Skydiving in Japan One of the famous places For Skydiving that you don’t want to miss

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skydiving in japan with friends. everyone should try

Between the mountain flatland you don’t want to miss this if you want to do skydiving in japan;

Do you want to fly through the cloud! Select the right place to jump from the sky. Yes! Skydive is the way to fly through the cloud in Japan. Japan has world`s most beautiful and scenic islands. Landscapes are beautiful. If you see from the high altitude then it looks amazing. So you made a good choice to do skydiving in Japan. You have a good chance to see the Japan’s most scenic beauty from 12500 ft (3800 m) above the ground by Sky Diving!!! Japan has many attractive places to be trilled and enjoy the skydiving. Adventure and thrill-seekers, get your adrenaline fix at Tokyo Skydiving Club. Although the name is skydiving in Tokyo, the meeting spot is at a private airfield in Saitama called Honda Airport.
Saitama Prefecture is a land locked prefecture of Japan located in the Kantō region of the island of Honshu. The capital is the city of Saitama. The Kantō Mountain Range and Chichibu Basin located in its center of western side of the prefecture.The high peaks such as Mount Sanpō (2,483 m) and Mount Kōbushi (2,475 m), in which the Arakawa River has its source. Most of the flat land contained Chichibu Tama Kai National Park and east of the basin consists of relatively low mountains.

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thrilling experience of skydiving in japan

skydiving in japan

Things to do for skydiving in japan;

At first, you need to make a reservation (preferably, a week or more before your desired jump date) at Tokyo Skydiving Club. Instructor will ask some basic information like, your name, age, height and weight. You will also be asked which of the three flight options you prefer: the basic tandem jump (32,000 yen), the tandem jump with a hand camera (40,000-yen total) or the tandem jump with a Cameraman (48,000 yen total). You can get videos and pictures choosing Cameraman option.

Once you have filled out the consent form and listened to a brief lecture explaining the different positions to make before and during the jump, your instructor will come and help you get ready. Many of the instructors can speak English and Japanese fluently, plus they have a great sense of humor!

Once your instructor checked thoroughly, make your way to the plane with the other people who will be jumping. After reaching an altitude of about 12,500ft, the doors of the plane will open and you will jump! Before jumping, the instructor will check everything one last time so, nothing to worry about. Just enjoy the view like you have never experienced it before! The freefall itself is about one minute, and if you are lucky enough, you’ll get the chance to fly through a cloud!


After landing on the ground, instructor will drive you back to the meeting spot and get your SD card with videos and pictures of your jump. After that you can congratulate yourself to have experienced thrilling experience via skydiving in japan. So you can focus on your next fabulous experience for the skydiving. you are always welcome to experience skydiving in japan because we know that you can’t forget it 🙂

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Important Notes:  

Wear comfortable and form-fitting clothes. Goggles, jumpsuits, etc. will provide. Wear sports shoes.

Club Address 

496 Yamagayato Kawajima, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture 350-0126 Japan

Dropzone Address: 

#411 Honda Airport, 53-1 Shimogo Ohazademaru, Kawajima-Machi, Hiki-gun
Saitama-pref, 350-01, Japan
日本,埼玉県,比企郡,川島町,大字出丸下郷53-1,本田航空機場 #411

Phone#1:(011) 81-90-3804-2913
Phone #2:(011) 81-492-97-7198 (weekday)
Fax: (011) 81-492-97-6012

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