Skydiving Records

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Best Skydiving Records

The skydiving is a sport, and as every sport, it has it’s own records.

In this article you will see the greatest records that have been broken in the Skydiving:

1.Highest Jump:

In  October 24,2014 the Highest Jump Guiness Record was set by Alan Eustace.

This computer sciencist started his ascent in a gas balloon in an abandoned runway in New Mexico. When he reached 41.419 meters, then he started his fall by using an explosive device to separate from the balloon.


Eustace set the Record jumping in the Stratosphere, and he needed a special suit for this, because of the low pressure and oxigen and the high speed that he could reach.

In fact, Eustace reached a 1322 km/h speed, despite it is not the highest speed reached, it was fast!

Finally, he achieved a total free-fall distance of 37.592 meter. It must have been amazing, must not it?

2.Fastest Fall:

It was set by Felix Baumgartner when he broke the sound speed barrier and reached Mach 1.25 (1357.24km/h)

He jumped from a capsule at 38.969 meters, and he fell 36.402 meters and he was on free-fall for 4 minutes and 19 seconds.

Baumgartner made this in October, 2012 when he was working for the project Red Bull Stratos and he set the Highest Jump Record that Alan Eustace broke in 2014.

Felix used a special pressurized suit to jump, and it protects the user, while it helps him to breath due to the low pressure.

  INSPIRATIONAL - Felix Baumgartner - Headcam footage space Jump!!

He recorded his fast trip with GoPro Cams, you can watch de video in youtube. It’s wonderful!

3. Highest Number of Jumps:

It’s hold by Don Kellner. He was Air Force Veteran, but he started to jump after he retired.

He jumped for the first time in 1961 and after that he became a kind of freak Skydiver( it is not a joke). Don didn’t stop, in 1967 he celebrated his 1000th jump, and in 1985 he had jumped 10.000 times already! becoming the most experience Skydiver in the United States.

Kellner even got married in a freefall ceremony with Darlene, who shares his passion for the skydiving, and they are both instructors.

Don Kellner kept jumping again, and again… and again until hi reached 42.000 jumps. He became a legend for this, could you break his record? If you want to do so, you should work hard.

4. Highest jump without parachute:

Nop, It isn’t a joke, Luke Aitkins jumped from 7.600 m without using a parachute nor a wingsuit and you must be wondering ” how the hell did he survived?”

The answer is this: There was a giant net in the landing zone and Luke just had to go to it.

It was just chilling.

5. Most Skydives made by an 80 years old:

It’s impressive what the man can do if he proposes himself to do it.

Pat Moorehead celebreated his  80th Birthday by making 80 skydives while he raised funds to the National Skydiving Museum.

The people said that he was vigorous when he finished the show, and we are proud of this because despite his age, he still goes skydiving!

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Wich one is the most amazing for you?



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