Axe Throwing —Throw Back to 5th Century:

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Stone Age is considered to be an era, in which marks the beginning of the industry of tool productions.  It is a fact that states that the cutting tools were originated earlier in the Stone Age. The Stone Age is sub-divided into two categories:

  • The Early Age: It was an era when the humans were living by hunting and fishing. So tools for hunting and fishing were produced in that time.
  • The Late Age: It was a period in which farming become a source of living.

Axes are considered to be an oldest tool in the history of tool that is used by mankind. They were around a million and half years old.

The Franks:

Throwing axes is an ancient skill used for survival and hunting purposes, that later becomes a part of warfare. In fifth century, two tribes had a fight. The Teutonic were migrating while the Franks attacked them in the middle of their migrations. The Franks were supposed to be the most powerful force in the history of Western Europe.  They were stood like trees in the battlefield with various types of weapons in their hands, having no armour and helmets on their bodies and faces. The axes they used were sharp and thick enough to give a heavy damage to the opponent.


Soon after a couple of centuries, the style of the weapon got changed and a new design of axe was introduced named as Franciscka (or Franziska). It is believed that the weapon is invented by the Franks. The surprising factor in the weapon is that it had a random trajectory. When thrown, one cannot tell where it will end up. That is the main reason behind considering the weapon not only a tool but it had an effective psychological impact on the opponent.
The Franciscka or Franziska.

The Celts:

As a sport, Axe- throwing found its deep roots in Celts times. As the Celtic people moved all the way from other parts to the New World (today, that part is known as Canada). In that time, the axes were used not for throwing, survival or hunting but for the construction of new rooms and cabins.


  Axe-Throwing- Hitting the venue in different parts of the World.

Contribution of Axe-throwing in the War fares:

The American Revolution:

In the revolutionary war of the United States, the soldiers were carrying a unique weapon which was not sword but known as tomahawks (a type of axe). Because in a war or a fight, a soldier on duty is supposed to carry any type of a weapon either it is a sword or a tomahawk. Other than that, it is also a well-known fact that the North Americans used to carry tomahawks and it had become familiar after 1700. When the colonizers got the understanding of the respective weapon (i.e. the tomahawks), they made the adaptation of the weapon in their local fights.





The Custer’s Last Stand:

After the colonizers got the understanding of how to handle the tomahawks they become familiar among the Americans especially among the U.S. Military. The soldiers made the use of the tomahawks till 1876 in the battle of Binghorn, also referred as the Custer’s Last Stand. After that the weapon tomahawk was used by many other fighters in many tribal fights.

Throwing axes was also used by the US military soldiers in the Vietnam War fighting in the Vietnamese Jungles. The weapon used by then was later termed as LaGana Hawk.


Last words:

Ever since the creation of humankind on the Earth, the people on the Earth have put themselves in a continuous process of innovations & developments; although the purposes were different before. The earlier innovations in tools and weapons were made for the survival and for hunting. However, with the passage of times, the necessity for weapons gave rise to inventions. The skill of throwing axes becomes an essential need in wars and fights by the soldiers.

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