Places in United Kingdom to go Skydiving.

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Hi everyone, would you like to go skydiving in United Kingdom (UK) ? Here we will show you the best places in UK to go skydiving!

Let’s JUMP.


You can jump over Langar in Nottinghamshire for 285 sterlings.

You will jump from the plane at 12.000 feet (3.657 meters) in a tandem jump with your instructor. It’s very safe and if it is necessary, the will give you a Cancellation Indemnity if you want to cancell your jump.

Langar is a small village in Nottinghamshire, but you can visit (if you want) the St. Andrew’s Curch,  and the Langar Hall.

If you want more info about the jump, you can contact an Agency here :

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skydive-langar 2

2.Strathallan, Scotland.

Hey would you like to go skydiving in Scotland? This is for you!

You can jump for 280 Sterlings, and you can get a DVD of the experience for 85 sterlings more (365 in total)

Finally, for 165 sterlings you can make a Static Line course, in this case your parachute will be attached to a static line that will deploy your parachute right after you jump.

Your dropzone will be in Pertshire, after you jump you can visit some places such as the Castle of Blair, The Scone Palace or the Birnam Forest.

Again you will depend on the weather to make your jump, so You should call first.

If you are interested you can check this link


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3. Wales.


Do you want to see wonderful places while you are falling? Wales is a good place to you.

Here in Wales you can go Skydiving in a Tandem jump since 200 Sterlings. The Agency is located in the border of Wales and you can enjoy while you are watching from the sky the Peak District National Park, the Snowdonia National Park , the Shropshire Hills and the coast.

Finally, you can do Charity skydiving and raise funds for

  • Hope House Childre’s Hospice
  • Nightingale House Hospice
  • St Kentigern Hospice

Would you like to Jump, enjoy an spectacular view and help others at the same time? C’mon it’s great!

You can also make a Static Line jumo, but you must keep in mind that the maximum wheight is 90 Kg.

4.Northern Ireland.

In Norther Ireland you can enjoy amazing views while you are falling…. if you can keep your eyes open.

You will jump from the Movenis Airfield, a Tandem Skydive costs 260 sterlings and a Static Line course costs 210 sterlings and any subsecuent  jump will cost 35 sterlings. In your  freefall you will enjoy a view over the Northern Coast, Sperrings and if you are lucy, you can see the Mourn Montains, all this in just one jump.

tm_Tandem Skydiving

Finally, your adventure will depend on the weather again, but don’t worry surely you will have a good weather whenever you want to jump… or you might want to call before getting started.

If you are interested, visit this web page :

Oh i forgot te tell you taht you wil fall from 13.000 feet.

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And these were the best places in the UK to go skydiving, hope you have enjoyed it!

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