Flying indoors made possible! ( Indoor skydiving AKA wind tunnel skydiving)

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Does the prospect of throwing yourself off an airplane flying at thousands of meters above the ground give you goosebumps? If your answer is in the affirmative, then you are certainly and definitely not alone in this!

Skydiving is a daring and rather suicidal concept for many which requires you to have nerves of steel. Many people would, therefore, prefer a sport that does not involve their life to be on the line such as table tennis, cricket or for a taste of adventure, indoor skydiving or wind tunnel skydiving.

Despite the fact that skydiving is a sport for daredevils only, it cannot be disregarded that with time it has gained much popularity. Many people swear by the adrenaline fix that accompanies jumping from a plane and landing with a parachute. On the other hand, many are of the view that it makes them forget all about their problems for a while and de-stresses them.

But lets face it, not all of us have the guts to enjoy the bold and brave sport called “Skydiving”.So the question that arises is, “Is there an alternative that gives nearly the same amount of thrill but is a lot less risky?” And the answer, as I am already sure, is going to be a good news for many!

Indoor skydiving, also known as wind tunnel skydiving, has revolutionized the concept of skydiving as we know it. Recognized by the International Federation of Air Sports, it is an entertaining and amusing option for people who want to experience the thrill of skydiving without actually having to take the plunge.

What a fun! Group Indoor Skydiving.

What a fun! Group Indoor Skydiving.

Indoor skydiving was first performed by American military in 1964. These days there are a lot of indoor skydiving facilities established worldwide. Indoor skydiving is also known as wind tunnel skydiving due to the reason that it is performed in a vertical wind tunnel.

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The tunnel has high power fans installed in it. These fans move air inside the tunnel at high speeds which gives the participants a flying-in-the-air like experience. People enter in the tunnel through a door at the bottom. They are also required to be equipped with certain gear such as a jumpsuit, helmet and goggles. However, they can wear any clothing underneath as long as they are comfortable in it.

A training class is compulsory for all first timers. Participants are usually required to be accompanied by an instructor. As they get more experienced, they can try different things in the tunnel and can fly all the way up to the top.

There are no strict rules for who can participate or not and people with certain disabilities can also fly if the situation is discussed beforehand. However, there are certain pre-requisites that must be met. Some of them include that a person must be reasonably fit in health and fall in the required weight limit. People who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol are restricted to fly.

Indoor skydiving has many pros when compared to the conventional skydiving from a plane. The minimum age limit for indoor skydiving is 3 years as compared to outdoor skydiving which requires you to be of at least 15 years of age before you can skydive. Weather conditions are not an obstacle when it comes to indoor skydiving, whereas, outdoor skydiving can be postponed for days if weather is not favorable. Rather, many inexperienced skydivers use indoor skydiving as a platform to learn some techniques before they try outdoor skydiving.

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