Places to Skydive in Canada

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Hi everybody! in this article we will talk you about the best places to Skydive in Canada.

Let’s get satarted!


It’s a good place for Newbies.

Toronto has the oldest skydving school. You should start here because they have experience, they have completed about 260.000 jumps since their foundation in 1972.

The cost of a tandem skydive is 299$ and you will be with an expert instructor. Their jumps average is 10.000 jumps ( a lot of jumps) so you will be fine. You can have a video of your trip by 427$ in total.

But you can make a solo skydive for 309$ and a subsequent jump for 100$ more. Are not you certified in skydiving? Don’t worry, you can get certified if you make a 13 jumps course.

You will get started in the ground and then you will start to jump and improve your skill in freefall. But you will learn about equipment inspection, parachute packing, spotting the landing zone, manuvers to turn, dive, stall and recover and every skill you need to become a solo skydiver.

That is the Gradual Free Fall Progression course and it costs 1430$

If you want the Progressive Free fall program, you must have completed a tandem skydive first and then you will be teached in a few days in 8 jumps, starting in the plane. It costs 2260$ and this course will teach you faster, you will be certified in less time but it’s up to you.


The skydiving adventure starts in springs and ends in the cold months (October-March), as you know the skydving depends on the weather.


It could be a great experience, consider get it done!

If you want more info, visit this link

2.Niagara, Ontario.

Niagara could be the best place to skydive in Canada.

While you have your adrenaline rush, you can see the Niagara Peninsula and the Niagara Falls, not bad. The tandem skydive cost is 299$ and the solo skydive costs 249$, a little bit cheaper than te previous one.


However you can select your drop zone by asking your instructors, they will guide you to a safe and amazing trip. They have their own Progressive Free Fall Program and it consits in a 5 Hour course with instructors that will guide you to become a skydiver in a short time!

Finally you should buy a Photo Package. This is a wonderful experience and you would like to have some photos to remember that moments. Did you like the Idea? Then go to


<p>Gananoque is a small town in Ontario, near the Gananoque River. It has about 1000 small islands!



But the best part is that you could see those islands from above! The Tandem Skydive costs 275$ and the experience could be even better if you take your friends with you. Taking a 10 persons group will lower the price to 245$ per person.

Your jump will start from 2750 meters high. If you are interested, click here


4.Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

It’s easy to go there, it is about 55 minutes from Halifax.

Halifax is the Nova Scotia’s cultural center and you can see it while you skydive! You can contact


And that was all, hope you have enjoyed it!.


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