Don Kellner – Best Skydiver & Guinness Record Holder in Skydiving History

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A Little Skydiving History about The Amazing Guinness Record Holder

Don Kellner is an Air Force veteran, and although he spend more than 3 thousand hours military air ship, he never

Don Keller - Famous Skydiver

Don Kellner – Famous Skydiver

jumped. In June of 1961, he made his first skydive jump & has not been halted from that point onwards! When he returned from his job, he began working in construction business and spent his weekdays in pumping stations, building power plants, jails and secondary schools. Weekends and after work were the only times dedicated to skydiving those days. In 1967, he was a part of the development team that manufactured the set for “The Molly Maguires” in the Eckley’s Miner’s Village. At this place, he met Kevin Donnelly, who is the associate chief for the motion picture and was an energetic skydiver.

Together, they celebrated their 1000th jump, over the skies of Hazleton. Everyone can still visit Eckley and see that set that they had used. Don Kellner made so many jumps, which in count are 1936. He made these jumps on round parachutes because modern square parachutes had not yet been invented. He always was, and continues to be, the most inspiring and a pioneer in the sport.


Best Skydiving Instructor Till This Day!

He always has been on the front position of skydiving coaching, developing & testing. He considered IAD teaching as a safer way of training in contrast to the original static-line technique. In 1984, when tandem skydiving was developed, he made certain that “Above the Poconos Skydivers” was the best & one of the first skydiving centers. All these steps were taken to implement this original approach to skydiving instruction. In December 1985, he made his 10,000th freefall skydive, which made him the most skilled skydiver in the whole of the United States.

  Skydiving- A Sport for all Thrill Lovers!


Married With Another Skydiving Professional

In May 1990, Don Kellner made his 13,000th skydive out of a B – 24 Liberator. In July of that exact year, he got married in a freefall ceremony to Darlene, who is his wife & his biggest skydiving supporter. She is also an active skydiving instructor and pilot, and holds the highest instructional rating in the records. She is an Examiner, in every scheme of the skydiving instruction, available.

Don & Darlene – One of the Amazing Skydive of History


In June 1991, Don Kellner made 15,000th skydive, which placed him in the Guinness Record Book. He elicited the assistance of the expert Stan Hess, Balloon Pilot & the U.S. Hot Air Balloon Team for the dynamic visual effects. His wife Darlene exited the balloon first and her helmet came rolling. This way, she got this cover shot for the kid’s version of Guinness, which is known as Guinness Record Breakers.

Don & Darlene

Don & Darlene


Skydiving Records of Don Kellner!

Throughout the 90th century and into the new century; Don Kellner has still maintained his skydiving world record. Nobody has yet taken this record from him!
Each skydive jump that Don Kellner makes, is the latest world record, which is recorded. Nonetheless, they are just submitted to Guinness World Record when he achieves the next thousands of jumps. Only when he receives verification and official recognition from the U.S. Parachute Association, his achievements are made public.
Don Kellner has constantly made certain that the “Above the Poconos” Skydivers coaching programs can the best available. In this era when everyone wants “bigger is better” approach, he as well his partner, chief pilot Dave Price, have made a careful business decision about to keep the drop-zone safe, small and pleasant.
Don Kellner has personally taken over 10,000 first-time skydivers on tandem skydives. He helped them master thousands jumps, and performed numerous demonstration skydives. On December the 18th, 2005 Don and Darlene, his wife, celebrated making a collective total of 50,000 skydives.

Don Kellner – Pioneer of the Skydiving

Don Kellner is both an amazing skydiver and an amazing man. He was able to attain & maintain his skydiving world records on weekends & after work. It clearly shows his passion for this sport that can still be seen today if you come out and skydive.

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