Everything you should know about Skydiving in Belize.

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Hi, in this article you will find information about Skydiving in Belize.

Let’s get started!

Belize is a Central American country that has a lot of beautyful places to be seen from above.

Which place is the most popular?

The most popular place to jump is the Blue Hole that as it’s name says, it’s a blue hole of the Lighthouse Reef, right in front of the Belizean coast. It consists of a  Cave System that emerged in the last Glaciation.

When the glacials started to melt down, the sea flooded the caves and made them collapse, giving place to the Hole. The Blue Hole has a color contrast because of the depth right in his center.

It is about 123 meters deep, and 300 meters wide.


The top of the caves collapsed long time ago, due to the water’s action.

Why to go skydving here?

The Blue Hole is a wonderful place to go skydiving, because you can see it’s amazing beauty while you are falling, and you can also go Scuba Diving.

It’s a Wonderful place to go Scuba diving because of the collapsed caves that are mysteriously intriguing.

What about the prices?

You can make a reservation for a Tandem Skydive jump for 305 USD, and if you want a DVD with the recording of your experience to watch your face while you are falling, it will cost 110 USD more, but c’mon, it is a unique experience in your life!

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How long is the jump?

The plane will take you to an altitude of 9500- 12500 feet.

While you prepare yourself, it will take like 2-3 hours until you get inside the plane.

After you are in the right altitude, you will jump with your instructor and you will experience a freefall for 1 minute, then the instructor will deploy the parachute and you will enjoy the view for 5-7 minutes. That’s why you should take the DVD package.

The only limitation that you can have is that you must be under 225 lb of weight and there must be a good weather in the day of the jump.

What should I wear that day?

As you know Belize is a Tropical country and there is very sunny days.


You should wear:

  • A T-shirt
  • Short or any comfortable pants for the weather
  • Sneakers.

Finally if you want to get into a Skydiving course, you can choose two options:

Accelerated freefall training:

This course has 8 levels that make emphasis on freefall and canopy.

You will be guided by your instructors to learn turns and how to control your body while you are falling.

Advanced freefall progression.

This one also has 8 levels, but you must complete 4 tandem skydives before to practice.

In this course you will have your private instructor that will guide you in 8 different jumps, each one with a specific objective that you must try to accomplish.

Both courses will teach you about group skydiving, but the second one will teach you a little bit more.

Once you complete your course, you will be certified as a Skydiver!

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Congratilations and I hope you visit Belize to go Skydiving, if you want more info you can visit this webpage : airbelizeskydiving.com

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