Axe-Throwing- Hitting the venue in different parts of the World.

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Axe-throwing- a thrilling experience to compensate one’s passion of practicing adventures. The Canadians offered this wild activity; embracing the lifestyles of Lumberjacks in daily life. Rage Montreal in Canada is known for its ancient tradition for having unique set of tools and weapons used in earlier historical wars, fights and combats. With the gradual changes in time, these weapons started becoming obsolete from the society because of the inventions of new tools and machinery. Axe is the oldest tool used in the history for survival and hunting purposes. The Canadian Society gave the old skills of using axe, a new look by transforming them into a thrilling sport termed as “Axe-Throwing”.

Canada is the first country, which made the acceptance of this sport in its society. The sport was earlier gender-defined (i.e. only the male community). Later, the gender discrimination in the sport got abolished and the sport got the familiarity among the children, female youngsters and the women. There is a famous league in Toronto named as BATL (Backyard Axe Throwing League) gives you a chance to experience your potential by hitting the axes at the Bull’s eye.

MANIAX- Striking the boundaries in Sydney.


The wild sport is now hitting the other parts of the world because of its thrill. Sydney is on the hit-list to get the acceptance of this sport in its society. St Peters is the first city of Australia, where a company named as MANIAX has started their business. Although some of its residents were not happy because the venue was built right beside a pub. The residents have concerns about the safety of the public; however the Co-owner Renee Shilling of the company made them satisfied by telling the stories about the sports familiarity in Canada (Toronto). The company are willing to open 35 more new venues in most of the States of the America in the next two year. Shilling stated that the significant expansion in the sport shows that it is legal and safe in nature.

  AXE THROWING: Let’s bury the hatchet and gain some points

The residents concerning made the company not to impose their decision but to give a trial period of six months. The trial is for testing the experience of Axe throwing by the people of the St Peters to examine their potential and other things to which the residents are concerning about (like alcohol and the sport can affect the society dangerously).
The company is offering public as well as private events for the birthday parties, fun festivals and other occasions for those who are willing to to experience the adventure and are willing to make the competitive enough to join the league. The cost for per individual for a private event is $50, in which the event will expand for three hours.  The company is also providing private coaching and target practicing area for the individuals before the tournament got started. The game is usually played by a group of enthusiastic. The company offers a league with a series of competitions that goes for eight weeks started from Monday to Wednesday.Another Co-Owner of MANIAX Steve Thomas, gave a brief description about the safety precautions, how the axe should be handles and thrown towards the target. He further told the axe can be thrown with single hand or double handed by flicking your wrist.

Bad Axe Throwing- Igniting the flame of passion in Winnipeg

After having the unusual experience in St Peters, Sydney in the continent of Australia. The sport flew off towards another location and this time it is Winnipeg. This time the company is “Bad Axe Throwing”. The Queen of Axes, Melanie William sons, who is now working with the Bad Axe Throwing states that the Axe-throwing is not just a sport but an addiction. The sport is a little bit different in nature that makes everybody crazy.


  AXE THROWING: Let’s bury the hatchet and gain some points

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