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So you’re visiting Dubai for vacations soon. Apart from the usual attractions like desert safari, you want to do something exciting, something which can make your trip a memorable one. Now the question arises:

What should I actually do?

Well we are here to guide you on what exactly will give you an experience of a lifetime. If you haven’t already guessed it, it’s skydiving. The next and probably the most important question, How?

For that, the answer is Skydive Dubai. The organization has been functioning since 2010, and have some of the best equipment and experienced skydivers in the whole world, for a very reasonable amount. If I have gained your attention up till now, you can read everything about them just below.


Introduction to Skydive Dubai

Skydive Dubai is an organization that has been operating in Dubai since 2010 when it was founded by H.E. Nasser AL Neyadi. They have some of the most experienced and qualified staff in the whole world, with one instructor awarded with more than a thousand jumps and qualifications recognized almost everywhere in the world. They have two main locations for skydiving.

They have two main locations for skydiving. The Palm DZ, where most people perform tandem jumps (For those who want a one-time experience, or are not learning skydiving). The Desert Campus is for those who are learning skydiving, however, some choose to perform their tandem jumps over here too.

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Pricing of one tandem jump for beginners start from AED1999 or $544.

Skydive Dubai Palm DZ Campus

skydive dubai palm zone


The Palm DZ campus is located just beside the famous Palm Jumeirah. It is the point where you will both take off and land. The plane will fly to 13,000 ft. where you will see the Palm Jumeirah below you. When you jump from that location, the thrill and view of the earth will be truly astonishing. When the parachute pops opens, you can view the breath-taking Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Skyline, as you soar down to the ground. The Campus has several facilities, including a Briefing area, Parachute rigging loft, Gear rental, Merchandise store, a Mosque, Showers, and an ATM inside the building with free WiFi!Skydive Dubai Desert Campus

skydive dubai desert campus


The Desert Campus is just in the middle of the remarkable sand dunes of Dubai. The plane will take off and you will jump at 12,500 ft. The view of the earth from the sky is pretty amazing. You can view the familiar landscape of Dubai and see sand dunes from many miles away. If you are planning to perform a tandem jump, you should opt for Palm Jumeirah, however, if you are looking to learn skydiving, the desert campus might be a better option. The campus has Team training rooms, a Game room, Merchandise store, Cafeteria, and the usual Mosque, Showers and free WiFi.

Before telling you how to book, here is a video for you to check it out

How to book a Skydive in Dubai

palm jumeirah dubai skydive



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If you are booking a tandem jump, your first priority is to make a booking almost a month before. Make sure that you have enough cash to book your own skydive(the current price for one skydive is AED 1999). Make sure you have made the transaction before the jump. You can also pay the remainder cash at the Palm DZ too. They offer discounts for group bookings and you can also purchase gift certificates to use at any special event. You can also reschedule your skydive up to 24 hours in case of any mishap.

If you are looking to learn skydiving, you should buy the training course. This course obviously costs more than a tandem jump. The basic jump course is the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall). This specific course is a combination of schooling on the ground with a total of 8 jumps. The Desert Campus is the place where this course is held. It teaches the student how to operate skydiving gear, correct body postures, landing etc. In this course, 2 instructors accompany you in the first 3 lessons. While only 1 instructor accompanies you in the rest of the 5 lessons. After you have successfully completed the course, you are eligible to freefall on your own. Skydive Dubai also teaches further courses for those willing.

How to Skydive

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For Further information on Skydive Dubai, visit their website here:

Skydive Dubai Home Page

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