5 Famous Skydivers Of The History

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Some Famous Skydivers History

Hi everybody, here we will show you the top famous skydivers in the history! these skydivers will amaze you by their story.

1. Famous Skydivers | Jean-Pierre Blanchard.

Jean-Pierre Blanchand was born in july 4, 1753 and died in March 7, 1809.

He was a French pioneer in balloon flight, Blanchard made his first ballooon flight in Paris in a Hydrogen gas Balloon in March 2,1784 indeed.

So why is he here?

Well, he just put an Animal into a basket that was tied to a parachute and he made it skydive.

So we would probably say that the real skydiver was the Animal!

2. Famous Skydivers | Abbás Ibn Firnás (Armen Firman).

Abbás Ibn Firnás was the first skydiver in the history.

He was born in Ronda, Málaga in 810 and died in Córdoba in 887.

Abbás was a little bit crazy guy for his time, because he was an areonautics pioneer. He was an Inventor ( he made a clock), he developed a planetary and he made his own parachute.

The first real famous skydivers in the history

In the year 852 he made the first skydive in the history. He jumped from a Tower in Córdoba and used a huge canvas in order to slow his fall but the trip wasn’t so good because he suffered minor wounds when he landed.

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After that, in 875 when he was 65 years old, he designed a pair of wooden wings covered with silk clothes and feathers of birds of prey.

Once again our friend Abbás just jumped from a Tower in Córdoba and despite he broke his two legs in the landing, his fly was succesfull because he flew for 10 minutes and a large crowd saw him flying.

Then he became aware that he made a mistake because he should have put a tail in the suit.

In conclusion he made a prototype wingsuit… what a brilliant guy.

3. Famous Skydivers | Felix Baumgartner.

Check out Famous Skydivers Of The History Felix Baumgartner

Felix Baumgartner was born in Salzburg, Austria in April 20, 1969.

He was part of the Austrian Army’s Special Forces  and there he learned about skydiving. Then he retired and started his career as skydiver.

Baumgartner has set a lot of records along his life. In 1999 he jumped from the Petronas Towers, the highest jump from a building at that time.

In 2003 he crossed the English channel in a freefall and he made de shortest Base jump when he jumped from the Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Then in 2007 he jumped from the Taipe 101, the highest building untilt that year.

Felix joined the project Red Bull stratos. Two years later in 2012 he became the first skydiver that reached Mach 1.25 in freefall, when he jumped from a capsule at 36.600 meters high, the highest jump until that year.

4. Famous Skydivers | Louis Sebastien- Lenormand.

Luis was born in May 25,1757 and died in April 4, 1837.

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He is considered the first modern skydiver and  pioneer in the parachuting.

He used a small parachute with a rigid wooden frame. Louis tought that this could help entrapped people of a burning building to escape safely.

It was a good idea, wasn’t it? However, he set the basis for the future skydiving.

5. Famous Skydivers | André-Jacques Garnerin.

5 Famous Skydivers Of The History André-Jacques Garnerin nice one

1 Famous Skydivers Of The History André-Jacques Garnerin

André was a balloonist and the inventor of the frameless parachute.

Garnerin used a silk parachute connected to a basket to skydive from a hot air Balloon 1000 meters high. He survived the jump and years later, his wife and niece became skydivers also.








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