Skydiving, Danger wrapped up with Thrill

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Skydiving is something which comes under sports, but it is a sport created for special humans. You have Acrophobia don’t even think about it. You find sports thrilling, then you should keep in mind this sport is possibly the limit.

Now sports like Football, Cricket, Bowling, Baseball and many others are played and practiced with one ball, Skydiving requires two. Writing down your will before heading towards the airstrip will be a good decision, in case you have a weak heart.



Skydiving is pretty simple by definition. You go to a very high altitude and then you just jump off and come down with the gravitational pull. You make some serious moves, do all sorts of crazy stuff. After all of it is the time for you to open up your parachute.

You will then control your parachute with the help of strings attached to it. Then your last task would be to land safely without breaking or even hurting your bones. Isn’t this a simple one?

Skydiving – Actions and Safety:

First comes first, Skydiving required an airplane and not a helicopter just because an airplane flies higher than a helicopter. A high-performance helicopter can hover around at a height of 10,500 feet. While a commercial airplane flies much higher, 30-35000 feet. Height matters a lot in Skydiving hence forget about the helicopter and get on an airplane.

Once you have decided to test the limits and boarded a plane to hit your first Skydive, the next thing is the parachute. One very important entity in this game of thrills. Now don’t even think about making any move with this Skydiving equipment. Of course, you will not, common sense is always there to ring a bell in your head.

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The science about the parachute is pretty simple again. The bigger the parachute the more control you will have on it. It will also reduce your velocity while going down. As far as small parachutes are concerned well they are not recommended even by the professional skydivers.

Gone are those days when you would see Skydiving with those old Silk made parachutes. The latest ones are made of Nylon and they had a very high-tech material so buy that one. You cannot Skydive with one parachute, take two.

In case one refuses to help you mid-air, you can call the second one. Always test your parachute by throwing it to a parachute rigger. You have to take the advice regarding the parachute. Remember with thrill, entertainment, and excitement, there is one very important thing hanging on the line, your life.

Now there are many Skydivers, who jump off tall buildings, bridges, cliffs or anything with some acceptable height. But that is not fun for sure. If you want to hit a real skydive, then first you have to kiss the clouds.

Now this was just a brief knowledge about the Skydiving. One can get into the details of this sport as well. But the surface knowledge has been provided to you folks. If you are planning skydiving then get all the details first and then make a decision because “If at first, you don’t succeed, skydiving ain’t your sport.”

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