10 Best Outfielders Youth Baseball Gloves (Under $100)

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Our first article already stated clearly that choosing the right glove is a tricky decision, because the wrong glove could really hinder your performance, particularly within the Outfield baseball. Outfielder’s gloves area unit are designed to be long with deep pockets, therefore giving the player each chance to reach that just-out-of-reach ball.

Youth outfield gloves, most times are preferably a 12 inch baseball glove. In fact, if any youth baseball glove is any thing lesser than this size, it is a disadvantage to such baseball player who uses it.


Can’t read all the way down? Then below is a summary-like guide to choosing your baseball glove:

 Glove Name      Quality     Durability       Price       Check Out
Rawlings PRIMO PRM1200 youths’ baseball glove          High      6-7 years       $26.65       Out Of Stock
Rawlings pro preferred baseball gloves     Average       5-6 years        $80.76       Out Of Stock
Nokona X2-1275 youth baseball gloves    Very high        2-3 years        $71.72       Out Of Stock
Adidas EQT TX youth Baseball glove      Average        3-4 years        $69.99       Out Of Stock
Rawlings GG game series G601GT youths’ outfielders’ glove      Average       5-7 years       $69.99       Click Here
Louiseville slugger Omaha flare baseball glove        Low       3-5 years       $66.99       Click Here
2017 Rawlings Renegade 15″ Slow Pitch Softball Glove R15BFG        High     8-9 years        $57.95       Click Here
Worth Liberty Advanced Series LA14WG         High 5-7 years        $99.21       Click Here
Mizuno Prospect Fastpitch Series GPL1200F1 Youth glove       Very low  0-2 years (max)        $36.89       Click Here
Wilson A2000 Series WTA20RF15V125SS Fastpitch      Very high      9-12 years        $89.67       Click Here



Before reading further, if you would ask me, I’ll go for Wilson! I’ll go for the best even with affordable price!



 Rawlings PRIMO PRM1200 youths’ baseball glove 


The Rawlings Primo Series PRM1200 12 inch Outfielders baseball glove will give players a professional look and feel as well as long life, performance, durability, and much more. This is perhaps the top of the line in Rawlings series gloves and usually reserved for players with great dedication.1

The Rawlings Primo Series PRM1200 is designed for both left hand and right hand throw models. Professionals that handcraft this glove designed the Outfielders and pitchers alike.

Special features and high capabilities for long usage span, performance and safety. This glove is going to be a favorite glove for serious players  in no time and will continue to be for years to come.




  • This glove is very durable, it lasts for 6-7years if well maintained. 
  • It is cheap, for youths, it goes for as low as $26.65
  • When it comes to protecting the nails, it does the work best amidst all other gloves
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  • It is scarcely seen in gloves stores because of its quality, it needs to be ordered for. 
  • Only the open back type is available in stores, which in turn makes it only advantageous during hot weather only.


Out Of Stock


Rawlings pro preferred baseball glove



This Pro Preferred 11 1/4” baseball glove from Rawlings features the PRO I Web p2attern, which is desired by Outfielders and positions that require players to use two hands to scoop the ball. The Pro Preferred Series is made with soft, durable Kip skin Leather for easy break-in, laces pretested to 100lb tensile
strength and deerskin lining that ensures 150% comfort, fitness, and long life span. The Conventional close-back on this pattern is wooven with an additional break point(about 10% extra) which allows it to be squeezed easier unlike some other Rawlings product. This pattern is thesame as the one worn by Jose Reyes




  • This Outfielders’ baseball glove provides extra comfort more than any other Outfielders gloves 
  • It is durable
  • It’s high tensile strength makes it suitable for protecting the fingers and palms against balls with high momentum.




  • It is very easy to squeeze which in turn makes it difficult to outfield balls. 


  • It is too small for a youth, the preferred size for a youth is 12inch

Out Of Stock



Nokona X2-1275 youth baseball glove


Nokona’s highest-performance, ready-for-play, position-specific series is mind blowing – the X2 Elite Series. For the game’s most skilled players, the X2 Elite is for those who are after the best performance and quality, as well as the very quickest break-in period on the market. This g3love is made with distinct mixtures of Nokona’s proprietary Stampede Steerhide, Kangaroo Leather, and Nolera Composite Padding System. Every glove is ready-for-play right off the shelf while not the requirement for steaming, and with great level of feel, flexibility, and rigidity right there at your wish it.


  • Unlike Rawlings pro preferred baseball glove, it is coarse making it difficult to squeeze
  • It is of very high quality.
  • Both the open back and close back types are readily available in baseball gloves’ stores


  • It is too flexible for a youth
  • It is not durable

Out Of Stock

Adidas EQT TX youth Baseball glove

The Adidas EQT TX youth Baseball g4love is 12.50 Inch Pattern Conventional Open Back youth outfield glove Constructed from Ultra-Lightweight, Full Grain K3 Cowhide Leather. This great Outfield glove Features Soft, Deer-Tanne
d Cowhide Leather Palm Lining and USA Deerskin Finger Lining, Handcrafted for Exceptional Fit, Feel, and Comfort, Deep V-Shaped Pocket – Maximizes Catching Surface.

For winning gameplay, you need a glove with fit, feel and control, and this men’s Equipment baseball glove offers all three.




  • It has 100% extra wool padded to protect the fingers
  • It features a perfect 12.50 inch which is way above the recommendations
  • This youth glove’s price is no big deal.
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  • Some youths with small hands may not be able to use it because of the size
  • Its surface is  glossy making the balls slip off the youth outfielders sometimes,especially during summer.

Out Of Stock

Rawlings GG game series G601GT youths’ outfielders’ glove

This o5utfielders glove is one of its kind as it offers a  Break-In: 10% Player, 90% Factory 12.75 Inch Pattern Based Off of Rawlings’ Authentic Professional Glove
Patterns. It is a softball outfield glove with a Fastback Design with a Full-Grain Leather Laces which Add Structure and Durability. It gives a left handed thrower a Game-Ready Feeling.



  • This left handed baseball glove is massive at 12.75inch size which will in a great deal help the youth outfielder 
  • It a cheap outfield glove.
  • for this youth baseball glove, both the open back and close back are available in bas stores.




  • It is only for left handed outfield players 
  • This outfielder’s glove would be much better if it offers more than a 10% break in


Louisville slugger Omaha flare baseball glove

Louiseville slugger 6Omaha flare baseball glove Is a Conventional Open Back 12.00 Inch Pattern Checkmate Basket Web with Extra-Wide, Dye-Through Laces for Extra Durability. This cheap outfield baseball glove is aTop-Grade Oil-Treated Performance Leather -Provides a Soft Feel however Long Lasting Structure. It has an additional options like Flare style most well-liked by high skilled and body Players – permits for faster Transfer to Throwing Hand, increasing Thumb and little finger Finger Stalls – produce V-day Larger Catching Surface, and Pitcher / parcel / Utility Model



  • This glove is a cheap outfield baseball glove. 
  • It also comes with a unique pitcher, infield and/or utility model.
  • It has a 15% additional  large outfield catching surface.




  • This youth baseball glove has a itching and scratching inner surface. 
  • It is not of high quality, unlike the likes of NOKONA x2-1275.

2017 Rawlings Renegade 15″ Slow Pitch Softball Glove R15BFG


7This soft pitch Outfield glove is massive 15.00 Inch Pattern. It has an adjustable, Non-Slip Pull Strap Back For Custom Fit design with Break-In: 10% Player, 90% Factory. Unlike all other cheap outfield baseball glove, ithas high density leather Palm for utmost player comfort. In fact, it has Excellent Quality At An Affordable Price. Its Colorway: Black / White colour attracts a great deal of Deep Pocket baseball players.



  • This youth glove has an excellent adjustable, Non-slip pull strap back for custom fit. 
  • It is of high quality
  • This soft pitch outfield glove offers high density leather Palm for utmost comfort.
  • It is very durable. It lasts for about 8-9years




  • It is too big for a youth. 
  • It is masculine I.e it is only for male youths


Worth Liberty Advanced Series LA14WG


Worth Liberty Advanced gloves are the quality in comfort. made up of U.S.A double-tanned full grain animal skin, Liberty Advanced gloves have a novel feel. Illustrious for her plastic cushioning and simple break-in, Liberty Ad8vanced gloves still haveexcellent form retention. That is as a result of these gloves area unit control in conjunction with professional grade lace to give them the sturdiness to last for multiple seasons. This 14.00 inch pattern will be used for either fastpitch or slow pitch play, and adjustable pull-strap back creates a custom suitable each male and feminine players. The freedom Advanced line is additionally increased with PORON XRD Palm artifact. This light-weight PORON XRD artifact absorbs and dissipates up to ninetieth of impact energy – even at high speeds!

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  • This outfielders baseball glove absorbs and dissipates up to 90% of impact energy. 
  • This baseball glove has a unique double tanned full grain inner leather.
  • It is durable
  • It is of high quality




  • It is only for right handed baseball throwers. 
  • It is too big for a youth seeing the preferred size for youth outfielders is 12inch


Mizuno Prospect Fastpitch Series GPL1200F1 Youth glove

Miz9uno is known for making it their priority to develop ball gloves for every age and skill level.

The Prospect Fastpitch Series is tailor created to suit a young feminine player’s hand. Multiple technologies build it easier for younger players to shut the glove, catch the ball and learn to like the sport. These gloves facilitate youth players catch the “right” means, within the pocket. Mizuno’s proprietary PowerClose technology places “hinges” wherever players would shut the glove to create squeeze the ball and creating the catch as easy as can be! This double hinged heel creates an additional wide pocket for extra security once catching the ball. Within the glove, a ParaShock Palm Pad reduces all shock caused by impact and leaves the player’s hand sting-free! This mitt additionally utilizes Mizuno’s PowerLock adjustable Velcro gliding joint strap to form a cosy, comfy and custom suitable each player. This model options a closed back for glorious management at any position within the field.



  • This baseball glove is cheap. 
  • It has a wrist strap which create a snug and custom fit.
  • It is readily available in baseball




  • It is not durable. In fact, it does not last longer than 2 years max 
  • It is only for female youth baseball outfielder.
  • It is of very low quality


Wilson A2000 Series WTA20RF15V125SS Fastpitch

Wilson is the KING of excellence, and it is no doubt why they are one of the top glove sellers in the world.10 Want to WIN!? Choose Wilson.

New! Introducing the all new, utterly redesigned Fastpitch A2000s! All softball patterns currently embody the new Custom match System. Because the glove breaks in and is tightened, it maintains its form and provides a comfortable match. This improvement provides a much better match throughout the lifetime of the glove. Combine that with the best-in-class construction and player galvanized innovation and you’ve got the most effective softball glove within the world. Professional Stock yank Steerhide animal skin is prized by skilled players for its rugged sturdiness and unmatched feel. It’s the right ball leather. Twin Welting is that the “exposed edges” of animal skin on every finger back-we do that double on every finger to supply the foremost sturdy pocket and long lasting break in.



  • This excellent youth outfielders’ baseball glove is very durable 
  • It is very high quality
  • It is the best softball baseball glove.
  • It is one of the best outfielders glove you can get!




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