Accessories Used in Badminton

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I group 7 items under it. They are Grips, Badminton clothes, Cap, Wrist bands, Head bands, Socks, Shoes.

Grips Used in Badminton

It is necessary that you have a good hold on your racket handle, it should not slip from your hands or there should not any other disturbance. For this purpose it will better if you use grips on racket handle. It can be towel grip or synthetic. Both grips are performing the same duty that is to absorb the sweat and provide you a better hold on the handle. It’s up to you which will your prefer. It will be better if you change your grips more often for enjoy playing and for the hygienic issues as well.

Badminton Clothes 

For every game there are some specific clothes to wear. In badminton it will be comfortable if you are wearing shirts and shorts. If you use to wear cotton shirt it will help you to absorb the sweat better than others. Shirt and shorts will not interrupt you while you are moving on the floor.

Cap Used in Badminton

As you know if you are in such a activity in which you have to run continuously then there will be sweat on your body specially in your hairs. If you are wearing a cap when you are playing badminton you will feel more comfortable. Cap will stop the sweat to flow down on your face and also stop the sweat to get in your eyes. Along all these facilities the shade of cap can also save your eyes from sunlight.

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Wrist Band Used in Badminton

Wrist band can really help you by preventing sweat to flow down to your racket handle. Obviously no one can feel comfortable if there is a lot of sweat under his hands. So using of wrist bands is a good option to enjoy the game properly.

Head Bands Used in Badminton

If you don’t want to have a cap on your head than you can use head band. Purposes of these bands are to stop the sweat to flow down in your face and save your eyes from sweat as well. If you are using glasses head band will stop sweat to flow on the lenses and to get them wet.

Socks Used in Badminton

While you are running on the floor it is necessary that you are comfortable in your shoes. You will be comfortable in your shoes when you are using a pair of cotton socks. Cotton socks will absorb the sweat from your feet and provide you a better grip in shoes. While nylon socks can provide you a better grip but these socks will not absorb the sweat as cotton socks do.

Shoes Used in Badminton

In Badminton you need to be on your toes every time. If you are using official shoes these will more better than any others. Official shoes provide you a better grip and help you to move freely on the floor.

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