Baseball pitching machines from $50 to $200

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Young or adult anyone can play baseball. But for playing baseball you should have the necessary equipment’s. In our previous articles, we have educated you about gloves for youngsters and adults. And we have also educated you about some top notch baseball bats, which will be good for your game.

Moving forward, now we will be taking about some baseball pitching machines. The criteria of our article will be same. We will shed light on pros and cons of the machine but this time, we have added one more thing, which will make this article more interesting and that is awarding points to these machine, on the basis of their performance. And after reading their pros and cons and points awarded by us, it will be easy for you to decide, which machine you should get and which not.

This article basically focusses those baseball players both youngsters and adults, who are prone to baseball but they are not having proper facilities or members to fill in as their team. The players who want to practice alone or for the baseball coach so he can lead his team for a big win with bundles of practice. These machines unlike human’s does not get tired as they can go all long, unless the hitter is not tried or sweating hard. These machines have a good speed to throw the ball with a lot of built in features, that one can only imagine. Now we should start with the article.

As usual, we are going to introduce you to 10 baseball pitching machines. And you can choose one, which appeals you the most.

Name Price Point Awarded Out Of 5 Product Dimensions Weight Check Out
Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitching Machine $149.99 4.5 32 x 14 x 6 inches 12 Pounds Click Here
Heater Sports BaseHit Baseball Pitching Machine with BONUS Ball $199.99 3.5 19 x 13 x 12 inches 19.5 Pounds Click Here
SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Machine – Baseball Trainer $64.99 3 13.5 x 9.5 x 7 inches 4.2 pounds Click Here
Heater Sports Slider Lite-Ball Pitching Machine with BONUS Ball Feeder $179.99 3.5 18 x 12 x 12 inches 17 Pounds Click Here
The Ultimate Hitting Machine Baseball And Softball Pitching Machine $99.95 3.5 ——– 20 pounds Click Here
Heater Sports PowerAlley Lite-Ball Baseball Pitching Machine $108.24 3.0 17 x 14 x 11 inches 13 Pounds Click Here
SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Batting Trainer For Baseball and Softball $149.97 4.5 36 x 36 x 4 inches 37 Pounds Click Here
Heater Sports PowerAlley PRO Pitching Machine $149.99 3 17 x 14 x 12 inches 13 Pounds Click Here
Louisville Slugger Triple Flame Hand Held Pitching Machine $67.89 3.5 ———- 2.8 pounds Click Here
Franklin Sports MLB Learn To Play Pitching Machine $48.50 + $6.49 shipping 4 17.75 x 9.5 x 9.876 inches 3.4 Pound Click Here

Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitching Machine (Author’s Pick)

There are many things for which this machine is quiet famous in the neighborhood. Such as for starters Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitching Machine is the official Pony baseball pitching machine. The UPM is the name stands for Ultimate Pitting Machine 45 helps both coaches and batters to have more enthusiastic baseball practice than even before such as coach pitch game or batting practice.

You can carry this machine where ever you want. It is not restricted to only one place or ground. It is portable machine that can run for battery. If you are in a mood to do practice far from rush, in a country side. Then you are allowed to carry this machine with you because it is both portable and runs on electricity. While carrying the Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitching Machine, you should forget about that keep out the thought of damaging the machine because it is portable too. All of these features in combination makes it more joyful to practice with. You can practice away, home or even at game too as a warm up round.

Sometimes when the pitchers are tired they are not able to throw the ball with same velocity. Which means that the batter does not enjoy batting or it also does not help him to improve. As pitchers are humans, they will get tired because of the wear and tear involved in the game. This machine never gets tired and it will throw the game at even speed, without a bit of deflection in the speed. It will throw the ball in the marked direction. The level actions throw the ball with consistent speed and location.

Young hitters will know where and when the ball will be pitched. For all ages, the UPM model 45 allows hitters to work on specific locations and sharpen muscle memory without turning the coach’s arm to jelly.

The Louisville Slugger UPM45 is the ultimate training aid that pitches reliably and consistently for batter after batter allowing the hitter to concentrate on developing a proper level swing path to the ball. The UPM45 is more than just a pitching machine, though–it also throws accurate fly-balls and hard ground balls consistently to incorporate into your drills and eliminate the need for hitting the ball during drills.

The Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitching Machine throws real baseballs and softballs between 18 and 45 miles per hour and soft, lightweight balls up to 60 miles per hour. This machine has been authorized for use by teams in the majority of youth leagues in America including Babe Ruth Baseball and Softball, the Cal Ripken Division of Babe Ruth Baseball, Pony League Baseball and Softball and many more.

For coaches and team managers, the UPM solves any number of problems. There’s no need to use special pitching machine balls – it won’t rip or tear leather or synthetic ball covers.


  • Portable and lightweight at only 25 pounds
  • Mechanical pitching machine perfect for throwing accurate pitches, infield drills, and outfield drills
  • No batteries or electricity required
  • Throws regulation baseballs and fast pitch softballs up to 45 miles per hour
  • Throws lightweight practice baseballs and softballs up to 60 miles per hour
  • Throws slow-pitch softballs with up to a 12-foot arch
  • Throws accurate fly balls and hard ground balls
  • Free shipping


  • N/A

Heater Sports BaseHit Baseball Pitching Machine with BONUS Ball

The second machine in our list we have is Heater Sports BaseHit Baseball Pitching Machine with BONUS Ball. According to the company’s statement this is the most affordable variable speed Real Baseball Pitching Machine which also has an inbuilt automatic Ball Feeder from Trend Sports.

If you are on the path of becoming the most prominent baseball hitter of your time, then you should get this machine. This machine will take your skills to a whole new level by giving you a quick wrist, keen eyes and most of all powerful swing. You can have this package under the name of Heater Sports BaseHit Baseball Pitching Machine with BONUS Ball. This machine is the most secure and affordable baseball pitching machine which will enhance your skill set and it will also turn you to be a great hitter both at home or away.

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Heater Sports BaseHit Baseball Pitching Machine with BONUS Ball has a special feature of BaseHit which is a quick spinning motor added with some small covered wholes to pitch the ball with the world’s most compact mitching machine developed ever.

Setting up the machine is just like a piece of cake, it will not consume much of your time. You just have to take it out from the box and connect the three tubular steel legs just like a tri-pod stand. After that fix BaseHit’s huge impact composite pitching housing with two quick attach knobs. And lastly 12 connect the 12 ball auto ball feeder and connect it to the power supply. And practice as hard and as much as you can. This machine will throw you the balls within seconds. You can set the timings of the machine, if you do not find the default setting suitable to you.

With the help of your very own baseball machine, you can pitch baseballs, wiffleballs or lite. You can also configure the pitch height and BaseHit’s 6 inch. The wheel of the machine pitches the ball, giving you a full time pin point accuracy. Hitting that perfect pitch was never easy before. You can totally set the speed of the machine and the maximum speed you can set is 45 MPH. This is a hell of a speed.

If you are not satisfied with the machine’s performance, you are having money back guarantee. The process to set the machine is easy, without getting yourself into trouble. The money back guarantee last’s till a month and after that you can also enjoy one complete year of parts and labor warranty.

After buying this machine you have nothing to lose, yet everything to win.


  • 30 day’s money back guarantee
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty.


  • Is not portable
  • Expensive

SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Machine – Baseball Trainer

Next in our list we have SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Machine – Baseball Trainer. This machine has two machine features. It is a fielding trainer and helps to become a better hitter. With the help of this machine you can built your visual acuity and also hitting accuracy. This machine will automatically toss baseball after every eight seconds. You can totally reconfigure height and distance. The base can be tossed up to 25 feet’s maximum. SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Machine – Baseball Trainer runs both on AC adapter and on batteries, which are not included in the box. You can easily set up the machine without facing any difficulties and then hit as far as you can.

With the help of this machine you will be having two advantages. It will help you to improvise your game both offensively and defensively. You can also work on your footwork, glove-hand ball transfer and also it is also for baseballs for soft toss. Before start working on your game, turn on the machine and add up to maximum eight balls.

Before adjusting the ball flight angle turn the Catapult off. Loosen the trajectory lever knob at the front of the machine. Adjust leg up or down to adjust the ball flight angle. Tighten trajectory lever knob. Stabilize Catapult by adjusting the rear stability bar. Unscrew knobs on both sides of the bar and adjust height so that the bar rests on the ground. Secure into place by tightening each knob. Using the adjustable distance knob, tighten to increase ball throwing distance, loosen slowly to decrease ball throwing distance.

The Catapult runs on 4 D Batteries (not included) or with the provided AC Adapter. If using the AC Adapter, connect to the side of Catapult Base below the power switch. If using batteries flip the Catapult over. Press down on the black tab and slide the battery cover off. Install batteries as shown. Turn product ON to power up and OFF to power down. Ensure all persons and pets are clear of the Catapult and the path of the ball before powering on.

SKLZ is committed to elevating the athlete in each of us by guiding and serving athletes on their journeys to be their personal best. As the flagship brand of Pro Performance Sports, based in San Diego California, SKLZ develops innovative athletic performance and skill development training products, technology and knowledge for serious athletes of all ages and skill levels.


  • Option of both AC adapter and dry batteries
  • Weight’s less
  • Lower priced


  • Customer satisfaction is quiet low

Heater Sports Slider Lite-Ball Pitching Machine with BONUS Ball Feeder

This is the second machine from Heater. Like the first machine, this machine is also good to play with. This machine helps you to prepare for the big games with the addition of Heater Slider Lite-Ball Machine which also have bonus ball feeder. When we were talking about the first machines, they only hold up to eight balls maximum. But Heater Sports Slider Lite-Ball Pitching Machine with BONUS Ball Feeder can hold up to 12 soft lite balls. These baseballs are lightweight version of real baseballs but they are giving you the idea and building up your accuracy, power and strength.

This machine has many features such as the pivoting head, pitching fastballs and curve balls which can easily cross the barrier of 60 MPH, beating the first machines in this race too. This machine is both for the youngsters and for the adults. It will save you going to batting cage. A place which has a standard outlet, you are going to enjoy a lot over there. From big leagues to small leagues everyone enjoys this.

It is an on the go machine, which can be set up without facing any sort of trouble. You can operate it easily. It is easy to understand. Also you have the choice to reconfigure the ball speed, pitch height and a variety of players can be accommodated with this machine. The legs of this machine are rubber tipped tubular and it also has a dual wheel speed control, which is easy to control.

To ensure the maximum safety of a player, before throwing the ball it will be going to wait for at least 9 seconds. So you can get yourself in the position. The manufactures of this machine recommends for ages eight and so on. it consumes up to 110 A/C power. This machine is another name of quality and reliability. There are many things for a baseball player in this machine. If he/she is willing to spend some money and purse his dream.

And if you are not certain that this machine does not match your taste. Or it is not as you dreamed of it, then you are also having a 30-day money back guaranty, in which you can return the machine and have your money back. And for those who wants to continue with this machine, they are having one year’s complete warranty on parts.


  • Adjust Pitch speed up to 60 miles per hours
  • Hold 12 soft lite balls to increase your accuracy.


  • Does not offer a backup battery option.

The Ultimate Hitting Machine Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine

This machine is small in size but when it comes to action, it will out run every one in the race. The Ultimate Hitting Machine Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine is for everyone who is linked to baseball. Unlike other machines, this machine does not require any sort of power to start it. it does not have any built in battery neither it needs a power supply.

The machine involves a high powered spring. After a certain amount of time with the help of spring, the balls pops into the air. And then the hitter can hit the balls as far as he/she can. This is a portable machine, which you can carry everywhere, where every you want to practice. Due to The Ultimate Hitting Machine Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine you can practice also without taking help from anybody. All you need is a ground and then after a bit warm up, you can practice with the machine.

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As The Ultimate Hitting Machine Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine is recommended for every age group to use, the manufacturers have designed it easy to use. Everyone can use the machine without getting themselves into trouble.

They simply have to put the pieces together, join them and after that put baseball in it, wait for the spring to throw them in the air and then hit the bat out of the park. And they can practice for all day long, whenever or where ever you want to.

This machine is designed to run without batteries or electricity. And this feature save a lot of money on batteries.

  • Portable
  • Easy to setup


  • No batteries
  • No direct power
  • Manual machine
  • Costs too much

Heater Sports PowerAlley Lite-Ball Baseball Pitching Machine


The next in our list we have Heater Sports PowerAlley Lite-Ball Baseball Pitching Machine. This machine is incredible to practice with. It suits both young and old. Everyone can practice will this pitching machine. It is both safe to play with and easy to setup. Once you getting going with it, then it is very much hard to turn back.

Talking about the features of this machine, there are plenty to talk about. Such as if you are out of hiring a big league pitcher, who could transform your skill level and improvise your hitting statements. Then this machine is the best to have and to work with. Because you can practice with it every day, without paying someone a bit of your money. You will be spending only for once in this machine and then you can practice on it every day and night. This is the next best thing in the baseball market arena and getting your hands off this Heater Sports PowerAlley Lite-Ball Baseball Pitching Machine is pretty hard.

Due to a diversity in features many players prefer this machine over other. For example, it has fastballs, grounders and pop-flys. Everything is possible with this machine. You can both, practice hitting and fielding with it. it will help you to improve the area where you are falling behind and thus you will be able to reserve a permanent spot in the team, only because of Heater Sports PowerAlley Lite-Ball Baseball Pitching Machine.

It runs on a powerful A/C motor which throws a soft lite ball at 40 miles per hour and lite ball up to 60 miles per hour. If you want to improve your wrist, you can practice with lite ball and if you are working on your techniques then practicing on soft lite ball with be beneficial for you.

Among many other benefits of this machine, it is also the safest machine to workout with. This machine also costs less when we compare it with other machines, which have the same features. The dimensions of this machine are 36H x 36W x 36L inches. Safety is the important aspect of this machine. It is the first fully enclosed wheel atop tripod with rubber tips. And it also weights less than other machines, which makes it easy to carry around. You can pack it with your picnic items and move outside to a country side to have fun with it.


  • Weights less
  • Safety first full enclosed wheel atop tripod with rubber tips
  • Maximum pitching speed 60 MPH
  • Both for improving fielding and hitting


  • It does not have a backup battery option.

SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Batting Trainer for Baseball and Softball

As we are moving forward, we are discovering pitching machines, which are incredible. Now we are going to talk about SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Batting Trainer for Baseball and Softball. This is a machine, which will perfect your swings and make your game and hitting more mature. And a Sen sensation to watch. This equipment allows you to enhance your skill set. And while doing that you can also focus on consistent contact and generating your bat more speed and more power, to hit the ball further away.

The addition of 4 elastic resistant bands is an awesome feature because it allows you to increase and decrease tension, manually as you want it to be. SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Batting Trainer for Baseball and Softball tells you, how to play with the ball, instead of wasting the opportunity.

You can make use of it both ways, as a dynamic moving target or solo tee practice. You can practice with this machine alone, enhancing you game having an edge over your team mates. Or you can practice with your team mates, allowing them to fill in the blanks of their game. This advanced solo trainer’s power generating snap back action and multi twist design give instant feedback on your swings.

With this machine now your training sessions are not limited to neither practice nor on the field. Due to the state of the art technology used to build this model, now training has taken a whole new level. Now you can practice at home too, if the weather outside does not permit you to play. This machine is made from steel, which makes it heavy. But you can carry it wherever you want it. The four-foot base is non slip and easy to set up without taking hand from additional tools. You can setup this machine on your own, because it is very much easy and you will setup this machine within seconds. A manual will also be available to you, if you are not able to understand how to connect the dots. The gear includes ground stake to keep it cock solid, even with a slugger taking swings.

With the help of SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Batting Trainer for Baseball and Softball you can improve your batting style. This is a solo swing machine and it only suits those people who are giving a sincere effort to improvise their game and techniques. And for the people who are at the learning stage, immediate feedback on the bat speed and power will tell you how much more effort is required from your side.


  • Improve your bat speed and power–hit and see how far it twists
  • Use it like a stationary or moving target
  • Perfect for baseball or softball training
  • Use almost anywhere
  • Includes Hurricane unit with 3 power bands, home plate and carry bag
  • Suitable for ages 5 and older


  • Over weight

Heater Sports PowerAlley PRO Pitching Machine

Heater is producing quiet unique products under its roof for baseball. This machine also belongs to Heater Sports and the name of the machine is PowerAlley PRO pitching machine. Like Heater earlier products, this machine is also a marvelous machine. And if you want to excel in the baseball leaguers, then this machine should be in your backyard.

Heater Sports PowerAlley PRO Pitching Machine provides you a great accuracy with affordability. And you cannot escape the influence of this machine, once you get used to it. This is a versatile machine, which has some of the great features in it. For example, till now this is the only machine which is equipped with 1/8 horsepower motor. And that is a powerful motor, which will improvise your skill sets. It throws the baseball as fast as 45 miles per hours and lite balls up to 60 miles per hours and both of these are great speeds to practice with.

The trip of Heater Sports PowerAlley PRO Pitching Machine is made from durable steel and the nylon-fiberglass housing is lightweight and it is also high impact resistant. It can bear a lot of stress without falling down to its keens. This machine does not provide a portable battery option but it provides a standard A/C power so it can easily plug it where every you want, or where every you come across an A/C power outlet.

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This machine also has an adjust able pitch height, so you adjust it according to your height. And if you are practicing with your team then it is great. Because instead of having one pitching machine per person, all of your team can join in with you and practice with this machine. This machine is also good for ground practice. After doing some batting practice, you also need fielding practice. And instead of having separate machine for separate tasks, this machine will help you to achieve every task.

The dimensions of Heater Sports PowerAlley PRO Pitching Machine are 36L x 36W x 48H inches. And it is an easy to install machine. All you need is to setup the machine and practice hard and go pro. Pitchers will get tired after a while because they are humans and their energy levels will get low but this machine will not get out of shape. You can practice all day and all night with Heater Sports PowerAlley PRO Pitching Machine. The weight of this pitching machine is also negligible. So carrying around the machine will not be hard for you.


  • 13.2 pounds’ weight
  • 60 MPH lite-balls and 45 MPH baseball speed.
  • Adjustable height


  • Ball holding capacity is not mentioned.
  • The interval of ball is not mentioned.
  • It does not have a portable battery.

Louisville Slugger Triple Flame Hand Held Pitching Machine

This machine is a pure dedication to coaches and for that I salute Louisville Slugger. Coaches are the backbone of a team and without them a team. You will not be able to find the energy bonding the team mates. The little tricks which are going to help you hard times. Coaches combine these men and makes a team out of them. Without a coach they are nothing.

Taking about the features of Louisville Slugger Triple Flame Hand Held Pitching Machine. It has 2 ultimate practice balls and throws them from 45 miles per hour to maximum 55 miles per hours. This machine is simple to use. It is a light weight machine which has can be carried and stored anywhere. You can practice it within your home, ground, backyard, away or at match. It is a good machine which will warm you up, before going in the game.

Due to the simplicity and lightweight feature, it is like by many coaches and players, who have recommended this machine for others. They find it very simple to use and price of this machine is also low. So if you are out of the budget for big machine, then you can definitely purchase this machine, which is good for the team and for solo practice.

The regulation baseball speed of this machine is maximum 30 miles per hours and for softball it is 27 miles per hours. This machine will improvise your skill set and it will make you ready before the big moment. And besides upgrading your batting skills, you can also with the help of this machine throw perfect strikes, grounders and fly balls. Louisville Slugger Triple Flame Hand Held Pitching Machine is a great for drills.

With this machine you can enjoy baseball at anywhere and at any time. Unlike other baseball machines which are prohibited for international shipping. This Louisville Slugger Triple Flame Hand Held Pitching Machine is available for international shipping. So if you are found of this machine and you want to have a try with this machine and then place your order and they will mail Louisville Slugger Triple Flame Hand Held Pitching Machine to your home. This benefit outsmarts every machine which is present in the list. Because they can’t be shipped outside the boundary of The United States, while this machine can be shipped.

Due to its huge success, this machine is only available in limited numbers. So before the stock comes to an end, you must place your order and get one for yourself.


  • Light weight
  • International shipping


  • Limited number of throws
  • Baseball maximum speed is 30 miles per hour.

Franklin Sports MLB Learn to Play Pitching Machine

How can it be? If we are talking about baseball and Franklin is not part of our conservation. After huge success from manufacturing baseball bats and gloves, this time they are taking over the baseball industry with their pitching machines.

We are taking about Franklin Sports MLB Learn to Play Pitching Machine. Likes wise their gloves and baseball bats, this machine is also outstanding with its features. This company has designed this machine for various uses. Like you can play with it solo, when you want to practice for the upcoming tournaments or to improve your games skills. It can be used for train team for the major or minor events in the region and another benefit of this machine which outsmart other machines is, this machine is also perfect for family. You can enjoy playing baseball with your family in the backyard, which is fun.

Other features of Franklin Sports MLB Learn to Play Pitching Machine are, after every seven seconds, it will pitch baseball towards you with the pitch angel which is adjustable. But before releasing the ball, a red light with flash to tell you about the ball being released. It also includes eight Aero strike plastic baseballs.

After a long time, we are seeing a machine, which is supports a portable power bank. Franklin Sports MLB Learn to Play Pitching Machine requires a 4” D” alkaline batteries to run. Which are not included in the box. The age group for this machine is five and upwards.

After unpacking it from the box, you can set it up without facing any sort to trouble. The setup is easy and after that you can start practicing with Franklin Sports MLB Learn to Play Pitching Machine. People tend to like it very much and they are really satisfied with its use. Plus, families now do have something to play with, when they plan to go outside. Franklin Sports MLB Learn to Play Pitching Machine can turn their boring time into fun time.


  • Portable
  • Red light flashes to indicate pitch release
  • Eight Aero Strike Plastic baseballs
  • Fun for all ages five and up


  • Is not made for practice
  • Limited scale use


All of the machines nearly serve the same use but the things which discriminate them is how well they perform which they are brought in use. Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitching Machine is the best pitching machine among these machines because it has a lot of diversity. And no one can match it level. Other pitching does have benefits and they all are very good.

The final decision goes to you. Because ball is in your court and you have to spend money. These all machines are this best in the market, with their pros and cons. After reading the article, compare one to another and see which machine suits your taste best and what will be its advantages to you.

The price range for all these machines start from $50 and goes till $200.

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