10 best affordable baseball catchers’ mitts($100-$250)

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Quite a whole lot has been said already about the catchers’ mitts in our previous articles, however, there’s a need for reiteration of a few thing. Catcher’s mitts are referred to as “mitts” simply due to the fact that they lack individual fingers, like mittens. They need additional cushioning and a hinged, claw-like form that helps them funnel fastballs into the pocket and supply a decent target for pitchers. Some catchers use mitts with light paint round the ridges to produce a clearer target for the pitcher. Additionally, catcher’s mitts are available single hinge and twin hinge varieties. If needed to catch a pitch, a catcher can generally use a fair larger mitt.

In addition, the normal size for a catchers’ mitt is 31-32.25 inches glove. Anything outside of this range is a violation of the recommendations, hence, not healthy for the youth baseball player who plays deep as a catcher.

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Akadema APM42 Catcher’s Mitt LOW 2-4 YEARS $160.71 – $219.95 Click Here
Nokona Walnut 32.5 Inch WF-V3250 Fastpitch Softball Catcher’s Mitt HIGH 8-9 YEARS $250.00 Click Here
Mizuno Global Elite GXC11 32.5″ Pro Size Baseball Catcher’s Mitt HIGH 10-11 YEARS $249.95 Click Here
Rawlings Sporting Goods Heritage Pro Catcher’s Mitt, 33″ AVERAGE 12-15 YEARS $186.75 Click Here
Rawlings Liberty Womens 34″ Catchers Softball Glove LHT White RLACM34-0/3 (LHT) AVERAGE 5-7 YEARS $156.25 Click Here
Wholesale Torino Series SM47 Baseball Catchers Glove Right Hand Throw, [Baseball Gloves, Catcher] VERY HIGH 8-10 YEARS $249.24 Click Here
D-BAT G127A Catcher AVERAGE 7-9 YEARS $179.99 Out Of Order
All-Star Pro-Advanced 35 Inch CM3100BT Baseball Catcher’s Mitt AVERAGE 4-6 YEARS $149.95-$199.95 Click Here
Louisville Slugger FGKTBK5 Katsu Black Fielding Glove (Catcher), Right Hand Throw HIGH 7-8 YEARS $212.68 Click Here
Akadema ATS77 Fastpitch Series Glove AVERAGE 3-5 YEARS $108.00 Click Here

Akadema APM42 Catcher’s Mitt:

The Akadema APM42 Catcher’s Mitt options a female 34.00-inch pattern, a one-piece closed net, and a very assets for higher scooping. Enhance your catching ability behind base and order a Akadema APM42 Catcher’s Mitt today!

Rawlings is changing things up and has created the less readily available type Heart of the Hide with Color synchronize series. The most distinction between this series and therefore the ancient Heart of the Hide is that the colored patches that synchronize up with the outer shell for a wonderful overall look. The world-renowned sturdiness remains unmatched with this style because the animal skin that’s used for every glove is cut from the highest five-hitter of the middle on the steer hides Rawlings has on the market. Laced along by the Tennessee Tanning fell ends up in alone sturdiness and strength. Not solely can you be obtaining one among the fore most dependable and reliable gloves out there however the cushiony palm, cushiony thumb loops, and deer-tanned cowhide lining offer top-notch comfort and additional protection throughout impact. In addition, every model offers a four-hundredth mill break-in in order that the player break-in amount isn’t authoritarian. These patterns are shapely when the game-day patterns of some the highest Rawlings informatory workers players, together with huge names like Troy Tulowitzki and Kyle Seager. Worn by variety of Gold Glove Award winners, the center of the Hide baseball mitt has been the cornerstone of these deemed “The Finest within the Field” and is currently on the market to elite ball players trying to boost and outline their defensive greatness. Rawlings: Leave Your Mark!

PRICE: $160.71 – $219.95



  • The Akadema APM42 Catcher’s Mitt 34″ Glove is Deer tanned Cowhide Plus Palm Lining Provides Added Protection.
  • It is also very cheap.
  • It’s got Soft Full-Grain Finger Back Lining Provides Additional Comfort and padded thumb loop.


  • It is a bit big for the youths seeing the recommendation is 33inch patterned glove.
  • It loses shape and rigidity with time and get bigger.
  • It is not durable.

Nokona Walnut 32.5 Inch WF-V3250 Fastpitch Softball Catcher’s Mitt:

This 2017 Nokona Walnut Fast pitch Catcher’s Mitt (W-V3250C) options a 32.50-inch pattern, a completely closed net, and is a superb possibility for feminine catcher’s behind home. It is a Single Finger Closed Back Softball Specific Pattern. It also has Walnut Crunch Leather – Top Grain Steerhide That Is Stable, Durable, & Game Ready and Its Weight: Approximately 760 g.

Improve your game and order a Nokona softball mitt today and I promise you won’t regret it.

A new season brings a replacement softball mitt with identical tradition! The Nokona Walnut Series has been updated with a replacement look that highlights the gloves’ trendy options whereas paying tribute to Nokona’s long-standing baseball and softball heritage. This model has been a staple in the slightest degree levels of the sport across the state for over eighty years. It all starts with the proprietary Walnut Crunch animal skin that’s a signature of Nokona. The Walnut Crunch defines sturdiness. With a game prepared feel and a stable form, this fast pitch softball catcher’s mitt can stand up to the check of your time season once season? Every Nokona Walnut is hand {made} and made specifically for a feminine athlete’s hand. Plus, the only finger closed back with adjustable velcro carpus strap offers a personalized fit every individual player. What is more, the assets on this model are a perfect size and ensure the actual fact that this glove could be a softball specific style. Nokona: America’s diversion, yankee created.

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PRICE: $240.00


  • Nokona Walnut 32.5 Inch WF-V3250 Fastpitch Softball Catcher’s is a perfect glove for any youth baseball player playing deep in the catchers’ postion. Its size is also perfect, seeing the recommendations are met.
  • It also has very high sturdiness. In fact, it closes its usage close on 9 years of use after purchase.
  • It is soft and has the required rigidity which makes it very exquisite for getting the best catch on balls


  • Unfortunately, this glove has only singular usability i.e it can only be used by a gender which is the female.
  • It is too pricey although its qualities and features are high-profiled.
  • It is too heavy for the female youth baseball catchers.

Mizuno Global Elite GXC11 32.5″ Pro Size Baseball Catcher’s Mitt:

Mizuno Global Elite GXC11 32.5″ Pro Size Baseball Catcher’s Mitt optionsan Open Back

32.50 inch pattern size and Two-Piece Closed web. This glove has got a Counter Balanced Design – Weight Shifted Away From Fingers and Toward the Heel for More Control, E-Lite Leather – Soft and Light for the Ultimate in Performance, and finally Steersoft Elite Palm Liner – Elite Leather Palm Liner for Exceptional Feel.

The international Elite series has established itself in concert of Mizuno’s hottest professional Level glove lines. Utilizing proprietary 3D Technology that has set the business normal for position specific pattern styles, the worldwide Elite offers the simplest acquisition, fit, and performance in a very professional Level glove. International Elite gloves feature E-Lite animal skin that is soft and lightweight, making the last word normal in performance. Utilizing Mizuno’s exclusive counter balanced style, the worldwide Elite series offers reduced weight within the fingers for light-weight performance. Each international Elite incorporates a Roll Welting to extend structure and support throughout the fingers. With a light-weight feel and additional structural support, these gloves are fast to the ball and can retain their form for years to come back. Every Mizuno glove is hand made to the best internal control standards. All of Mizuno’s glove craftsmen are through a rigorous certification method overseen by Master Craftsmen Kosaku Kishumoto (fielder’s gloves) and Kuni Nakamura (mitts) who along have over sixty five years of expertise creating ball gloves.

PRICE: $249.95


  • This glove is just amazing in doing what it knows best (– catching) best! It’s one of the very best elite gloves for elite players for this position.
  • It has so great a durability. It lasts up to 11 years since after acquisition.
  • It has a perfect Velcro wrist adjustment which enhances the player to adjust its wrist at any time he feels less comfortable.
  • This glove also has two-piece web design.


  • It appears to get bigger after a few year of use. Its elasticity begins to loosen after some time.
  • Although has great quality, but a little reduction in its price may also help the less privileged to acquire this mitts for more effectiveness.

Rawlings Sporting Goods Heritage Pro Catcher’s Mitt, 33″:

This 2017 Rawlings Heritageprofessional Catcher’s Mitt: HPWCM33DSB options a One-Piece Solid Web 33.00  pattern, a one-piece solid internet, and may be a nice alternative for any catcher behind home plate. It also has Padded Thumb Loop and Split Leather Welting for Shape Retention. Its other features include Tennessee Tanning Rawhide Leather Laces – Adds Structure, Durability, & Strength and Thermoformed Wrist Strap Lining Ensures Perfect Fit & Removes Moisture.

The Heritage professional baseball equipment represents the history and gift behind the name Rawlings by combining authentic skilled patterns with conspicuous color combos to point out that you have got game. Created with a double-tanned animal skin shell and fictile artifact, this series provides a simple break-in method with a soft feel. Adding on to it, Rawlings has rendered a seventieth manufactory break-in to the Rawlings Heritage professional baseball equipment creating it even easier for every player. Every glove has ruminant tanned and cowhide palm lining and split animal skin welting for wonderful pocket retention and a good long lasting structure. As well, a thermoformed carpuss trap lines the within of the glove to confirm an ideal work whereas removing any wetness from the skin. Like all alternative 2017 Rawlings gloves, it’s all tied along with the Tennessee tanning fell animal skin laces whereas a soft thumb loop super it off to feature unequalled luxury. Rawlings: The Mark of a Pro!

PRICE: $186.75


  • The Rawlings Sporting Goods Heritage Pro Catcher’s Mitt has both open back and close back types which allows for having great catching times both in the winter and as well in the summer.
  • It is very durable as well. In fact, if well maintained, it may last for eternity!
  • It has a perfect deep pocket which singles it out from all other contemporary catchers’ mitts.
  • It is also very cheap, considering its corresponding qualities.


  • Its quality is just barely above average which is not too good.
  • It is too light and soft for the youth. A standard youth baseball catchers’ mitts should have 50% rigidity but this glove on the contrary offers something way low to that.
  • It is also too big for the youth baseball catcher.

Rawlings Liberty Womens 34″ Catchers Softball Glove LHT White RLACM34-0/3 (LHT):

This glove name already speaks volume of this glove. Not only is this glove suitable for the female youth baseball catchers, it is also made for them alone i.e no dual sexuality, strictly for females.

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The Rawlings Liberty Advanced fast pitch softball series, once called the price Liberty Advanced, presents every player with a wonderfully balanced style that comes tailored specifically for a feminine contestant. The hand gap and finger stalls are adjusted slightly smaller to enhance the general work and management a fast pitch player feels. This dynamic new pattern technology from Rawlings is here to remain and prepared to require the fast pitch world by storm. The Poron XRD palm and finger pads greatly decrease sting within the hands and supply larger protection. Not solely does one have larger protection however the full-grain oil treated animal skin ensures a game-ready glove that’s smart to travel directly out of the box. Rawlings claims these patterns have already got an eightieth plant break-in so the player is simply chargeable for two hundredth of the break-in. All animal skin laces tie it all at once whereas increasing the sturdiness and semi-permanent form retention. If you are looking for a chance to upgrade your level of play on the sector, you would like the freedom Advanced softball glove. Rawlings: The Mark of a Pro!

This 2017 Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fast pitch Catcher’s Mitt: RLACM33 options a 34.00 in. pattern, a changed professional H-web, and an adjustable pull strap back for a tailored work. If you are an elite catcher, order a Rawlings Liberty Advanced fast pitch catcher’s mitt today with a lot of privileges!

PRICE: $156.25


  • This glove is crazily cheap! And about the cheapest you can find for this category.
  • This youths’ baseball glove offers a great and one of the very recent facilities in town- the Velcro wrist adjustment.
  • Its other features include Tennessee Tanning Rawhide Leather Laces – Adds Structure, & Strength and Thermoformed Wrist Strap Lining Ensures Perfect Fit & Removes Moisture.
  • It also offer an average level quality which is not bad for its price


  • It is too big for the youth catchers
  • It is only designed to be used by female which makes its usability narrowed down.

Wholesale Torino Series ASM47 Baseball Catchers Glove Right Hand Throw, [Baseball Gloves, Catcher]:

Torino bringsNorth American country a brand new rendition of one of their hottest pro-level baseball gloves for the 2016-17 baseball season! The Classic professional Soft series offers skilled patterns for the simplest players across the globe in each  Whether or not you’re a catcher, an outfielder, or maybe a primary baseman, this specific style may be a nice choice that cannot be crushed. It all starts with Torino’s Throwback animal skin that gives a rugged and made feel. This animal skin is of course pre-oiled so every baseball mitt breaks in quickly whereas still retentive form over time. Roll welting assists therewith form retention by contributive to the soundness through the fingers whereas conjointly contributive to the look of the ball glove. An Ultra Soft professional Palm Liner offers every individual glove an exceptional feeling and a soft end.

This Wholesale Torino Series ATX15 11.25 Inch Baseball catchers’ Glove Right Hand Throw, [Baseball Gloves, Fielder] features an 11.25 inch pattern, a deep III web, and is recommended for middle infield use. If you’re an elite shortstop or professional who seeks to soar higher in baseball, choose Wholesale Torino Series ATX15 11.25 Inch Baseball Infield Glove Right Hand Throw, [Baseball Gloves, catchers]. Some of its other features include Outlined Mizuno Patch Professional Pattern, Roll Welting which Increases Structure & Support Throughout Fingers, Throwback Leather – Rugged, Rich, & Naturally Pre-Oiled For Softness & Retains Shape Over Time and Ultra Soft Pro Palm Liner – Provides Excellent Feeling & a Soft Finish.

PRICE: $249.24


  • It has very high quality
  • It’s got a deep pocket which is just great!
  • And last but not the least, it features 50% rigidity which is the recommendation for catchers’ baseball glove


  • It has only the right handed type in store. I.e it can only be used by youths who use right hand.
  • It has a glossy palm surface which tends to permit balls slipping off the youth baseball players’ grip/grasps.

D-BAT G127A Catcher:

From baseball to softball, across all age teams and ability levels, and throughout the country, one whole is recognized because the leader in catcher’s equipment: All Star. The Dual-Pro CMW4000 fast pitch catcher’s mitt from All Star could be a shining example of top quality at an implausibly low value. This glove is usually recommended for the elite fast pitch softball catcher that’s searching for a pattern with fast burglary AND nice sturdiness. Made up of soft, nevertheless sturdy cowhide animal skin, this glove has the right quantity of firmness which will enable it to keep up its form. This Pro-Formed pattern options a dual-hinge heel for easier closure, and professional Guard artifact to stay your hand protected. Measuring in at 33 inches, the CMW4000 has an H-Web and a assets which will make sure that once the ball hits the mitt, it’s aiming to stick. The rear of the glove is additionally equipped with an adjustable Velcro wrist joint strap for a secure, custom fit. Do not accept something but the most effective.

This glove offers a conventional Open Back with Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap 33.00 Inch Pattern. It also features a deep Pocket, Dual Hinge Heel for Easier Closure and Popular Black and Tan Combo – Tan Leather in Palm is Softer to Create Amazing Pocket / Black Leather on Back Adds Support and Durability. It’s got Pro Guard Padding (PGP) which Provides all the Feel without the Sting also.

PRICE: $179.99


  • This wonderful mitts feature a superb Velcro wrist adjustment facilities.
  • Its sturdiness is also great.
  • It also has Deep Pocket and Dual Hinge Heel for Easier Closure
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  • Its quality is merely at average. It is not an “above-par-glove”.
  • Its catching surface is too plain, hence, allowing a lot of fast balls to slip away easily.
  • It only has the right handed thrower type

All-Star Pro-Advanced 35 Inch CM3100BT Baseball Catcher’s Mitt:

This glove features a 35 inch patterned extended Pocket with Profiled Toe Makes Scooping Easier and Flex-Action Crease – Wider Heel Channel Helps Younger Hands Close the Mitt. It also has Heavy Duty Rawhide Laces, Padded Wrist Guard, and Popular Black and Tan Combo

The All Star commitment to innovation, advanced technology, outstanding craft and quality service keeps them at the forefront of the business. Despite what level of ball you play, you would like quality instrumentality and also the All Star skilled Series delivers by surpassing player’s expectations. This high performance line of mitts is intended for fast break-in and laborious use through even the foremost grueling of seasons and games. The japanese USA Steer Hide animal skin, and significant Duty Raw Hide Lacing are sturdy, strong, and are a number of the foremost advanced materials on the market. This catcher’s mitt includes a special extended pocket to assist create catching borderline easy. The cushiony wrist joint Guard additionally offers prime protection and luxury that players might not be accustomed. Therefore what are you waiting for!? Whether or not you are a professional or a beginner, let All Star facilitate revolutionize your game.

PRICE: $159.95 – $199.95


  • This glove has great web design + a mouth-watering two piece web styles.
  • It’s got good grips on ball especially the fast balls projected at very high speed of about 75m/s.
  • It has great quality.
  • It is also very cheap.


  • It is very scarce both in America and all other parts of the world. You’ve to visit hundreds of stores before you finally see it.
  • It is too big for the youth.
  • It is not too durable.

Louisville Slugger FGKTBK5 Katsu Black Fielding Glove (Catcher), Right Hand Throw:

Louisville Slugger FGKTBK5 is not anylonger simply a reputation related to one in all the foremost sure fast pitch softball kooky on the market. Once coming into onto the scene some of years ago, the XENO fast pitch softball glove has created an excellent impression and is here to remain. Designed specifically for the feminine player, the XENO is superbly crafted and provides further comfort for smaller sized hands. Moreover, soft leather gliding joint lining reinforces support and adds on to the secure work whereas the bruise-guard palm cushioning adds additional protection by interesting ball impact. Once high-quality animal skin meets an ultra-soft inner lining, a game-ready glove like no alternative is born. With a soft feel, a solid construction, and a classy look, the Louisville Slugger XENO fast pitch softball glove are going to be snug upon initial  The pre-condition
ed, field-ready, and best-in-class Ground Out animal skin employed in the creating of the XENO models offers a very borderline break-in amount whereas still providing a durable form and structure. Louisville Slugger: Love Your Glove!

This 2017 Louisville Slugger XENO Fast pitch Softball Catcher’s Mitt: WTLFGXNRF17CM options a 33.00 in. pattern, a twin post net, and an adjustable velcro gliding joint strap to confirm a customized work. Intensify your game behind the plate and order this Louisville Slugger catcher’s mitt today

PRICE: $212.68


  • It has high quality.
  • It also has both open and close back type.
  • It has very good durability of close to 8 years of use.


  • It is only for right handed catchers.
  • It loses shape and rigidity with time and get bigger.

Akadema ATS77 Fastpitch Series Glove:

Akadema ATS77 Fastpitch Series Gloveis the most fun baseball and softball company within the  Akadema’s possession attributes associate degree increasing market share to their innovative quality skilled product line in distinction to factory-made products that have very little to try to with quality, feel, or style that raise the extent of play. very similar to within the insect world wherever the ATS77 Fast pitch Series Glove is understood to devour its competition, Akadema’s new catcher’s mitt can do an equivalent to traditional catcher’s mitts. The Akadema patent ATS77 Fast pitch Series Glove is that the most innovative catcher’s mitt ever to hit the market,
with several distinctive options setting it except the competition. With new patent “Stress Wedge” technology, placed between the finger and thumb, the ATS77 Fast pitch Series Glove offers shock-absorbing protection for the hand against injury and sting once receiving the ball. The ATS77 Fast pitch Series Glove conjointly offers 2 further “Finger Hammocks” permitting the fingers to be firmly positioned and safer within the glove. Further options embrace the Double-sided slim cushioning leaving inflated pocket size and easier ball retention. Unambiguously designed form permits the throwing hand easier access within the pocket, leading to a faster glove handy transfer and quicker times to second base

PRICE: $108.00


  • It’s got a Double-Sided Slim Padding for Shock Absorption and Larger Pocket.
  • It also has average level quality which is not bad for its price.
  • It also has Triple Hammock Web


  • It is not durable.
  • Only few editions of it were crafted.

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