AXE THROWING: Let’s bury the hatchet and gain some points

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If you really want to bury the hatchet with any of your rival or you want to end the rivalry, then this sport is the best suitable way to make it possible. The world is getting modernized and so as the people of this planet. The market is demanding for innovations and advancements almost in every sector. To meet all those requirements, new ideas and concepts associated to any sector (either it is sport or any other social factor) are warmly welcomed. Same goes for sports and weapons. Weapons with innovative and attractive designing are being accepted in the society with open-arms.

Axe throwing, a simple yet special sport

Axe throwing is a widely accepted sport in the Western World. In the sport the competitor is allowed to throw an axe towards the target; hitting the bulls eye precisely (as closer as possible). It was a type of sport early started among the woodcutters or the lumberjack competitions. The harvesters, woodcutters, and transporters involved in the logging industry used to have competitions. The sport required nothing special element or environment but only a sharp sport tool, a target and a surrounding. With gradual changes in time, a set of rules and regulations were defined for the challengers.

The style of weapon

Throwing axe is the weapon, used in the following sport. The weapon (i.e. the axe) must be sharp enough. The reason is when it hit the target; it must get stuck in the target. The sport is all about throwing the axe in an over-hand motion like baseball so that the weapon travels in the air in a rotating manner before hitting the target. Throwing axes were earlier considered as a source of enjoyment and entertainment that was played with full enthusiasm. However, with the passage of time, it has polished itself, become a sport and then it has converted into a famous league.

  Axe Throwing —Throw Back to 5th Century:


As mentioned above, the only weapon of the game is a sharp axe (that is a dangerous tool) so the surrounding to where the game has to be played must be safe and protected enough. The least possible distance must be 50 feet. The game area must be marked and fenced by means of colourful flags and dancing lights or any other material available. There must be some well-trained individuals in First Aid in order to handle any of an emergency.

Target’s Description

Rules are not heavily loaded as much. The target is a wooden circular board with a diameter of 36 inches having five rings; one point for each ring. Hitting the outermost ring gives you one point (i.e. one to five from the outer ring to the bull’s eye). Each player will be given five throws and that’s make a total of 25. The player will be given an area of 2 feet to throw the axe from his position towards the target.

The basic techniques of axe throwing for any starter are essential. These are easy to learn and implement. They involve three steps:


Step 01: Put both of your hands on the axe firmly, that is should not be slipping from the hand. Make sure that the blade of the axe is straight towards the target.




Step 02:Bring the hand holding the axe towards your back over your head and lean back.



Step 03:Release your hands in a faster manner right towards the target.



Throwing axes was earlier supposed as a skill that was adapted for survival and for hunting purposes.  However, with gradual passage in time, the skill is developed into a sport. The weapon, which is considered as a dangerous element, is the only tool of this thrilling sport. When the sport was proposed earlier, it was familiar only among the male community but in recent times, the game is getting widely accepted among the females and the children too.

  Axe-Throwing- Hitting the venue in different parts of the World.


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