WOMEN SKYDIVING History and Famous Female Skydiver

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Women Skydiving in the Past:

Everywhere in the world event in outer space women’s has great contributions. So, why not in the skydiving,  jumping from high altitude. The history of women skydiving is great. Women engagement in skydiving full fills the amusement of the viewers.

Only 20 percent of all skydivers are female. Some women made a living from parachuting in the early days not only thrill but also to entertain the people. Skydiving is a sport where female skydivers may be in the minority.

But looking back in history, we see that women have played a very important role through the years, directly and indirectly to develop the sport to what it is today. We expect that in future more achievements and inventions will enrich the history of women skydiving.


Amazing record 88-way female formation skydiving

The first female parachutist, Jean-Genevieve Garnerin. In October 1799, she first jumped from a hot air balloon of 900 m above the ground. That’s the history. Georgina Ann is the most notable woman in the skydiving history. She entered in skydiving at age 15 after her husband died. She soon earned the nickname “Tiny Broadwick” or “Doll Girl” because of her small size and was a great hit at the carnivals. First time, she did intentionally free-fall, land in water and demonstrate the principle of the rip cord. Tiny shows that it is not necessary to attached a parachute to a plane and it is possible to from a damage plane. Tiny completed over 1,000 jumps in her 70-year career.



Kathe Paulus, another parachutist she worked with her husband, Latterman. Tragically, her husband, Latterman, died in an early attempt to test the prototype. Then she worked more to improve the parachute technique and she is remembered for the 70 exhibition jumps that she completed before 1914.

One of the brightest of these is Susan Clements Joerns, National Women’s Champion for at least five years running, starting in 1962, and former wife of the late Ludlow Clements, whose courage and humanity were well known to old hands in the sport.

Many other female pioneer and leading skydiver like, Bonney Hickey, Kim Emmons Knor, and World Team organizer, Kate Cooper-Jensen during the 1960s, 1970s time periods.. We can remember the famous skydiver Carolyn Clay who has been jumping forever.

The oldest person to have done a skydive jump is Hildegarde Ferrea, who was 99 years old when she did a tandem jump in 1996, at Dillingham Field in Oahu, Hawaii.

Women in Skydiving Today:

Many female skydivers gain new records in skydiving. Here is the compile a list of some of the most impressive female skydiving achievements to date:

Female Skydiver

Female Skydiver Recent age

  1. A new world record for the largest female head-down free-fly formation was set in 2013 in Arizona, where 63 women linked arms for a minute and a half to hold the formation. The women ranged in age between 20 and 52 years old and reached speeds of over 165 mph as they were falling upside down, head first toward the Arizona desert. Participants came from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, England, France and Russia.
  2. The world record for the largest all-female skydiving formation is held by 181 women from 31 countries and was set in Perris, California. With this feat, the women managed to raise over $900,000 for the fight against breast cancer. This record has been challenged in October 2014 when 200 jumpers attended.
  3. Skydiver, Cheryl Stearns, holds the record for the most parachute descents by a woman, with a total of 15,560 in August 2003. To date, her total amount of skydives has exceeded 18,000. She is also the Guinness World Record holder for the most jumps in 24 hours by a female skydiver, with 352 jumps in 1995.




181 women skydiving formation

181 women skydiving formation

The most successful female skydiver may be Amy Chmelecki. She is the member of Red Bull Air Force team leading the charge for women in skydiving. Amy Chmelecki performed over 14,000jumps, 11 World Records, 13 national titles and 7 world title

Being a professional competitive skydiver takes commitment, organisation, balance and a calm mind.  Women are generally good at all these things.  This sport is unique in the sense that in most skydiving disciplines, the male and female playing ground is level and WE LOVE THAT.

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