with it came a passion to  learn it.

Stance is the most basic thing in skateboard. Finding your own stance is the first thing that a skateboarder learns.

You have to figure out that if you are a “GOOFY FOOT” or a “REGULAR FOOT”, as some people used to skate with right foot placing forward on the skateboard and others with left foot forward. Stance depends on each person themselves. You should try to ride the skate board with both of these styles and try to figure out with which stance you feel more comfortable.

Skateboard Stances

Skateboard Stances

When you ride a skateboard with your right foot forward it is mentioned as “Goofy foot”. And when you ride with your left foot forward it is called “Regular foot”. You can ride either way, but the thing that’s obvious is that you must always use your back foot to make a push while riding.




Get comfortable with your skateboard as it is the most basic thing. Put down your skateboard on the flat ground with grass and try to stand still and don’t wobble. As beginners,you should do this exercise that is, to stand on your board near a pole or wall and then simply push it with your hands. That will make you go the other direction of the push. You should do this a bunch of times just to remove the fear of falling from a moving skateboard. And try to make the board stop by making your back foot slightly touch the ground and dragging it till the board stops.
The important thing that you might have noticed here, is that always use your back foot to stop the skateboard as it’s more easier and stable way to stop the motion.
Second thing is, you must go around with it. Use your skateboard as a means to get from point A to B and keep on trying new things on your own just to spice up the things.

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Beginners step by step

Skateboarding tricks how to do OLLIE

So you have a board, you have figured out your stance, and you are pretty confident with your skills. Then it’s time to move on to some of the skateboarding tricks that you can try.
The easiest and most basic trick in the skate board is to do an OLLIE, it is a pretty simple trick and anyone can master it within a week with continuous practice.

Before moving to different tricks you must be confident about doing an Ollie. Because it the is part of almost every skateboard trick that you will do in the future. So keep practicing doing an Ollie till you can do it in sleep.


Ollie is the most basic trick and you have to learn it in order to learn high level or harder skateboard tricks.

1) While doing an Ollie you have to stand on the skateboard still without movement and then the foot position will be the front foot will be at it’s normal place put the back foot have to be on the very end.

Feet position for Ollie

Feet position for Ollie

2) The main thing that you have to master in order to perform an Ollie perfectly is to use your knees as a spring to make a jump in the air or pop in the air.

3) So to make the jump with your skateboard mind the foot positions. Then bend your knees but the back knee is to more bend then the front knee.

4) put off the pressure from the front leg and when the front side of the skateboard comes little high from the ground, immediately push the back foot as hard as you can to make a jump.

Skateboard Ollie

Skateboard Ollie

5) IN THE AIR – while you are in the air for a split second, you have to slide your front foot up to the front of the skateboard to make your skateboard parallel with the ground in this way your landing will be very smooth.

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6) Extra – the last thing that you might have noticed that i haven’t specified the position of the front foot while you will be in the air in the air

So, the front foot has to be slightly tilted so that you can slide it easily and the second thing is that you don’t have to apply unnecessary force on the skateboard while you are in air just slide your front foot up front and keep the Ollie smooth.

7) The last thing that i wanted to throw light on is You HAVE to try 100’s of time before you make it right so just don’t QUIT ON THE FIRST FAILURE and keep doing it. Once you get all these things in your mind it and try you will eventually make it.

Inspirational quote

Practice Practice Practice SKATEBOARD OLLIE


Kick Flip


Front Side 5 o , Grind


We are fortunate enough to be living in the world where the video games are making an considerable impact on our imagination. Websites like “Twitch” and “YouTube” have really enhanced the way people look at video games.

  • Video games are not just a thing for entertainment they have became more like part of our lives. Each year several games gets released, some build a huge amount of hype around them and live with that and do exceptionally well. One of the video game genre is Skateboard games.
    SKATE, It was released back in September 14, 2007 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3. The game build an extreme hype around it and out the other “most sold game of the decade” which was similar to its genre of skateboard games.


skateboard games

skateboard games


 There are still many fans of this skateboard game that consider this game was better than Mr. Hawk’s game. The game featured its own humorous videos in its beginning and the graphics and the smooth game play with its player customization feature worked for it. And the game sold over a million copies world wide.

You can check out the original game play of this Skateboard game on YouTube –