Basics about Badminton – Things You Need to Know!

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Badminton is a game, which is played by using racket to hit a shuttlecock across the net. Usually this game is played between two players, one on each side of the net. It can also be played in a team meaning that, on each side of the net, there will be two players. This game can be played usually outside, either at beach or in a yard and the formal games are played in a rectangular indoor court. Each side can only hit the shuttlecock once before it pass over the net. Game will stop when shuttlecock hits the floor or if there is a foul, judged by umpire or by opposing side. Teams can score points by hitting the shuttlecock with racket and make it to land on the other half side of the net, which is at the opposite side.

Equipments and Accessories of badminton

  • Racket
  • Shuttlecock, shuttle, bird
  • Badminton clothes
  • Bands
  • Socks and Shoes

Now I will describe equipments and accessories one by one;


Racket is used to hit a shuttlecock. Racket used in badminton and is shaped similar to a tennis racket. Most of the times, rackets are made by light materials, like aluminum or graphite and strung with a material like nylon etc. Length of a racket including handle is maximum 680 mm (26.75 inches), and 230 mm (9 inches) in the width overall.

Shuttlecock, shuttle or birdie

This is the thing which used to hit in the game by rackets. There is a ball at front of it to give it speed and the feathers are stick out from the structure, which help the shuttlecock in gloating when it is high in the air. An official shuttlecock consists of 14 to 16 feathers. These feathers are made from goose or duck’s left side wing only.

  Accessories Used in Badminton

Badminton clothes

For every game there are suitable clothes. In badminton it will better if you used to wear shirts and shorts only because these clothes are comfortable than any other, these clothes will not interrupt in your movements. Badminton is a cardiovascular activity so it means there will be a lot of sweat, so it will be better if you use a cotton shirt which can absorb the sweat or any other shirt which can absorb better.


You can use wrist bands and head bands. Wrist band can prevent the sweat from flowing on your racquet handle which is inconvenience when you are playing. While head bands will stop the sweat to get in your eyes. If you are wearing glasses head bands will stop the flow of sweat on the lenses from getting them wet.

Socks and Shoes

Cotton socks will better to use in shoes as these can absorb my sweat and can help your feet to don’t get slip in the shoes as well. While special court shoes are comfortable. These can help players to move faster and provide a good grip on the floor as well.

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