Correct way to hold a skateboard

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How to hold a skateboard

In this article, we are going to describe the “Correct way to hold a skateboard“.


The most important thing to know here is the placement of your heel should be at the very end of your skateboard. When you push the skateboard with your heel it will pop up to a greater height as compared to using the toe for the same.

Heel Placement



Keep your heel as close to the edge of the skateboard as possible, the nearer the pressure point on the skateboard will be the more force will be applied to the skateboard to pop it in the air.

Hand position

You have to apply the pressure on the skateboard and make it stand in the air vertically, the skateboard must be raised to a point where it comes in contact with your fingertips.


One thing that you must watch out for is the force that you are applying on the skateboard, make sure it don’t hurt your hand or knee. If more force will be applied the skateboard can give you a muscle injury.


Correct Way Of Holding the Skateboard

Some skater holds the skateboard from the truck. The problem with holding your skateboard like that is the truck of the skateboard have wax to make the wheels rotate smoothly, holding the truck can make your hand sticky and unpleasant.

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You must hold your skateboard from the sideways which is way more convenient for the skater and does not make the nasty stuff stick to your hands. You can also add some cool graphics on the bottom too which will make your skateboard good and catch others eyes. Overall you should hold the

The overall conclusion is that you should hold the skateboard from the sideways with the wheels away from your body. Here is a cool trick of picking up skateboard like a boss – Give a try

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