SKYDIVING Without Parachute and World Record

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Luke Aikins a 42-years Professional skydiver make a history in the skydiving world on July 30, 2016. He jumped from a plane of altitude of 25000 feet without a parachute! He relied on net that was measured 100 by 100 feet about one third of a football field. He performed that great history without parachute.

The Jump name was “Heaven Sent” and was so dangerous that United States Parachute Association denied to jumps without a parachute. But, Luke Aikins makes him success and once again he proved himself as a high- skilled-professional skydiver in the world.

On Saturday, after greeting his family and friends, Aikins boarded the Cessna airplane for the desired altitude. Soon after, along with thousands of visitors were watching the live, Aikins plummeted to the ground with his arm outstretched. At about 10000 feet, the skydiver handed his oxygen musk to one of two team member who were with parachute. Then, he continued his perilous journey with air currents and GPS helmet to guide to the awaiting net. Flying speed was 120mph. Aikins flipped onto his back before landing. Aikins`s huge experience makes him successful to accomplish such a dangerous feat.

Luke Aikins is also a trainer and a safety advisor in USPA. The intrepid Aikins was stuntman in the hollywood movie of “Iron Man 3” for Robert Downey.

After consulting with the engineer and two years of training & preparation, Aikins finally success-ed.

The name of the net is “Fly Trap” in which Aikins would land. The design of net was really unique. It was suspended with four 200-foot tall crane. The trap was made with a high-density polyethylene cord as strong as twitch of steel. Aikins did not feel any elasticity from the net itself when he landed. The force was absorbed by the four compressed air cylinders attached to the landing net via pullies.

  Skydiving Without Parachute

The trap center was 28-foot-by-28-foot square in size filled with light where Aikins were target to landing. As an additional protection, he were a headphone which alerted every time with a series-es of beeps.

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Just a few seconds prior to hitting the net, Aikins turned around so that he would land on his back.

Thus preventing the likelihood of sustaining a severe spine injury. Luke Aikins make a world record

and will be remembered forever for this jump from a plane without safety of a PARACHUTE.

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